154 A Stolen Moment

If it's a blessing, it's not a disaster. If it's a disaster, it's inevitable. 

This household saying crossed Liu Suzhi's mind at the same time he crossed paths with a sight he never thought he'd see again in the imperial gardens. 

"Ah Xi." 

Liu Suzhi paused in his steps. He'd had half a mind to continue as though he had hadn't noticed the other but that nickname, which haunted his dreams every night, weighed down his feet like they were tied to heavy stone. 

After everything that had happened, just standing in front of him felt like drowning to Liu Suzhi, his chest tight with a pain so suffocating that he wished for nothing but respite in the endless darkness that followed behind closely. 

But this was the capital of Great Ye. This was the imperial city's inner palace. Liu Suzhi was long accustomed to keeping his emotions under lock and key. 


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