Fragments of Time [FREE/COMPLETED]

Time goes. But love goes further. Elena Lee has a unique ability. She remembers everything she saw or heard at least once. Be it people, things or places. Her memory is like a puzzle the fragments of which are growing day by day whether the girl wants it or not. She doesn't know where this ability came from. Her first memories start at the age of 6 when she was adopted by a rich man, the head of the big pharmaceutical company. For many years she was trying to find something about her real parents but all in vain. Elena wants to find this piece of memory but she doesn't know that the missing fragment is in the hands of a man who is following her from the shadows. 12-9-19-20-5-14 20-15 25-15-21-18 8-5-1-18-20 He knows her past. He owns the key to her future. He wants to get the sacred knowledge hidden inside Elena's head even the girl herself doesn't know about. He wants her. But it's impossible to get both. 4-15 14-15-20 2-5-12-9-5-22-5 25-15-21-18 5-25-5-19 Time goes. The price for truth is life. Hers. His. Or the whole world. It depends on how to use the missing fragments. And he has to make a choice. The Master. 20-5-19-5-18'19 12-1-23 14-21-13-2-5-18 9 6-15-12-12-15-23 25-15-21-18 6-5-1-18-19 *** The original cover photo is mine.

Anya_Nesh · Sci-fi
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392 Chs

Don't Underestimate.

Elena and David went outside, where Mr. Lee and Daniel were already waiting for them. Chen looked at his daughter, and judging by her expression, the news was clearly not a pleasant one.

"What did Madame Wang say?" he asked Elena. The girl shook her head. Not only did they not resolve the issue with an unknown person, but they also received a bunch of new problems associated with David. Chen decided not to ask anything yet since he would still find out about it later.

"Father, take Elena home. I need to go to the office, solve some things; I have not shown up there for a long time. Or will you take care of that?" David now looked at his elder brother. Daniel glared at him angrily,

"No, you deal with that yourself. You're all so independent of yourself, you love to make decisions for everyone without even asking. Why is it that you decided to ask my opinion, huh? It didn't bother you much before."

"Daniel, let's discuss all our issues someplace else." David wanted to soften his brother's indignation since he knew his character perfectly well.

"Our issues?! Someplace else?! What the hell is with the someplace else?! Do you think the place will somehow change the situation?!" Daniel was really pissed off. Resentment, pain, disappointment, anger toward himself - the emotions were overwhelming him.

"Throughout your life, you only did what you decided yourself. As if you were alone in the whole world. As if you had neither family nor loved ones! Nobody said anything to you, because they did not want to put pressure on you, knowing your past. But did you know how hard it was for us all this time as well?! Do you have any clue that we did everything we could to help you? And what turns out, all this time you were silently observing how I use my abilities, even knowing what it costs, right? Do you have the right to leave me in ignorance in such a situation?"


"Daniel what?" David just opened his mouth, but the older brother immediately interrupted him, "Did you think about her?" Daniel pointed his finger at Elena. "I won't be surprised if there is something more that you hid from her as well, with a good intention to "protect" her, and when the right time comes you will again do everything your way. But did you feel what she would feel after that, huh? Of course, you did not think about it! So let me tell you how it feels," he came closer to David, grabbed him by the shirt and hissed angrily,

"I'm now afraid to even breathe. Each breath gives me such pain that I already start to go crazy. Because every breath I take means you breathe less. So what right did you have to hide something like that from me, eh?"

David took his brother's hand and freed his shirt from his palm, "It's not like that at all. I only found out about this recently."

"So what? Would you like to say that you were going to reveal this secret to me, but did not have time? Don't make a fool of me, David. I am your older brother, and I know you very well. If this shaman didn't say anything, we would have remained in ignorance until the very end." Daniel lowered his hand and took a step back. He looked at his brother and said quietly, "You should know how much I hate you now." The man turned around, and before finally leaving, added in a whisper, "But now I hate myself even more."

David looked at the receding silhouette of his elder brother. Daniel was right. He really knew him well, and if Madame Wang had not voiced the whole situation out loud, then most likely he would not have told about it himself. At least until he found a solution to this problem.

"You know, David, I love you very much and I am always ready to support you, but now I'm on Daniel's side. So if there is something else that we don't know about, tell us about it," Elena looked at the thoughtful young man. She already understood this trait of his character when he himself takes everything on his shoulders, not telling others. "When you finish the business in the office, come home. We need to discuss a lot. And take Daniel with you, you have to apologize to him. Come on, dad."

