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~You have to be careful or the darkness might just breach your walls when you least expect it. Needless to say, you have to stay fortified. The word of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runneth to it and is safe~ A war is on. A war between the light and darkness. As an age long push and pull ensue, which side will give in, which side will surrender? The dark is scary and yet enticing. It is easy to fall off a cliff when the voice on the other side is so alluring, so sweet. √√√√√√√√√√√√ It's been eight months since Luke died in a freak accident that inevitably changed Adriel's life forever. College has started and Adriel doesn't know how she would manage without her brother. Alex, his best friend just upped and left not being able to handle his death, the consequence being, she'd had to handle it alone. Relief came in form of Jayden Crow a goergeous senior who gave her everything she needed and wanted. He was a drug and she was soon getting addicted, but wasn't that how the darkness worked? Be the sweetest thing you've ever tasted until it becomes poison in your gut. Everything was normal until he came and turned it upside down and she let him in till he became her ruin. He was the darkness and she was supposed to be the light. Truths are told, faith is renewed, wounds are healed and strength is found—but at what cost?