16 Confronting Jonas

I dropped my body on the king-size bed in Alvic's mansion which was nearer to the hospital the girl was admitted. The time was 7.00 am and I hoped to go to school in the afternoon since I can't miss out on my perfect attendance to Dave Ramon's class or also known as Reaper.

I slowly closed my eyes as tiredness got the best of me.


I saw myself in the room where I found the child. I saw myself opening the closet and talking to the child.

"Was it fun?" I heard a child's voice right next to me.

There, I saw her. With blood all over her dress and her emerald eyes, she reached her hand out to me.

"Promise?" she asked raising her pinky finger.

I did not have control over my body as my pinky finger interlocked with her's and the scenery changed. I was on the road where the killer's body was lying motionless.

"Was it fun?" she asked again.

"Stabbing my dad, was it fun?" she asked with a smile that was of an excited child's.

I did not reply as my body froze. I tried to move my body but it was not responding. She walked forward as her face's flesh disappeared and only her skeletal part remained. Her emerald eyes did not disappear as she near me and touched my leg with her index finger.

"Then was it fun blasting my head off?!," shouted the child--no... the voice...it was of an old women's which was creepy and deep. I looked down to see her headless with blood spurting out of her top region onto my face.

I wanted to blink but I couldn't. I wanted to leave but I couldn't. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. I wanted to...


I instantly sprung up from my bed as I looked at the unfamiliar surroundings. It was in old victorian style with lamps attached to corners of the room with a big lamp hung up at the ceiling. The bed was king-sized and book selves were to my right and left. There was a balcony near the left selves.

The door leading to the balcony was a sliding door made of glass with a small handle. The entrance to the room was a double attached door with two yellow rusted handles. It was painted blue which was odd since it was my first time seeing a blue door. I saw a door near my right self and a vertical mirror that was about 7 feet tall.

I ruffled my hair and found out that I was drenched in sweat and I was shirtless. Sun rays invaded the room as I took my phone which was near my pillow.

12.45 pm

WEDNESDAY, 12/2/xxxx.

I kept the phone in its previous place and got off the bed. I looked at myself in the mirror and found that my injuries have been healed. I remembered that I crashed at Fredrick's mansion since I was so tired both mentally and physically.

I opened the door near to the mirror and found a spacious bathroom. Towels were neatly arranged on a small table which was near the sink. A bathtub was in there and I opened a tap and hot water filled the tub slowly.


I wore the robe that was also placed on the towels and went out of the room with my wet hair. I saw a big hallway with blue carpets and small tables similar to the one I saw earlier in certain intervals.

I remember that Arthur told me to come to his room which I remember, fortunately. I walked for a whole minute before standing in front of the door which had the name tag...


I knocked on it and I heard Arthur's voice telling me to come in. I saw the same design as the room I slept in earlier except that the King sized bed was missing. Arthur was sitting behind a table wearing a white shirt and was sitting in a rolling chair.

"Good morning or was it afternoon?" I greeted Arthur as he greeted me back not dropping the word 'Young Master'.

"I need to go to class," I said to Arthur.

"Class? Oh, I forgot you are a student. Well, I already brought a few dresses for you, and don't worry Young master, they are all normal," said Arthur with a smile.

"Thank you, Arthur," I said and got my dresses from him after following him to a dressing room.

I wore a black shirt and jeans pant and went out of the mansion. Arthur said that my dad did not know about the incident since he had gone outside when I had gone for the worst morning ride in my life. Arthur said that he replaced my bike, the same model. I got on my bike and rode to my home in a span of 30 minutes.

I noticed that my dad's bike was not there and figured that he had business to do outside. I lifted the plant vase which was near the entrance and found our door key. I packed my bag with books only for my afternoon class.

After riding for 15 minutes, I reached Gate C and notified the security guard that he had permission to come late. He did not buy it and led me to the principal's office where Sahin was present.

"Noah? What a surprise," said Sahin cheerfully as boxes were lying around with stuff in it signifying that he is arranging his things as he came back to his position after some time.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Sahin. I actually came late today so I was sent to meet you," I said while smiling.

"I see, may I know the reason for coming late? Training with Patrick?," asked Sahin.

"Yes, it was a little heavy yesterday so I overslept." I blatantly lied.

"Well, it's fine. Just clean your classroom as a punishment and this matter will be gone," said Sahin as started to sign some documents on his table.

