3 Chapter 2 – The Underworld

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Chapter 2 – The Underworld

6 months.

That's how long it has been since I was kicked into this world.

And truly, for the past 6 months… let's just say I have been busy.

Since I had no knowledge of this world before the memories of the previous occupant of this body were ingrained with mine, the first decision I had to make was to learn about this world. Can't really become an entity that has power and status here if I don't know how this world operates.

And boy, this was a massive mindfuck truly. My previous world was much easier to understand.

The history and system of the underworld was… complicated to say the least.

Basically, Lucifer rebelled and left heaven alongside Lilith. And the two of them made the underworld their home. They raised the first heads of the 72 pillars and gave them life and a form. These beings became the Original Pillars and the first few of a new race.

Leviathan, Beelzebub and Asmodeus, how they came to be and how they became the other Devil Kings is a mystery, and no one has the answer to that, except maybe the Original Satans themselves. They became the head of their respective clans, and based on the powers they could use along with the value they bought to the Devil race as a whole, their ranks were decided. Starting with Satan/Devil King, followed by: Great King, Archduke, Marquis, Duke, Prince, Viscount and Noble, in descending order of importance.

The 6 Houses of Lucifer, the servants of the King of Devils, were an exception to this ranking system as while they were servants, their worth and importance mattered more to the Satans, hence, they were often ranked above the Great King himself. The reason for this was unknown, but everyone knew that the Original Devil had a soft spot for the 6 houses under him. Especially the Lucifuge house.

Lilith was the manufacturing machine of the Devil race and it said that she gave birth to over a million devils herself. These devils then began breeding even further, but they realized that its not easy for them to achieve fertilization. The chaotic energy within their bodies worked against the concept of Life itself and thus, it became known that the chance of conception for devils on the first try; it was one in a hundred thousand.

A few millennia later, the Great War between the three factions of the Christian Pantheon: The Devils, the Angels and the Fallen Angels, began. The loss of life witnessed by this war was unimaginable. Thousands of supernatural beings perished every day, and the realms were bathed in blood.

Towards the end of it, many houses were extinct. The war came to an end when the Biblical Go- sorry, He sealed the two Heavenly Dragons in their sacred gears, before fighting the 4 Devil Kings. The result of this match wasn't known to public, except for the fact that the 4 Devil Kings died in the war, but the previous occupant of this body figured it out.

He was dead too.

And wasn't that a fuckup. If the lower-class beings found out, their reactions would differ from shock to possible outrage. The humans would surely have a massive heart attack. Say what you want about him, his name is the reason for many humans having faith in their life and the world. The Seraphs that were managing heaven in his absence must surely be skilled to avoid letting this secret out in the open for so long.

Now with the history part out of the way, I decided to see how the political landscape of this world functioned. I might have changed bodies, worlds and even my age, but I was still a businessman at heart. And business and politics, they always go hand-in-hand.

After the Civil War against the descendants of the Old Satan Faction, and the emergence of the New Satans, including my father, Sirzechs Lucifer, a lot of things had changed in the underworld. The introduction of the rating games, the evil piece system, reincarnated devils making their way into society, and even the setting of the underworld. I was a bit disappointed to not witness the 'fire and brimstone' everyone speaks soooo fondly about when associating Hell with words. The sky was still purple but an artificial Sun had found its way in the sky, courtesy of Ajuka Beelzebub.

But the one thing that hadn't changed was the way the lower-class were treated. Majority of the devils were lower-class and they were oppressed by the ones above them in rank. I guess the rich dominate the poor in every world, regardless of the system.

In this world, the Great King Faction was the one who had banded together to deliver this suppression against the lower devils. And not just the common ones, but even lower ranked houses that had opposed the Great King Faction had been dealt with by the old, senile devils. The reason why the New Satans, figures who had promised to bring in change to this system, had still not achieved it was simple. It was all due to one man.

Zekram Bael.

One of the few original devils alive and if what the history books says is true, the reason why the Underworld isn't ruled by the Old Satan Faction. Because while the current 4 Satans had been the reason this was won by their faction, Zekram Bael had been the brains behind a lot of political maneuvers made to ensure that the sons and daughters of the Original Satans remained uncrowned for close to a century, before the Civil War began.

Smart guy and politically powerful too. He is the leader of the council of Old Devils and also the one who has more political power than the 4 Satans.

Still sounds like an asshole to me.

As for the individual ranks of the devils and their power levels, that was a whole another story. While I have my system to tell me exactly where I stand in terms of strength, other devils do not have that courtesy. In fact, that don't even have the resources to rise up the ranks, even if they had the power and talent.

A devil could be promoted through three common means.

First, get an abundance of contracts. This however was easier said than done.

Low Class Devils like me, yes, I am a Low Class Devil, power wise at least, the scrub of the scrub, cannot go into the human world and as such cannot make contracts except for very specific circumstances where they are taken as servants of High Class Devils who take responsibility for bringing them into the human world and look over them. This was like winning a lottery for a lot of them.

Even then, a normal Low Class Devil would take a decade of dedicated deals to make it to the said mark of being recommended for a Middle Class Devil. Then after a recommendation from a High Class Devil, they are allowed to give an exam and upon succeeding, they are promoted to a Middle Class Devil.

