43 A Brutal Battle

"I must reach him..." Damian blinked on the battlefield; even now, he wasn't hindered by the horrible wounds on his skin, so there was no problem for him to move through the sky.


The Divine General attacked a demon at least twice his size with force, sending it crashing to the ground and creating a huge crater. The gusts of wind from the blows on that demon momentarily left it out of the fight.

When it appeared again on the ground, its long dagger that came out of its right arm pierced the demon's chest, lifting it off the ground and throwing it hundreds of meters away.

"It's not dead yet; destroy its body and then come to support my battle." Damian issued a mental command that directed the demon's movements.

The cold wind now carried the scent of blood, making those present aware of much of what was happening in this battle.

In the distance, flames falling from the sky like a meteorite were returned with a spell that reflected magic, as long as it was a spell Damian controlled or had knowledge of.

Schlacht lowered his gaze, seeing Damian getting farther away from the battlefield with dissatisfaction.

He remembered this battle perfectly after seeing it in each of the possibilities that could have happened. He wasn't here to kill Damian out of whim but because he would be a very big problem for the future, where everything had to be controlled for his lord to succeed.

"I won't allow you to become a nuisance to my lord." Schlacht raised his hand, and numerous maniac runes appeared around him, launching large ice spears at Damian at a fearsome speed.

The huge bodies of those flying spears occupied a large area of the sky, and if it weren't for Damian flying, he wouldn't have noticed the angles he had to escape.

Damian noticed the spells heading in his direction and knew from experience that this attack wasn't being manipulated but simply being launched without consideration.

"This will work!"


Huge walls of fire sprang from the ground, and through a manipulation spell of these pillars, numerous compressed fireballs shot out, exploding with the ice attacks.

With a bang, Schlacht's body landed in front of Damian, who had stopped to mark the battlefield.

When Damian saw this, darkness surged from his body; he blinked and attacked the demon with force, who hadn't made any moves. "Incredible strength..."

Damian was surprised that this demon was also very strong despite being a mage, but that surprise quickly turned into a focus on exchanging more precise blows.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Damian's sword clashed against Schlacht's claws; he was sure he could advance, but at that moment, he felt a presence approaching from afar. When he saw that it was a man with two horns on his head, he decided to retreat.

But the proximity to that demon was reduced, which made him change position and launch a lightning bolt aimed at him with his right hand's finger.

The explosion wasn't short at all, but, taking advantage of what he heard and knowing that he was close to his enemies, he used an explosion that triggered a new pillar of fire.


Retreating, Damian breathed heavily, and his gaze fell on his right arm, which kept dripping blood from the open wounds. Now he wasn't as well as he would like, but what comforted him was that this demon also had received several cuts.

"I'm running out of mana; I'll have to focus more on my attacks!" Damian thought this as he dodged the attacks that the other demon who had appeared began to hunt him down.

But in the next moment, the Divine General appeared beside Damian, dragging that demon along the ground. The ground trembled, and Damian took the opportunity to impact the demon's body with two electric balls.

Boom! Boom!

The lightning burned the demon's body, but at the same time, Damian frowned when he felt that he was losing mobility in his left arm. Now things weren't as good as taking liberties.

From the sky, Schlacht looked at Damian, and, waving his hand, a powerful pressure fell from the sky. Being sensitive to the surroundings, Damian moved hundreds of meters away from this place while breathing heavily.

"Impressive magic, but it's not yet as developed as you could make it."

Damian broke out in a cold sweat as he felt his body weigh more and more, but at the moment he was about to move, the black book that marked his spells moved.

"[... Era Calendar of The Great Mage Flamme, unknown moon year, you have survived for 4 years and 223 days.

Right now, you are in a terrible situation, facing a demon who came to kill you because you caused him problems in the future. If you attack him now, you will surely die, but if you wait defensively, maybe you can survive."

Damian, who was about to move, froze in place and, without thinking, created a powerful lightning barrier that repelled powerful spells heading towards him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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