Former Interstellar Mercenary In Urban Cultivation World

Amalia, the Former Interstellar Mercenary died on mission. She was transmigrated into Urban Cultivation World and become the "sacrifice" of the Rodriguez family. On her way of revenge, she meet a strange man who asked her about "White Rabbit". She though that would be the last time she meet him but never did she know that destiny would bring them together in unexpected way! This was the story how Amalia rise from just small "sacrifice" in the Urban Cultivation World into a Bigshoot of the Three Realms!

Peerless_CucumberX · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
594 Chs

Yuno Lopes (Part 1)

 He then staring at him for a long time.


"If you dare deceive us, this tree will be the fate of your younger sister."


The man raised his hand, and with a swift motion, the tree trunk at his feet instantly split in half.


Yuno Lopes shrank his neck, saying, "How could I deceive you? My sister is my lifeline. Even if I die, I won't joke about my sister's safety."


This statement seemed sincere, with no trace of deceit. 


Otherwise, they wouldn't have such control over him. 


If the Black Leader couldn't catch him, out of desperation, they would surely targeted his younger sister, and forcing him to reveal himself. 


Yuno Lopes didn't want his younger sister, Lucia Lopes, to know about these matters.


The men believed him, which pleased Yuno Lopes. 


They always thought he was indicating the direction to the man in black, but, in reality, he wasn't.