The second method was well, catch the attention of a High Class and get recruited into a Peerage and fight Rating Games. If your team does well, you could become a Mid Class Devil in around half a decade at best.

There was also the case with merits for the Underworld which is what happened to a lot of the devils who had survived the wars and had been promoted upon them finishing, from what I had read. Participating in battles for the sake of the Underworld and you could get extra merits worth years of making deals and the decade long time can be shortened quite significantly.

The last one was for the natural born Low Class Devil. They have to sit for what is equivalent to a world-wide exam among the Low Class Devils all over the underworld. This exam is significantly harder than the normal Middle Class Devil Promotion Exams because there is no perquisite of making deals. It however is extremely strict and there are only about two thousand Middle Class Devils promoted every decade. That's like two hundred per year, more or less on average.

It is also costly.

Low Class Devils have a much lower earning power due to the shit tier educational facilities provided to the Underworld. They only teach the Low Class Devils how to do basic mathematics and how to read words so that they are not useless in day to day work. There are obviously schools for higher education but those are costly as fuck. It was one of the reasons most Low Class devils need centuries worth of experience to pass the exams. The examination fees are expensive but the main cost comes from the schools. It was because they couldn't afford to receive an education in these schools.

Those old bastards know that if the Low Class Devils are taught, they will rise much faster than their lazy asses could ever do so while they do not close all avenues due to the fear of revolt (they do need cannon fodder in case of the reincarnated devil protests), they make the promotion requirements near impossible for the common Low Class Devils.

It also happened to be 5 years till these examinations happened.

Well four and half to be exact.

As for the Middle Class Devils, they are allowed to participate in making deals in the Human World independently but they have to submit a part, thirty percent of their earnings to the government. They also have to apply for a license to do so and that part is expensive as well.

I shook my head at the fact that it normally takes five decades to around two centuries worth of Deal making, and that is by staying there for that period of time to make up for the requirements, to fulfil the requirements for being allowed to take the examination and that too only with the recommendation of another three High Class Devils or an Ultimate Class Devil.

Now, we come to the general education beyond basic Mathematics and words.

After the basic education, the people can take up apprenticeships, which let me mention are rare, under any working person and learn their crafts. They basically treat the recruit as a slave for a lack of better word more often than not. Apparently there had been many such cases before and now such contracts cannot be binding for more than a hundred years by law unless under exceptional cases. The new government wanted to avoid such messes and minor revolts that were caused when High Class Devils forced the Low Class Devils like this.

Now they do it without any contracts. There is also the alternative to take professional courses, which are again… expensive.

Really, the education line is always lucrative.

There is also the fact that except the children of the Pillar Devils and Ultimate Class Devils, every child born will be one rank lower than their parents or to be more specific, the parent having a lower rank.

So, two Mid Class Devils marry, their child will be a Low Class Devil.

A High Class, non-pillar Devil marries a Mid Class Devil; their child will again be a Low Class Devil.

Two High Class non-pillar Devils marry each other and their child can be a Mid Class Devil.

So, with the buttloads of new Reincarnated Devils coming up every year, there will probably never be any shortage of Low Class Devils.

The Low Class Devils cannot access high level magic normally. Sure, they can be taught by others but legally they cannot purchase such magic or even apply for Advanced Magic Classes in the Underworld. The same goes for the purchases of many different things that can be termed as dangerous. This was the reason the servants of pillar houses were given the magic circle of that particular house; it aided them in this.

The new reforms set in by the Satans were working to better the conditions for the low and the reincarnated class of devils, but honestly, I don't feel like they are doing enough. While I don't have any positive thoughts about my father in this world, I have to admit he has done a good enough job to placate both the rich and the poor so far. His easy going and people loving personality kept both echelons of devils satiated and his power worked as a symbol to drive away those from other factions.

The one who impressed me the most was Serafall though. As the Head of Foreign Affairs she had done a fabulous job of placating the other factions and keeping them off the back of the devil faction and prevent them from banding against the devils altogether. Especially after the disaster known as the Evil Pieces.

It was truly a masterpiece and as an invention, I would agree that it was absolutely a revolutionary achievement by the Satan Beelzebub. But giving it in the hands of High Class devils was a mistake as most of them are obnoxious assholes who think they are entitled to everything the world had to offer. Cases of people being forcefully accepted into Peerages had caused the Satan Leviathan a lot of headache and it was only due to her that this race wasn't involved in another war. The Stray Devil system was also flawed.

That was something they should definitely work on.

While I respect the other two Satans, Ajuka and Falbium, I believe it would have been better to name them Head of Technological Advancement and the Master of War, respectively. From what I have heard, they are both barely involved in managing the affairs of the Underworld, and the power their word holds is frankly being wasted. Should've given it to someone more politically inclined who could work with the other two to bring in new changes for the advancement of this race as a whole.

Enough about history and politics for now.

When I arrived 'home' from the place where I had conducted the ritual, a cave on the outskirts of the Gremory territory, I understood why the previous occupant of this body was so eager to grow and become more powerful. I must have been gone for over 10-12 hours and not one person, neither the servants, nor the peerage members of my so-called family had noticed my disappearance.