"Can I ask a question?" I asked.

"Of course, you can. Be comfortable, young man," said Sahin.

"Does your little squad know about me and Scott?" I asked.

Sahin stopped signing and looked at me.

"Of course not. It does not concern their current objective and I'm good at keeping secrets," said Sahin.

"Then, do you know who the 5th member is?" I asked.( Ina chapter, I might have mentioned 6th instead of 5th so forgive me.)

The atmosphere dropped cold and Sahin looked at me.

"Why do you want this Noah? Weren't you a seer," asked Sahin.

"Ye-s ,Yes I'm a Seer. I only see bare images of people and I sense that your 5th member is in danger. I saw a future of you 4 fighting but no sign of any 5th one" I said lying mixed with truth with extreme pressure.

Sahin's expression did not change as he looked at me with a smile.

"I see. Noah, I will take care of my members so don't worry. As for your question, the 5th member's name is..."


Jonas Fetler is a cheerful guy. When her cousin Jennifer Allington called him for a mission to a town that was in Alaska, he thought this might be the chance to interact with her and make her friendly.

Boy, he was so wrong that he regretted coming here. He was forced nearly many times by Jennifer to mind wash people that had no connection to the mission. He loathed being controlled by others but he had no choice.

When anything couldn't get better, he is now controlled by that unknown man who tells him to do things that might betray Jennifer.

Jonas was walking through the corridors which were void of any life. He usually walks here daily to clear off his mind but noticed Noah Jones appear in front of him.

Jonas didn't want to fight anybody so he did not pay attention to him and continued his stroll in the corridor.

"Jonas," Noah called out to him as they stood in front of each other.

"What do you want, Noah fricking Jones?" asked Jonas maintaining his tough image as the school president.

"Jonas Fetler, son of Olivia Fetler," said Noah Jones with a smile. However, those 6 words made Jonas stumble back but soon maintained his composure. Jonas checked for any mana around him but soon realized that he was just a human.

"You shit! Where did you learn about that!," asked Jonas as he kept his hands on Noah's black shirt or Noah's shoulder as he increased the pressure on it.

Jonas took a look at Noah's face hoping that he would be wincing in pain but contrary to his expectation, he was still smiling.

Jonas felt danger and backed up at an incredible speed and swung a fist at Noah's face.


The sound of Jonas's right fist crashing into Noah's palm was heard throughout the corridor.

"Why you fucker's always aim for my face?" said Noah annoyed.

Noah raised his knee and hit Jonas in his stomach region pretty hard which made Jonas retract his fists back.

Noah took a step back and Jonas backed up.

"Obviously, that won't stop him," Noah muttered.

Jonas did a roundhouse kick which made Noah dodge it by going to the side. Jonas did not stop and released a barrage of punches which Noah blocked with his elbows.

Jonas panted and looked at the white-haired teen in front of him.

"Who the heck is he? A hunter? Why is he chasing me when I haven't done anything wrong? I'm Pawn level stage 3 for god sake's!" thought Jonas as he positioned himself to fight again. Jonas was a prideful youth and didn't want to release his wings to fight a human, a hunter at that which he loathes the most.

But the situation was grave and he didn't want to alert the nearby students. So, he took the peaceful approach and asked...

"What do you want?"

"Oh? I see that you are different from Theodore Glore," said Noah as he supported his body by keeping his hand on the wall.

"Did you do something to him?" asked Jonas.

"Theodore? No-no-no. I approached you because I wanted to strike a deal with you." said Noah smiling.


"Yes, a deal," said Noah as he walked towards Jonas.

"Tell me," said Jonas as it piqued his interest.

"If you tell me why Thomas suddenly changed, I will help you achieve..."


Steve Ruthven was just your average photographer. He takes photos for the year album and has friends. Well, it's better for him to just call his acquaintances.

He was walking through the 3rd floor south block corridor after eating his lunch on the balcony. He witnessed some ruffling sounds at the corner path and decided to check it out.

There he saw it. He saw the school president and some white-haired guy fighting. He was about to take a photo when the white-haired guy saw him. He quickly hid and ran away from fear since he was afraid that he would get into some shady drug trouble. Yes, his imagination ran wild but it did not go far to think that the school president was a bird human and the black-shirted guy was a skilled hunter. Well, not accurately.