1 Completions and unexpected news

In one of the many streets of the city, a young woman with raven hair ran as fast as she could down the stairs of her house as she finished putting on her sweater and kept the phone, as best she could, to her ear to continue the call .

- . Honey ... Uh, sorry for being late, I was finishing some work. I'll explain later, I'll be here shortly.

The girl certainly didn't live very far from the park where she had dated her boyfriend, but she was too distracted by her work. Designing was her passion and it kept her entertained for a long time, even more so if the inspiration had come to make her see the light. Upon arriving at that park, she could see the figure of her boyfriend not far from one of the local fountains. He was distracted by the phone until he noticed her. Enrique, her boyfriend, had written to her since the night before to meet today and, like most of the time, she had been late for her date. That was a problem that caused a lot of problems between them, but it was that he just couldn't help getting lost doing what he liked the most.

- . Hello - I greet you as soon as I arrive next to him - Sorry for how late it is ...

- . You were with your designs - I complete the sentence - I know you are passionate about what you do but sometimes I feel that you leave me aside and my existence ceases to be important to you.

- . Enrique, that's not so. Me...

- . Emma, ​​I quote you here because ... because I think we should finish. The same thing always happens, you lose yourself in yourself and you don't care about others, I always call you on appointments so you can get away from the computer a bit but still nothing works. You never have space or time to even know that I'm alive.

- . Honey, of course not. You know I love you.

- . But you don't love me enough to think of anyone besides you. Better to cut your losses.

Enrique got up from his seat and began to walk in the opposite direction from which she had been. As she stood there thinking that her now ex-boyfriend was right. Since she had been hired at her new job, she had no time for anything or anyone, and she wasn't even very interested in having contact with someone else. That is why Enrique said that she only thought about herself. Cutting to the bone seemed like the best option of all.

I look down to see a notification on my phone that I had missed. October 18, 2019, effectively that same day they were fulfilling an exact year of relationship.

- . Great way to end a relationship - she said to herself before going home again.

* * *

In some other city, a young man with brown hair would take off his sunglasses to be greeted by a huge limousine that was waiting for him outside the airport. It was getting late to go find his girlfriend, and this woman did not like to wait. Since he had touched down his phone had not stopped ringing at all times. Whether they were messages or calls, he preferred not to answer so as not to face the bitterness of his girlfriend during the journey home. But his insistence was so great that he had to answer one of the calls before wanting to throw the device with the nearest wall.

- . LUKE! - Shouted the person on the other side without even giving him time to answer - Can I know where you are ?!

- . Sorry, Isabel. I had a delay on the plane and ...

- . I don't want to hear any of your excuses pretty boy, you'd better get there as soon as possible - and he just hung up the call.

He was a few weeks away from his six-month courtship with a model named Isabel. He was certainly a stressful person if he did not do what she wanted, even if it was not to the liking of the brunette. That day they had an appointment at seven at night to celebrate their "month-anniversary", as Isabel used to say.

The limousine did not take long to arrive at the happy restaurant where they had reservations, he found that his girlfriend was idly in front of the restaurant. In his frown I could see that what was coming was a great discussion about how rude it was to keep a lady waiting, although I certainly didn't mean to.

- . Sorry for the delay ... - I tried to explain before he launched his chain of insults.

- . I'm fed up! - I shout, cutting off what I was going to say - Thanks to YOU ​​being late more than necessary we have lost the reservation. Is it difficult for you to be a little more considerate? - He was about to answer but she didn't even wait for him to open his mouth - Of course not! You never care about anything! You are not interested in the least if things are important to me, you just want to party with whores and get lost for who knows where. If you just wanted someone stable to wallow with, you could have said it from the beginning, at least to save me so much trouble with you.

- . If only you would let me speak ...

- . I don't want to hear any of your cheap excuses.

- . How do you expect us not to have arguments if as soon as I arrive you jump to say some idiotic thing without even waiting for me to speak first?

- . That's the least of it now. Justifying yourself won't change things. That's why we officially broke up honey.

- . Are you serious?

- . I know it is very hard for you but you will have to face it one way or another. I cannot tolerate your indifference all my life. That is why today I will leave here, the further the better. I don't want a scandal to form.

The girl, as was customary, did not hear anything that her opposite had to say and said goodbye by getting into the limousine in which that young man had originally arrived.

Lucas, confused and upset that he lost his transportation. Although he was not very upset that he had lost his girlfriend. Certainly their relationship was more than everything by image and not by love or affection. Since she was one of the models for the advertising campaign of her father's company, he had been delighted with the news of their relationship, and at first it seemed fine until that girl became more and more intense. It was not his fault that he had to attend meetings on the spur of the moment and therefore be late for some appointments. More than once he had made a scene for her in public, thus earning himself a long list of questions from the gossips in the press. Just thinking that she would have to face him again would be exhausting.

