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The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow

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Hi, I’m the new translator of FMC. I want to tell you we’ve been keeping a stable daily release for about a month and double release for a week, and we’ll continue on dedicating our work in a reliable pattern. Therefore, we invite you to give this book another shot. It’s a novel too amazing to be missed out. We’re sorry for the previous disruptions and we hope you’ll still be interested in the novel. Thanks!

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Hey guys I just read this story for a while. I recomended you a lot. Why? Guys pls read this one I believe this is GOLD. Because similar to "I eat tomato" novel sci-fi, and hilarious as MH from ISSTH, great story line. Well I read to many novel and forgot all the tittle. Why this novel good? 1. Well background of sci-fi story 2. Have a good moral (because in this story there are no such useless kill every time) and not too much boasting thi or there ( He know how to slap or how to stop = not over do it) 3. The MC have stable character so his change or maturity is acceptable. 4. He is shameles but funny guy as well ....( I just remember Meng Hao from ISSTH) 5. His romantic life not over do it too (so we can still feel the thrill of fight) 6. Easy to follow for beginner reader 7. Every chapter have they own joy ( a bit spoiler my favorite is when the MC fight 2000 of his friend for champion alone) Why this novel not populer? 1. Some say because slow update (well if you hate it you can read another story or accumulate the chapter right?) 2. We dont have enough support for this novel.


Website : qidian china Views : 2.76 million Rating : 8.6(813) Chapters : 2883 Status : ongoing Word count : 9.00 million author rank : lv5


One of the best novels on this site. It retains its quality even after several hundred chapters, so definitely worth the read (unlike many other novels where the story quality drops sharply after starting out well). The world building is extremely well done, so much so that you can actually visualize the scenes in your mind. Foreshadowing is also done well, and the romance is slow but good. One of the few novels with mecha elements that I really like.


One of the best series out there. What I like about it is that it used a different approach to cultivation, a more modern one. In most stories, it is extremely hard for a lower cultivation disciple to fight a higher one. Not here, the cultivation civilization is very advanced and even low-level cultivators can battle cultivators 1-2 stages higher. Now, most people will say that the story is slow, and it might indeed appear so. In my opinion, the story is more centered around world building most of the time, so the progress is quite slow. My recommendation is to let a couple (dozen) chapters pile up before binge reading them.


This story starts out as most cultivation stories only with a different, more futuristic, world building than most. But it quickly turns into a totally different kind of cultivation story than what we're used to. The futuristic setting has a lot to do with it but what I like most is that the story does not follow the regular pattern of "arrive at stage, accidentally insult someone, face slap someone, revenge from someone and his backing, total whipeout of someone, move to next stage and repeat". The MC surprisingly rarely has to fight to kill other humans so far.


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i have already told that every thing was good except the translator speed now thats also gooooooooooooooood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (stable translation)


Overall a good story with a sci-fi and fantasy mix. The update stability is great now with the new translator, and chapters are released at least once every day.


Now that the story in being updated stably, I can finally give this story a 5-star review - and mean it. I love this story. I've read over 2000 chapters of the crude machine translations, and this is still my favorite webnovel, despite the bad grammar. It beats out anything else I've ever read. Not only is it the biggest game of Xanatos Gambit Speed Chess I've ever seen, it does it in a world that combines classic Chinese mysticism and modern technology in an absolutely astounding manner. This story is the epitome of magitech in xianxia. For heaven's sake, give this a read. Li Yao's crazy adventures will have you sweating through your shirt and dancing around your room shadowboxing, as he comes out of grave situation after grave situation on top every time thanks to sheer stubbornness, luck, and an awesome amount of guile. The story doesn't get old with age, either. Even when Li Yao becomes a "Nascent Soul Old Monster", there are still fresh challenges and heart's demons to be conquered. The author has done a fantastic job deconstructing and subverting all the classic wuxia tropes, and more to the point, it's a profound lesson in philosophy that will have you struggling to refute the logic of the enemies - that is, until Li Yao refutes them himself. I can only sing the praises of this story so much. Let me leave you with this. Once this story is fully translated, it will probably be my #1 favorite xianxia novel for ever. If you liked the novels "I Shall Seal The Heavens", "World Of Cultivation", "Avalon of Five Elements", and so on for their hilarious main characters, give this story a read - Li Yao is right up there with the best.


I think this is really good sci fi novel. The author really thought about the world building, explaining the cultivation world and the past events. The plot also isn't repetitive and the mc is pretty smart and wasn't shameless pervert assholes with overpowered power. The problem is the translation update kinda suck.


