45 The Light in the Darkness

Damian had been thrown back by the shockwave; his Divine General appeared to cover his body, taking charge at all times to protect him as per his instructions.


The barrier created by the demons that had emerged from the darkness failed to hold. Immediately, a crunchy sound appeared before the magical barrier disappeared.

The explosion afterward was like the sun had exploded.

All the demons couldn't believe what they were seeing at this moment.

"Lord Schlacht?" The demons looked as though this attack seemed to have ended the life of the demon who had attacked Damian, using half of the remaining mana in his reserves.

Schlacht's aura fluctuated in the huge crater that impacted the ground. Many had looked at the bloody hole in his chest. Blood gushed from that wound; that spell that had been used against him, even though it was incomplete, had destroyed half of his armor.

No one could believe that the armor bestowed by the Demon King himself was broken.

"How is this possible?" Schlacht in the crater used his hand to touch the blood flowing from his wound before murmuring some incomprehensible words. Suddenly, upon remembering every timeline he had been investigating, his eyes turned fierce as he realized that the one in which Damian survived was becoming real. "He's just a human child; how is it possible that he has so much mana?"

At that moment, the demonic aura surged from Schlacht's body. Additionally, a fierce glow reflected the bloodlust in his eyes. Clearly, he had been gravely injured by Damian's god-killing arrow, the famous Indra's bow.

Damian, who was motionless in the sky, looked at Schlacht with no emotions on his face. His right hand, which had unleashed a powerful spell, was now bathed in blood. Moreover, it seemed that part of his arm had been severely burned.

"I will kill you!" Schlacht was about to boast when his pupils dilated. Damian, who had not said anything, formed a new bow with electric lightning and raised it with difficulty, aiming it at Schlacht, who had stood up with difficulty.

Schlacht shuddered at the sight of that lightning bolt. After all, he didn't understand why Damian's attacks had suddenly become so reserved. The demons who had been watching him only saw a magical amount enough to be a first-class mage but not that strong, but even so, this demonstrated strength was nothing like the reports.

At this moment, after many wounds, how was it possible that Damian was still willing to fight?

Fresh blood flowed constantly from Schlacht's chest. His eyes were grim as he waved his hand. Immediately, the blood on the ground sprouted like blades and enveloped him, hiding his body.

"Human, you should stop creating this spectacle. Although that previous attack was extremely powerful, you are on the verge of collapse, and this time I'm sure you won't be able to use it continuously. Therefore, regardless of what you do today, I will kill you and then kill all the humans in the north." Floating lightly, Schlacht left the crater as his sinister voice spread throughout the battlefield.

As such, Damian, seeing all that darkness, could not identify the location of his enemy. Clearly, this enemy was very powerful, but his greatest attribute was how intelligent he was. After being effectively attacked, he didn't dare to be careless.

"The Seven Sages of Destruction, attack with me, and let's eliminate this human." A fierce cry was emitted from the curtain of darkness. To kill Damian, it seemed that Schlacht had no choice but to ask for help from the other demons.

The Divine General arrived in front of Damian, and two other figures that had regenerated stood in the air on both sides of him. With long swords, powerful battle auras, and sinister auras, everyone looked at the demons with clear desires to eliminate them.

Damian waved his hand before the demons moved. Meanwhile, his eyes blink rapidly. Schlacht was right. That previous assault was very exhausting and also damaged his right arm a lot. Initially, he thought he could use that attack to kill Schlacht, but that was not the case. It seemed that he had underestimated that demon.

Furthermore, with his current control over magic, there was no way he could continuously unleash the full power of the god-killing bow. Even if he couldn't unleash all his power, he couldn't use it freely. All he could do now was have his puppets fight, buy time, and see how much he could heal his wounds to use that attack again.

However, during that time, he wouldn't know if his puppets would be able to stop the demons.

"Kill them!"

As Damian thought about this, explosive sounds filled with killing intent sounded from the other end of the darkness. After which, several light attacks impacted them. Damian was about to move, but at that moment, a calm voice was heard behind him: "You should rest first..."


Kraft suddenly appeared in the middle of the battlefield holding a book in his left hand, muttered some words, and then a golden light that repelled the demonic aura burst into this place. But even without stopping, he moved his hand, and Damian's exhausted body began to heal.

"How strong are you?" Damian realized that this elf was not at all an ordinary man, so trusting him immediately meant that this was the opportunity mentioned in the book.

Kraft looked at Damian and said, "I see that you still have a lot of magic, but facing them won't be a path where we can come out alive."

"Just entertain them until I can fight again, giving it my all; my puppets will support you." Damian sat on the ground and closed his eyes, concentrating his mana to accelerate his healing.

When Damian looked at those demons joining the battle, he felt a little anxious. Although he had managed to damage a powerful demon, he didn't believe he would come out alive from here, but fortunately, someone came to support him.

Kraft looked at Damian's wounds; those horrible burns, cuts, curses, and stabs were something that no one could withstand.

"Damned demons, how dare you cross our borders expecting to kill whoever you please?" But at the same time, a voice emerged from behind them.

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