Free: Otherworldly Adventure Book

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Free: Otherworldly Adventure


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Long ago, on Cielo Continent. Humans were treated as slaves. There was no strong man among humans to stop this brutal fate. So they could not free themselves from foreign races. Then one day three people rose, denying their destiny. They want to break free from this slave chain. The team was led by Human Monarch, " The Conqueror ". He was so strong he swept all foreign races and combined all the humans scattered around the continent. Seeing there are powerful people among the human race who can contend with them, the foreign races finally chose to seek peace. They compromised and gave them land in North-East. Thus Humans finally lived in peace. ... Leon, Who was alone since birth has not experienced anything. Just some major up-downs. After his death, he is reborn in a new world full of mysteries. He goes on a journey totally opposite to his past life with his new friends and new challenges. A place where there is no hero or no villain. Everyone with their own story, motivation, and goal. Come join us and witness all of their sad and beautiful stories. ----------------------------- Chapter length: 1k+ words (Highest may get 1200+) ---------------------------- Author's note: New author here. Have no experience. This novel is like Shōnen. I always wanted to express my own imaginary adventure. So I hope my Shōnen-type story makes you guys enjoy it fully. If I have made any mistake and wrong in any case remind me. Also English is not my native language. There may be grammar mistakes. No system. Sorry for you guys. ----------------------------------- The cover picture is not mine, sorry I used it. But, If the owner has any problem contact me below: Email: leonsroad1@gmail.com Discord: StumblingtoSuccess#5154 I will be grateful if you do so. Thank you.


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