Former Interstellar Mercenary In Urban Cultivation World

Amalia, the Former Interstellar Mercenary died on mission. She was transmigrated into Urban Cultivation World and become the "sacrifice" of the Rodriguez family. On her way of revenge, she meet a strange man who asked her about "White Rabbit". She though that would be the last time she meet him but never did she know that destiny would bring them together in unexpected way! This was the story how Amalia rise from just small "sacrifice" in the Urban Cultivation World into a Bigshoot of the Three Realms!

Peerless_CucumberX · Fantasy
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647 Chs

Looking For Bernando Houssay (Part 2)

Amalia was a little bit surprised.

Could it be that the military's power couldn't compare to that of Alexandrite Company?

Tony Lin sighed, "Alexandrite Company is just a bunch of lucky ones. Their map isn't entirely their own creation; it's a combination of maps drawn by the Elepant Country people. Early on, I don't know how, they stumbled upon a dead body of a Elepant Country man in the central disaster zone, and found a detailed map on the body. Later, based on that map and their own, they pieced together to become an even more comprehensive map."