Free Shinobi in Naruto(With Divine Purple Card) Book

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Free Shinobi in Naruto(With Divine Purple Card)


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In a world torn apart by endless wars and conflicts, Kai is a Free Shinobi, a mercenary who roams from village to village, taking on any mission that pays well. With his unique abilities to learn any jutsu with just a glance and use them without needing hand seals, he quickly becomes one of the most feared and respected warriors in the land. But despite his reputation as a skilled and ruthless fighter, Kai is a lonely and isolated figure, with no real connections or attachments to anyone or anything. He spends his days on the battlefield, never staying in one place for too long, and his nights in the arms of various women who try to melt his frozen heart but fail to truly connect with him. As the years go by, the world around Kai only grows more chaotic and dystopian. Villages fall, people die, and the lines between friend and foe blur until they become meaningless. And yet, Kai continues to wander, taking on mission after mission, making money but never finding any real purpose or meaning in his life. As the years turn into decades, Kai becomes a legend, a figure of myth and fear to those who know of him. But to Kai himself, he is just a man, lost and adrift in a world that has no place for him. And in the end, he realizes that all of his power and skill, all of his accomplishments and victories, have meant nothing in the face of the endless cycle of war and destruction that has consumed the world around him. **I am currently writing three novels simultaneously - One Piece with Bodily Refinement Bead, Bleach with Soul Cube, and Naruto with Divine Purple Card. I allocate 40% of my imagination to One Piece and another 40% to Bleach, with the remaining 20% dedicated to Naruto. By subscribing to my Patreon, you can gain access to advanced chapters of all three novels.**


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