The Almighty Liangshan Stronghold

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"Messy Gold Mountain is now part of Liangshan Stronghold!"

"Because Zeng Hong has taken the initiative to surrender, Messy Gold Mountain automatically becomes part of Liangshan Stronghold. The current conditions are insufficient to level up, so Liangshan Stronghold remains a Level 1 Affiliation!"

"You have received 897 pieces of silver!"

"You have received 300 Life Value points!"

"The 173 mountain thieves will now be part of Liangshan Stronghold, and their identities will automatically become Mountain Bandits!"

"You have taken over all the Level 0 Affiliations of Messy Stone Forest. Messy Stone Forest is now officially part of Liangshan Stronghold."

A slew of prompts from the system appeared one after another.

After reading the last message, even Qin Shujian was surprised.

After that, he looked at his own attributes.

As he expected, his stage field had yet another Stage +2 attribute.

But because his own stage was already at Martial Entry-Level Ten, even the increase in his affiliation level could not help him go further than this stage, so the stage displayed was also stuck at Martial Entry-Level Ten.

After that, Qin Shujian looked at Zeng Hong, who had humbled himself and surrendered to him. He didn't treat him badly and also gave him the position of an Elite Leader.

After that, he quickly checked Zeng Hong's attributes.

Name: Zeng Hong

Identity: Elite Leader

Affiliation: Liangshan Stronghold

Stage: Martial Entry-Level Six

Affiliation level: Level 1

Techniques: Hidden Tiger Bodyforge Level Six, Hundred Battle Blade Technique (Blue Furnace Flame)

His attributes were about the same as Niu Feng and Xu Yuanming's.

The only difference was that he was at Martial Entry-Level Six.

Besides getting a high-stage Martial Entry-Level Six fighter, the thing that really made Qin Shujian happy was that Messy Gold Mountain had contributed more than 170 Mountain Bandits.

No matter when and where, having more people was the best source of strength.

The more people you had, the more powerful you were.

With the addition of these 170-odd Mountain Bandits from Messy Gold Mountain and combining them with those he got earlier, Qin Shujian did a quick count and found that Liangshan Stronghold already had close to 500 Mountain Bandits.

This number was so many more times the number he started with.


After Messy Stone Forest had been completely taken over, Qin Shujian called together all the other Mountain Bandits within Messy Stone Forest to come over.

Liangshan Stronghold.

Zhongyi Hall.

Qin Shujian sat in the highest position, and Zheng Fang and the rest were seated below.

But unlike the last time they were here, Zeng Hong, Niu Feng, and Xu Yuanming, the heads of Mountain Bandits in the past, were also seated here now.

"Mount Mingai, Chuanyun Stronghold, and Messy Gold Mountain are all part of Liangshan Stronghold now, so all these affiliations will cease to exist from now on." Qin Shujian looked at the men before him and then at the slightly strange looks on everyone's faces before continuing to speak.

"Now that Liangshan Stronghold has become a more and more powerful affiliation and Liangshan can't hold so many people at once, I have decided to create five divisions of the Liangshan Stronghold."

"They will be the Loyalty Division, Martial Prowess Division, Cloud Passing Division, Training Division, and the Information Division."

"Also, I will add on one position on top of Elite Leader, and that will be Division Leader."

"Zeng Hong is at Martial Entry-Level Six, and so it is only right for him to be the Division Leader of the Martial Prowess Division."

After Qin Shujian said that, Zeng Hong immediately stood to his feet and clasped his hands together to pay obeisance. "Thank you, Chieftain!"

"Congratulations, Division Leader Zeng!"


Everyone else smiled and congratulated him.

After that, Qin Shujian continued speaking, "Wang Tiezhu will be the Division Leader of the Loyalty Division."

"Niu Feng will be the Division Leader of the Cloud Passing."

"Zheng Fang will be the Division Leader of Training, and Xu Yuanming will be the Assistant Division Leader."

"Zhang Tieniu will be the Division Leader of Information."

After making these announcements, Qin Shujian briefly explained the different roles of these divisions.