An interesting and entertaining story ruined by an inconsistent translator. The update frequency says 7ch/week, but its more like 1ch/week if that. Hopefully someone more capable can take over and we'll see more consistent releases again.


I've read up to chapter 84, approximately 1/5 of the chapters on offer at the current time of writing and I feel I can, therefore, give a reasonable review of this novel. If you cba to read the whole review, then I will simply say that this is your standard Chinese cultivation novel, with a new, albeit thin, coat of paint. One that you should give a try but that isn't a must read. This novel begins very interestingly. Giving a well-done description of the MCs living conditions, attitudes, world and all while making it interesting to read with its futuristic spin on cultivation society. This is short-lived, however. The story very quickly after the interesting first few chapters devolved into your standard novel with all the usual fare you've come to expect. The MC early on, after the interesting start to a potentially interesting world, is given generic Chinese novel MC plot contrivance number 006. In other words, the MC is given memories of an expert by AMAZING coincidence, which allows him to attain the talent to cultivate. This has been done in many other novels, where the MC is given either the memories or help of some expert to help them. Nothing new. From that point on this novel is just your very standard cultivation novel. Nothing of real note really. If you've been reading cultivation novels for as long as I have then you know what to expect. Honestly, this isn't that bad I suppose, because if you're on this site you probably like that style of story. The reason why this story in particular disappointed me is that from the opening I thought this story had to potential to break free from the norm and do something new and interesting. A slow-burning, world-building story, without a plot armor MC, who doesn't need insane luck and talent to be successful. I suppose my expectations were too high, but I was disappointed nonetheless. This is a trend I've found in most Chinese novels. It seems to be the idea that only through luck (destiny) or through having great inborn talent can you ever make something of yourself. I thought this might be different. With the MC climbing up from the bottom, with nothing but his hard work and determination, to prove all those talented young masters wrong! But... in the end, he just gets talent for cultivation thrown into his lap like most other novels. The story might trick you into thinking its unique but it isn't. All of these new and distinct roles for cultivators in modern cultivator civilization in the novel are, story-wise, functionally the same to cultivators in other novels, just with either a different name or different description. All of the characters and plot points are in no way unique to stuff done in other novels, maybe with a new paint job here and there, but nothing amazing. Another disappointing thing is the massive information dumps about the history and the world. A good world is built naturally, over time, through the everyday conversations, adventures, and observations of the characters. Not in very obvious plot contrivances which the author uses to dump information. This has been done twice so far, where it is quite obvious the writer just couldn't think of a better way to get across information, so he makes situations as an excuse to write paragraphs of background. He does do some gradual world development, such as when the MC was walking in the underground city, but the time spent on this is too little, with the author favoring dumps, although it's masked well in places. The translation itself is certainly sufficient to read but still has a fair few small errors here and there. Characters are extremely standard. Although the main characters mysterious dead teacher and his cute flying sword seem somewhat more interesting due to the questions surrounding them. In conclusion, this novel is ok. But that's it. If you were looking for something fresh and brand new to sink your teeth into then I would just keep looking. But if you're just looking for a decent novel to binge for a while then, by all means, go ahead and give this one a try. It is by no means bad, just for me, underwhelming so far.


Raw is already over 3000 chapter. Chapter release rate of translater is 10 chapter per week. It will take 6 years to catch-up with current raw. If you want my money than give us minimum 21 chapter a week.


Very good translation, the pacing is getting better. Overall very good read and it makes you want keep reading. Very good mix of cultivation with modern world. Please give it a try.


This is my favorite story here. I'm so happy it's getting such a steady updating schedule. The MC really makes you want to root for him as if his wins are your own


L'histoire est très intéressante.on entre voie dans ce chapitre un future très prométeure. Bon courage au translator.je suis l'histoire depuis plusieurs à mois et je ne m'en lasse pas.


This is one of the best stories I've read on Qidian so far. It has a unique world and is built well. Also, vulture Li Yao is an excellent protagonist who doesn't fail to accomplish impossible feats. The bad guys are not 'dumb' and 'evil', not yet anyway. The backdrop of human-demon war is overused but the sci-fi parts more than make-up for it. The choice of the female lead (Tyrannosaur) is very interesting. Those who like cultivation novels will immediately feel at home and those who are searching for something new will also definitely like it. The release speed is also good so I highly recommend it.


Could be fun to read, if i actually COULD read it. More than 600 locked chapters wich costs around 9 spirit stones a piece. It seems like this story was only released to make some spirit stones.


Its good stuff, sci-fi, humans vs aliens, military, its a mecha anime by a Chinese wuxia author.........................................................