Resigned and frustrated at having to deal with annoying things the next few days, he grabbed his cell phone and called a taxi line to come pick him up. In this he noticed a message his father had sent him a couple of hours ago.

Gabriel :

Lucas, I hope you are having a good time and that your work at the company has been done to perfection. But now that business is over I'm going to need you back in town. I will need you to work on the company's new ad campaign and for that I hire an enthusiastic and talented girl.

I hope and this is not an inconvenience for your relationship, but you must understand that it is important that you, as my successor, meet in everything.

I enclose some of the works of the girl who will now work with us and I hope you arrive in the city as soon as possible.

Her message, although unexpected, helped me clear my nagging thoughts about Isabel so that I could focus on something else. If he left town, he wouldn't have to put up with the press for a while and that, for him, was good news.


I'll be coming to town tomorrow, and don't worry about Isabel, she's just finished with me now. I'll take the first plane to get there, I don't want to have to go on the road. You should stop working so hard for a couple of days. Rest would not make you feel bad.

Cheers to Mom.

As soon as the taxi arrived, it told him that he would go to his apartment, take some things and then return so that he could take him to the airport.

* * *

Certainly there was nothing better than working in a comfortable place listening to Coldplay. The night before he had completely separated from the computer and was watching some movies where he had some ice cream. It was not the first time that they left her for lack of attention and in a way it annoyed her that the men she met demanded as much attention as a woman, but that seemed to be her curse and she had to face it. She was immersed in his space of calm and tranquility until the insistence of someone knocking on the door brought her out of her reverie.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to be greeted with a huge hug by a brunette with red highlights who did not hesitate to greet her effusively. It was about Laura, her best friend.

- . EMMA! - I shout close to her ear as the jet tried not to crash onto the ground - Until finally I see you girl! - He said as soon as he separated from her and gave her space to close the door.

- . I missed you too Laura. How was your vacation?

- . Great! I didn't think I would have so much fun with Alec's family, but I did.

- . I'm glad you had a good time, even if you had warned me that you would come.

She walked over to the kitchen, followed by her friend, and offered her some orange juice.

- . Well that would have worked if you didn't have the phone as an ornament.

Emma brought her a glass with the same content as hers and sat next to her friend in one of the chairs near the kitchen counter.

- . Anyway ... Being with them was entertaining and ... - the brunette looked at the trash can opened by the ice cream pots near the kitchen and got a bit upset when she saw the amount of garbage - Did something happen while I was gone? ? Are you okay?

- . Because what you say? - She answered a little nervous. Cheating on her friend was never easy, and even now she doubted it could be done.

- . Because I know you and I know what you do when you get sad. So tell me what happened?

Frankly, she didn't feel like telling the story, but knowing her friend she would get all the information out of her even if she had to dig with a plastic spoon. So he decided that the best and fastest thing would be to tell him the whole truth. Laura was completely silent throughout her best friend's story. Certainly she knew how careless that girl had her personal relationships, but she was surprised to learn that this, her third boyfriend, had left her for the same thing as the previous ones.

- . I can't believe it - he finally said after a few minutes of silence after the jet finished his story - How could he dare to do that? And the same day of their anniversary!

- . I do not know. The truth is that I should already turn the page and focus on better things. Being done with Enrique does not mean the end of the world.

Laura couldn't help but sigh at those words. Emma was a very good girl and she would have liked someone else besides her to notice it. But the truth was that her previous partners weren't helpful and she believed that with Enrique it would be different.

- . My job is demanding and I don't blame Enrique for wanting to be with someone else. I can't keep him behind me all my life, and I think he also got tired of having to wait for someone who doesn't give him much importance.

- . Don't say such things, girl. You are a wonderful person, with your details like everyone else, but that does not mean that you are someone special. You just have to let someone come closer.

- . Thanks, but I still don't think I'm going to bother dating for a while.

- . Do not be silly! You have to enjoy the little things in life.

- . I do that ... at my own pace, of course.

She seemed to be a little more animated thanks to her friend's visit, but deep down she still felt sad about what had happened.

- . You are not fooling me, darling, I know that the breakup hit you more than it should - Laura spoke as soon as she saw that the little shine that her friend began to have in her eyes was lost after a few seconds - Tell me the truth. Were you in love with him?

- . No - he answered sincerely.

- . So what is it that ails you?

- . The truth ... is that if I feel sad - she finally answered I feel like she was getting ready to release the whole truth to her best friend - That is, he is already the four boy I go out with who leaves me for the same reason " Lack of attention "and is that sometimes I can't help but focus and lose myself on the things I like. I get inspired and I want to continue, I want to grow but when I find a boy he is alone ...