Elena turned around and walked toward the exit. Mr. Lee patted the young man on the shoulder and followed his daughter.

The burden on David's soul became even harder. If Elena found out that he erased a part of her memory, it would put him in an extremely difficult position. She would have demanded that he restore it, but he was not going to do that. So, the best way to avoid conflict was to leave everything as it was. He looked at his watch to check the time and plan everything through.

But as soon as he took a step to leave the territory of the residence, Madame Wang's assistant called him, "Mister, Madame is asking you to return to her. She has a message for you."

David raised his eyebrows, portraying a surprised face. What kind of message can she have for him? Wasn't it enough for this woman to discard his important secrets without thinking about the consequences at all?

The young man grinned and followed the fellow monk. To his surprise, he led him not to the room where they had been before. The new room looked completely ordinary and was more like a standard guest room, where you can sit and chat on everyday topics. A pair of chairs, a tea table, a small sofa and a tall French window to the floor created a feeling of lightness and comfort.

"Come on in. What tea do you want? Black or green?"

David turned his head and saw a woman next to him. She was wearing her usual business dress and all the mystery that she had been filled with before was completely gone. Maybe this was due to her appearance, or maybe she didn't have a goal to create such an effect, but David liked her new image more.

"Green tea, please," he answered, and smiled faintly at her smile. The man went ahead and sat in front of the tea table, "And what other of my secrets would you like to reveal, Madame? Your insight truly deserves respect."

Madame Wang set a cup of tea in front of him and sat opposite. Taking a few sips, she narrowed her eyes and grinned back, "Ha, the young people these days are expressive. If they know what they want, they will take action and go ahead no matter what. You even managed to surprise an old woman and believe me, that is not an easy task."

"Well, let's start with the fact that you yourself know how to surprise no less. Thanks to your words, my brother is now sitting somewhere in a quiet, lonely place and engaged in his self-pity. You know, it was cruel to him," David replied, and brought the cup of tea to his lips.

"Well, let's start with the fact that not only I was cruel to him, young man. Your way to take care of people who are close to you is also very specific, isn't it?" Madame Wang tilted her head and looked at David. "Do not underestimate them. They may be stronger than you think. When you attribute a quality to a person, you deny him the opportunity to act differently. If you do not consider a person weak, he will definitely take the chance and show you that he can be strong."

"You know, based on your logic, if I consider a person who has power over my fate, generous and kind-hearted, he will show these qualities and voluntarily give up the power over me, right?" David asked with obvious skepticism in his voice.

"Who knows," the woman answered vaguely, "At the very least, you do not deprive this person of the opportunity to manifest him the way you see him."

"You called me for this? With all due respect, but I'm not a fan of deep philosophical reflection," David said and put the cup back on the table.

"I understood the same thing." The woman smiled, got up from her chair, and walked over to the dresser, which was opposite the wall. She pulled a small box out of the top drawer and handed it to David. The young man took it in his hands, the obvious question 'What is this?' was clearly written on his face. Madame Wang nodded to him, David opened the box, and his mouth opened wide with surprise.

"Where did you get this thing?!" He pulled a small scroll out of the box, exactly the same as the one that Elena had to remember. "Do you know what this thing is?"

"I don't know what this thing is and what is written in it, but I know that the person who left it for me to keep it, put his life in jeopardy as soon as he got this scroll in his hands," Madame Wang replied.

She did not need to wait for the next question to understand what it would be like. Therefore, she immediately replied, "This person was Amelia. Elena's mother."

"Many years ago she came to me and left this thing and a photo. She asked to give the photograph to the girl after a certain time, and this scroll to the one who comes with her. Her protector."

Listening to the story of an old woman, he opened the scroll and began to carefully study its symbols. At first, his face grew gloomy, but then, with each new line, his facial features became softer and softer, until at the end a calm smile froze on his lips.

Madame Wang silently watched the reaction of the man. She still could not believe that Amelia had predicted everything so precisely. She was truly an outstanding person.

David folded the scroll, put it in the box, and handed the box back to Madame Wang.

"You won't take it with you?" The woman was surprised.

"No, not yet. The time is not right. Please keep it at your home for a little while." The man got up from the chair and bowed, "Thank you. This information gave me hope."

"As you say, young man," Madame Wang nodded her head. David left the room, and the woman silently looked at the box in front of her.

"Yes, Amelia, you were right. He did not take it." The woman went to the closet, opened the top drawer, took a scroll from the box and put it in the drawer of the closet. She put it on top of the other scrolls, lying there in equal rows on top of each other.