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Fragment of An Existence (Tensura FanFic)


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"Sensei! What do you think of your life?" A child asked me about an amusing question. "Hahaha, try to guess" I told the child a simple instruction. "Hmm... I think you are satisfied?" The child innocently answered. "Hahaha, Well you are not wrong, but.. Listen once you grow older and more mature you will understand this, the path you took is only a mere fragments of your life. You may piece all of them together but you will never reached satisfaction that easily.. So you just need to live without worries!" I told the child while ruffling his hair. "I don't understand.." The child said while looking down. "Hahaha, you will understand one day.. one day" I chuckled. "Let's get you some ice cream" I lifted the child up my shoulders. "Yay!" The child cheered on. I only chuckled at the child's reaction and started walking towards the end of the street towards the Ice cream shop. . . . Warning: Story contains GenderBender so if it's not your cup of tea please just skip! . . . Disclaimer: Most of the characters in the story are not mine! Those characters belong to the author of Tensura. Disclaimer: Novel cover is not mine! If the original artist wants me to take it down please contact me through the novel!