- . They don't understand you - she completed.

- . So is! And I would like to say that it is their fault but it is not. I focus on myself and what encompasses that small macro universe of Emma, ​​where no one other than me is there. So ... it doesn't matter who he's with, it's always the same. At least with Enrique I was a little longer, but what good is it if I feel that they waste time and hours of life trying to have a "serious" relationship with me?

"I am a complete mess!

Laura was surprised for a few seconds by everything her friend had told her. When she told him the beginning of the story, her friend was expected to be more than sympathetic to Enrique's decision, but she was not expected to really think that way.

- . My dear Emma - he finally said with a hint of affection - Darling, you are wonderful ... or well, a very wonderful disaster. You don't have to feel bad about not finding the right person. It is as you say it, you want to grow and if the person who hopes to have a relationship with you cannot help you grow or do it with you, none of that makes sense.

- . I wish I could avoid all of this, and not make someone else feel sad just because I can't bear something sentimental with him.

- . Oh ... Emma - said her friend to finally give her a hug and comfort her sad friend.

They spent much of the morning talking trivia to catch up with each other. Additionally, they called their friend Rose to join the conversation as well. This, when she found out what happened with her friend's ex-boyfriend, was about to go out to look for him to kick him in the bottom. But her boyfriend stopped her while Laura and Emma were dying of laughter.

When Rose arrived they continued talking. Apparently Laura had spent a wonderful vacation with her, now, fiancé. Alec is a boy they both met a couple of years ago in college and he had shown attraction to his friend, but she hadn't stopped to look at him with different eyes until two years ago. Meanwhile, Rose had recently moved in with her current partner and had obtained a publishing contract, so she was very excited. They had not seen each other for a long time and it was to be expected that they will spend more than one morning talking and telling each other funny and interesting things.

Late in the afternoon, Emma notices the thousand notifications she had on her phone. Not only from Laura, but also from her mother, some from her social network and another that caught her attention as it was an unknown number. Laura reproached him for not responding to any of her messages on time, and while ignoring his comment that "the phone is not an ornament," she checked the message from the unknown contact.


Good morning Miss Emma, ​​It's Gabriel Viera.

I am writing to inform you that tomorrow I require your presence first thing in the morning so that you know the instructions for the next advertising campaign. In the meantime, I hope that the designs that had been previously requested are ready to be presented tomorrow.

My son will be supporting her throughout the advertising campaign.

I'll wait for you tomorrow at the office. Happy day.

That news caught her off guard. He certainly had several designs that he had to deliver tomorrow and, luckily, he only needed to finalize details on the design that he was to deliver the next day, but it was not expected that he would have to work on a campaign with his boss's son.

Her astonished face seemed to pique her friend's curiosity. As soon as she heard the news, she jumped for joy to congratulate her friend.

- . Girl! - She jumped happily along with her friend - That means they are taking your work into great consideration. Much effort was completely worth it.

Emma couldn't help screaming with excitement. Certainly now he would have a lot more work to finish but that only made him happy. There is nothing better than dedicating yourself to what you like the most. But best of all, she would be in charge of one of the advertising campaigns. That was surprising since they were only commissioned from the most experienced designers in the company, but this was their golden opportunity.

- . I can't believe this is really happening.

- . Well, you deserve it. You are someone dedicated, creative and intelligent, you know?

- . It's a wonderful opportunity Emma I wish you good luck!

- . They say that because they love me - the jet commented sadly.

- . And because we know you too, my dear. Anyway, do you have a lot to do for tomorrow?

- . I only have a few designs left to finish and finalize some details.

- . So, what are you waiting for? To work! I will leave you so that you can work in peace, I will write to you tomorrow so you can tell me everything that happened. I love u

Without more to say, she gave her friend a huge hug and left as fast as she arrived with Rose. Visiting her best friend always managed to make her smile, but now she had to finish the pending work for the next day. The only bad thing about not having to have a fixed work schedule was that sometimes it tends to accumulate.

* * *

- . Seriously brother, I do not know if you are a lucky person or the stupidest guy on the planet - commented a young brunette through a video call that he had with his best friend Lucas.

- . HA HA, very funny Nino. Your sense of humor is hilarious.

- . I am a joke machine.

- . Well, it will be bad jokes - his friend was going to reply but I shut him up so he wouldn't continue with his jokes - The good thing about all this is that I feel happy not to have to put up with more scenes.

- . In that you are right, brother. I remember the last issue he put together before you went on a trip. For a moment I thought I would have to give the prize to the most dramatic in the world.

