1 Lieutenant Reia

"Lieutenant Reia please come in." An old man in a general outfit sat behind a desk looking rather annoyed.

A black-haired fox girl in a white military uniform entered the office. The uniform had purple accents and a badge with the letter A on the chest. Her tail and ears were completely black however, her hair was completely purple underneath. The fox girl had average-sized breasts and a slim figure which was shown through the tight fit uniform.

The fox girl was 5'7" and her violet eyes shined slightly from the light that came through the massive window behind the old man.

From the window, a busy city was in view and everyone within it was living out their day to day lives. The city itself looked like any other modern city but robots and many advanced technologies were occupying the streets.

Reia looked at the old man with cold eyes while she approached the desk. Reia stopped a couple of meters away, not taking her eyes off the old man waiting for him to speak.

"I have to congratulate you on your latest mission, I heard you managed to secure the package. Thanks to your efforts we can move on to phase 2. Go take your squad to a place to relax, there won't be any missions for a while." The old man picked up some papers on his desk and turned in his chair.

"Don't linger for too long, you know how much I hate being around you. Saying my thanks was already hard enough." The old man waved from behind his chair to tell Reia to leave.

Reia walked out of the room trying to keep her calm and did not say a word.


Reia walked down the street where many soldiers of different squads resided. Robots were going up and down the street delivering items and food to each of the apartment complexes.

The way of life was very simple as almost everything was automated by robots making most jobs obsolete and the only way to make an easy living was the military. Other jobs that required human emotions and interpretation were always in high demand making the army the only choice for many.

Although the military was the easy option it was one of the hardest to achieve a high standing in.

Reia approached what looked like a small mansion which was at the end of the street overlooking all the apartments.

Reia opened the door and instantly a 5'5" half lynx girl started running at her. The Half lynx wore the same uniform but with orange accents. The lynx was brown-skinned alongside her hair and eyes. Her hair was shoulder length and had orange highlights.

"Reiaaaaaaa" The half lynx ran straight into Reia and jumped to hug her.

Reia sighed and quickly stepped to the side letting the half lynx jump through the door falling on her face.

"Kim, you know I don't like being touched." Reia shut the front door leaving Kim outside.

"Oi, don't leave me outside." Kim got up and quickly opened the door to find that Reia disappeared.

"Tch, where is Lou? She always hugs me." Kim crossed her arms while she walked back inside and shut the door with her foot. However, behind the door was Reia and without realizing it Kim got poked in the ribs.

"AHH!" Kim yelped from the sudden poke and jumped away from Reia.

"If you like Lou so much why don't you go find her." Reia smirked as Kim's face was completely red from screaming.

"S-she said wait you damn vixen." Kim glared at Reia wanting to fight back but knew it will only turn into torture for her.

"Ah okay~ why not go wait in Lou's bed then, I will be in my room so don't need to worry about me hearing anything." Reia then began to walk up the stairs.

"Hissss~" Kim's face got even redder and was unable to argue back.

Reia got to the top of the stairs and entered her room which was in the middle of the hallway.

The room was rather empty only having a katana and assault rifle hung up on the wall. The assault rifle and sword were both black being lined with a dark purple. The sword had no hilt and the end of the handle had a few buttons. The assault rifle had the model of an M4A1 fitted with many attachments. The mag however, was not filled with bullets but energy that glowed purple.

In the corner of the room was a desk that had a computer with multiple screens.

Reia was about to sit down till she suddenly grabbed her sword off the wall unsheathing it. The dark purple lines began to glow and Reia pointed the sword towards the door.

"Next time you sneak in Echo I am going to have to start cutting off limbs as an entry price." Reia glared at the door until a man appeared out of nowhere with his hands up.

Echo wore a face mask alongside the white uniform with blue accents which paired with his bright blue eyes. Echo had black hair and due to it being really short only a little amount of blue could be seen throughout it.

"Damn I thought this invisibility device would finally deceive you this time." Echo, who was a normal 6'1" human, looked disappointed.

"You know that I have a keen 6th sense, go try it on Kim." Reia sheathed her sword and placed it back on the wall.

"Anything works on her, I need someone who tests my devices to the limit. Anyway, back to tinkering." Echo left Reia's room in a hurry before he lost a limb.

"What a headache." Reia shook her head as Echo despite being one of the best engineers had a rather erratic personality.

Reia let out a sigh and went out to the balcony to have a smoke. She then looked out to the backyard where a few gardeners were taking care of the garden.

'Those files, do they plan to destroy the whole planet? I know we need more power to increase efficiency but this is too dangerous.' Reia thought back to the files that contained a blueprint of some kind of generator.

'Using a new type of energy we have never tested is only gonna lead to disaster, I need to prepare the team for the worst.' Reia believed something was going to go wrong as the greed of the higher-ups was out of control.


The same old man was in an underground base walking past cells containing many restrained mutated beasts.

"Have we tested all the side effects of being exposed to uthranium?" The old man talked to one of the scientists that were by a cell.

"Yes, if you are exposed to it for a couple of hours or are in direct contact you will begin to mutate. Also, if you are hit by any of the mutated beasts there is a high chance of turning but this process takes much longer and does not always happen." The scientist gave a report and the man smiled.

"Good, we will start using the energy from uthranium as soon as possible." The old man rubbed his beard with a smile.

"Understood." The scientist bowed and walked off.


The sun was approaching the horizon and Reia had been standing on the balcony agonizing over the contents of the file.

Her train of thought would be broken however, as someone had buzzed their front gate. Reia checked her computer monitors that had security footage of the outside. A male half panther in a general uniform was outside the mansion and Reia instantly knew it was bad news.

Grabbing her gun and sword off the wall pushed a button on the weapons making them go invisible. Reia quickly ran to the door and Kim was already waiting.

"Do you know why he is here?" Kim was peeking through the window eyeing off the half panther with a murderous glint in her eyes.

"It might have to do with our latest mission, but prepare for the worst and get everyone ready to move, we may have to go on vacation a little earlier than expected." Reia had a stressed look as it was common for generals to visit homes and the next day find the squad missing or dead.

"But Aoi and Jayde aren't back yet, we can't leave them." Kim was concerned for the last 2 members who had not returned home yet.

"Don't worry they will be fine, contact them and tell them I said sacred haven." Reia gave Kim orders and she instantly ran off to warn the others and contact the missing 2.

Reia opened the door and walked calmly to the gate.

"Ah Lieutenant Reia, I have come here to talk about a few things, may I come inside?" The panther had a smirk which only pissed Reia off.

"Do these few things have to do with what's on those files?" Reia glared at the panther ready to kill him at any moment. The panther's face instantly went from smug to serious and his tone from friendly to cold.

"Reia, you mustn't talk about such information in public, I do not want to publicly exile you and your friends." The panther went to reach for his handgun but before he could pull it out, his hand was cut clean off.

Reia had taken out her sword as she recognized the handgun the panther had.

"You think you would be able to easily cut off my essence, tch who do you think you are dealing with." Reia, without giving the panther time to respond, decapitated him.

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