Former Interstellar Mercenary In Urban Cultivation World

Amalia, the Former Interstellar Mercenary died on mission. She was transmigrated into Urban Cultivation World and become the "sacrifice" of the Rodriguez family. On her way of revenge, she meet a strange man who asked her about "White Rabbit". She though that would be the last time she meet him but never did she know that destiny would bring them together in unexpected way! This was the story how Amalia rise from just small "sacrifice" in the Urban Cultivation World into a Bigshoot of the Three Realms!

Peerless_CucumberX · Fantasy
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647 Chs

Kenny Lin In Black Clothes Appeared Again (Part 1)

Amalia's pocket suddenly wriggled, and a head popped out from it.

Its black eyes dart around as if looking for something.

Thinking it was just looking around, Amalia was about to leave when it suddenly jumped out from her pocket and ran in a certain direction.

Before it could get far, a white figure suddenly moved even faster.

The white figure was none other than Kenny Lin.

Amalia walked over and looked at the furball which is now hanging in the air by Kenny Lin.

She then said lightly, "You've got some skills now. You've achieved your goal, so you want to part ways with us?"

Wealth who is initially still struggling in Kenny Lin's Hand suddenly quieted down in a second.

It then curled up and made a few pleading sounds towards Amalia.

Of course, Amalia didn't really think it would run away, she was just scaring it so it wouldn't dare to run off again.