That comment amused him too much and is that indeed Isabel had set up a great scene in the middle of the street as soon as Lucas told her that he would be out of town for a couple of weeks. She had claimed his lack of attention and that he was not allowed to leave the city without his consent, especially if he did not take her with him. But as much as he tried to explain that he was going to work, she did not believe him. According to her, Lucas just wanted to miss a few weeks to go from brothel to brothel to completely forget about her. The only thing missing was to take out a razor to cut his veins in front of everyone.

Nino was very entertaining the whole time and even recorded the whole scene, as did almost everyone around, but this didn't seem to matter to her, and he was already fed up with fools like her.

- . Sometimes I would like to know what goes through your head when you go looking for a crazy girlfriend - said his friend, taking the chestnut out of his memories - In the last two years you have had several girlfriends and they are all exaggerated. Maybe it would be better if you stopped looking for famous girls, they seem to like scandal a lot.

- . In that you are right, brother. Although I think I better get away from relationships for a while.

- . That! So we will be two singles in the city again.

- . You say that when you have a girlfriend.

- . I try to support you brother - I mockingly comment - Anyway, how long do you plan to stay this time?

- . Maybe for some time. My father wants me to take over the reins of the company, so I can spend a little more time with my mother.

- . I understand. And what new plans does your father have for you?

- . I will be in charge of one of the advertising campaigns with a new girl.

- . What a friend, it will be a girl. You better not have any sex at work.

- . I'll do what I can - he jokingly mentioned to which his friend laughed on the other side - Anyway I'm not looking for any of that at the moment. Hey! How much with you to help me with the move?

- . Sure, bro. You just let me know and I'll be there.

- . Thanks friend. By the way, how are things with Rose?

- . Great! She is a wonderful brother, for a couple of weeks we have been living together.

- . True, I had forgotten that they already took that "big step" And where is it? I thought I would be with you.

- . Today we were going to fix some things but some friends called her and she went with them. Apparently a fool broke up with one of them. I met her some time ago and the truth is that she is a great girl, and I had to stop Rose before she went looking for the guy to hit him in the bass.

- . That sounds creepy.

- . Women are scary brother.

- . I believe you - they both laughed at it for a few more seconds before saying goodbye and hanging up the call.

Lucas couldn't help but laugh at his best friend's comments and witticisms. Nino was someone very witty and funny. That is why they both got along very well.

For a moment he was thinking about what had happened to Isabel. The truth is that he has had a record of spoiled girls who liked to make a scene to appear on social networks and in the news. That bothered him, but he had to admit that sex with them was always good. But all this was in vain if he also had to put up with that bad attitude.

" Maybe Isabel is right - he thought to himself - The best thing would be to just have sex without commitment so as not to have to go through these kinds of situations"

That didn't seem like such a crazy idea the more I thought about it.

His thoughts were interrupted by another limousine that was just outside the airport to pick him up. Lucas sometimes wondered what his father's obsession with these types of cars was, but he forgot about it as soon as he saw who the person in the back seat was.

The woman who was there was dressed in a beautiful loose white dress that, without showing more than it should, highlighted the figure of a beautiful woman. Her blond hair was tied in an elegant braid adorned with small flowers, and her beautiful hazel-colored orbs, like his own, greeted him warmly.

- . Mother! - Said the young man astonished to meet her in that place.

- . Luke! - She jumped, losing all elegance as she approached her son who was already taller than her - I hadn't seen you for a long time, darling - she said as she placed a couple of kisses on his cheek.

- . I missed you too, mom.

- . You do not know how happy it made me to know that you would come again - he said in which he placed much more kisses on his son's cheek.

- . Okay, Mom. I am already a very big man for you to continue treating me like a child with so many kisses.

- . You will continue to be my little boy until eternity - she commented funny and then released her already embarrassed son.

- . I hope your flight was good - spoke a thick voice in the car. It was about Gabriel, her father.

- . It was fine - Lucas replied politely as he tried to get rid of his mother's strangling embrace - Father, grab my mother so she can kiss you and strangle with her love - he said complainingly.

The three of them laughed at that comment and then got into the car. Gabriel gave directions to the driver to take them home while Emily did not stop pampering her son.

- . I'm glad that you at least come without that horrible girl - said his Emily as soon as he was separated from his son a bit - I was not going to tolerate her approaching me again.

- . Mom, you don't like any girl. I don't know how you expect me to get married one day.

- . Mother's instinct never lies darling, and those girls who've made your girlfriends are the worst. That is why I have to protect you from the harpies.

- . You are a jealous mother. Period - sentence in what his father and he laughed at the face that Emily gave them.

As soon as they reached the large family home, Lucas headed for his old room. It had been a long time since he had stayed at his parents' house but still the place seemed to have changed nothing since he decided to live alone. He threw himself into bed and enjoyed the quiet of the house as he rested from the long double trip on the plane.

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