Loyalty Division was named as such because the word "loyalty" was necessary.

The members of the Loyalty Division were mainly assigned to watch over all the divisions and prevent anyone from betraying.

So all the Loyalty Division members were made up of all the Mountain Bandits who were originally part of Liangshan Stronghold in the first place.

In other words, the Loyalty Division was going to be the sharpest knife that Qin Shujian would use to control all of Liangshan Stronghold.

Besides that, the Martial Prowess Division would be the leading group that Liangshan Stronghold would use to go up against enemies. That was why the one at the highest level, Zeng Hong, was eligible to become the Division Leader.

The Cloud Passing Division had the same duties as Martial Prowess Division, but they would be considered assistants to the Martial Prowess Division.

As for the Training Division, the number of people in Liangshan Stronghold kept increasing. The various Mountain Bandits' cultivation levels and techniques were a mess, which was not beneficial to Qin Shujian in the long run.

So Qin Shujian had set up the Training Division mainly to teach the members cultivation techniques.

So Zheng Fang, who had previous experience as the head of a training hall, was the most suitable person for this position.

The Information Division was going to be the eyes and ears of Liangshan Stronghold.

This position was critical.

Qin Shujian did not trust anyone else at the moment, so he gave this position to Zhang Tieniu.

After dividing Liangshan Stronghold into various divisions, Qin Shujian promoted several people to become Leaders and Major Leaders.

But the position of Elite Leader was still empty at the moment.

After all, Liangshan Stronghold was already a Level 1 affiliation. The Mountain Bandits were at Martial Entry-Level Three at best, and it was already hard for Martial Entry-Level Fours to become Leaders and Major Leaders.

As for Martial Entry-Level Fives, besides those Elite Leaders who had become Division Leaders, he did not have any more of them.

"Messy Stone Forest might have fallen into our hands now, but there are still many outlanders inside attacking us. So I hope that the Martial Prowess Division can get in with the help of the other divisions to get rid of all these outlanders fully."

"Yes, Chieftain!" Zeng Hong and the rest immediately responded in unison.

After that, Zeng Hong clasped his hands together politely and said, "Chieftain, these outlanders refuse to die or be destroyed because they can keep reviving within the outlanders' villages. If we want to eliminate them, we will have to start by attacking the outlanders' villages."

"Back then, I had sent people to check out these outlanders' villages, and they are not weak at all."

"I suspect that there might even be some outlanders who are higher than Martial Entry-Level Seven inside there."

Zeng Hong was one of the prominent leaders within Messy Stone Forest, so it was impossible that he did not know anything about these villages, especially when it came to how these players tried to massacre them.

They too had thought about trying to destroy the players once and for all.

But unfortunately for them, the players were very high in number, and they could not be killed permanently. They were revived very quickly as well, and it became a problem with no solution.

Under such circumstances, Zeng Hong naturally found the source of the problem to be these starter villages.

But it was a pity.

He sent some people to check out the situation at these starter villages, and as a result, he started to panic.

The news that some players in the starter villages may have reached Martial Entry-Level Six or higher was alarming.

And this was also why Zeng Hong did not attack the starter villages and get rid of the threat that these players posed after breaking through to Martial Entry-Level Six.

It's not that he did not want to, but it was because he was worried.

But with the appearance of Qin Shujian, he saw that there was hope in actually destroying these outlanders' villages.

After all, if this man could injure him so severely with one move, he was definitely at a higher stage than Martial Entry-Level Seven.

After trying to coax out information from Niu Feng and Xu Yuanming, he had pretty much arrived at a terrifying conclusion.

And that was this almighty chieftain of his was likely to be a powerful fighter at Martial Entry-Level Nine.

Martial Entry-Level Nine was pretty much someone at the peak of the Mortal Domain.

Even though the Mortal Domain was vast, significantly few high-level fighters could go against this man.

And because of this, Zeng Hong completely extinguished all the thoughts in his heart that he should not harbor, and when Qin Shujian talked about attacking the outlanders, he reported all the information that he had on them.