And the less said about my family the better.

The moment I arrived home I saw my 'mother', Grayfia Lucifuge, leaning against the door of the hallway smiling at the scene, something she had never done for the previous Nicholas. For him she used the neutral expression, or a frown that showed her disappointment. He could count the number of times she had smiled at him out of happiness and glee and still have most of his fingers left. So, I decided to check what had her smiling so brightly.

The scene I saw left an unexplainable feeling of heartache within me. Maybe due to the influence of the memories of Nicholas.

On the couch, my 'grandparents' were smiling and laughing brightly while in the centre of the room my 'father' was playing wrestling with his dear 'Ria-tan' while laughing boisterously. The scene was perfect and would be any artist's paradise.

A scene I realized, Nicholas Gremory had was never a part of, never had been and never will be. At that moment, I had an epiphany.

The previous owner of this body had expectations of his family members. Expectations that led him to be nothing but disappointed, unhappy and led to his 'death'.

Why should I hold them too?

These people mean nothing to me. I maybe related to them through blood, but that is where the similarities ended. And that is why I decided, they could fuck right off. I am here to leave a mark on the world and I will do that. They, or any other person who will tie me down, can, no pun intended, rot in Hell. This cemented in my mind, that if I had to become what I desired in this world, I would thrive away from them.

This led me to discover the true extent of my powers and well, thus began the journey of the new and improved Nicholas Gremory.

~ Flashback ~

Still reeling in from the bullshit that I had just witnessed, I walked towards the room that I knew belonged to Nicholas Gremory, an isolated space within the lord's mansion. Frankly, this was better as this meant no fucker could intrude on me and I could grow in peace.

Also, I need to eat. I am absolutely famished!

Stealing from the kitchen was the best option right now because talking the servants is an errand in itself. But first, I need to explore what this power can do.

'System, give me a brief of my powers please,' I asked my faithful companion that resided in my head. Initially, I thought this would be a liability, but now, I think this would help me a lot.

'Affirmative,' a robotic, feminine voice spoke up in my head.

'Host, your power has been titled, Get Creative: Hedonist. A Skill that lets the User create any skill of their choice with LPs as a currency. LP meant Life Points.

Currently, the host has 5000 LP as balance.'

'Wait so I have to use my Life Force to create this currency and then use it to create what I have in mind?' I questioned. While it wouldn't be much of a problem as devils were practically ageless and with enough LP, I could simply create a skill that allows me to become immortal. I could spam the fuck out of this skill.

'Incorrect, host. While it is indeed a possibility for you to use your life force for this, it is only allowed in extreme moments where you urgently need a large amount of LP. Otherwise, the host can gain LP by indulging in activities that bring them pleasure.

It should be noted that the user should truly feel pleasure, just thinking about it wouldn't help. Thus, the name Hedonist.'

Ah, I understand now. System you are so helpful, I wish now that you were sentient and not just a question-answer tool.

'What else, system? Could you provide me with more details please?'

'Yes, host. While you are ageless it is not due to an infinite life force which is in actuality just above the everyday mortal and more than that you simply never run out as you don't deplete it by simply living as non-ageless races do.

In this scenario, your minimum LP is one and it can never drop below it.

You will not perish due to overspending or forever remaining on one point, which would have been the case had you been born in a race like Humanity.'

Whew, dodged a bullet there!

'The other aspect of this power is the Skill Creation itself. The Host's skills are divided by two factors - the Rank of the Skill and the Level of the Skill. The latter is self-explanatory. Host will have to train to attain levels. After Level 10, the skill can be upgraded in rank.

The Rank on the other hand is more complex, Host. It depends on two important things- the complexity of the skill and the rarity of the Skill.

The Ranks of the Skills are F, E, D, C, B, A, S. The cost of higher Ranked Skills increases accordingly. It varies from Skill to Skill, host.

And lastly, while the host's mind does have memories and information of various magic, courtesy of the previous soul that inhabited this body, the host will have to use LP to be able to utilise them, as instructed by the Gods.'

The Level of the Skill was easy to understand. It was 1-10. It could be increased by training only. The Rank on the other hand was a bit more complicated. But from the gist of it, for example, we cannot consider a normal Water Magic Spell to be on the same level as the one used by a practitioner of the Leviathan Clan's Water Magic and one who possesses the bloodline of the clan, 'The Sea Serpent of the End'. Also, the damage induced by the latter will be much greater than normal Water magic. There's also the matter of the complexity of the skill.

And what the damn hell? Even I have information I need to spend LP?


But, well nothing I can do about it now.

Well, it seems this is all for now as my system hasn't spoken for two minutes. So, let's get started then.

First, I need a test skill. A useful one but one that wouldn't take a lot of LP. What should I do? An offensive one? A defensive one? One that aids me in my training? The opportunities are endless.

But I guess for now I need to help me sneak around. My sudden increase in power and magic wouldn't go unnoticed for now and I need to be off the radar for long enough.

Okay I know what I should do.

'System how much LP does it cost to create a skill based on rank and rarity?' I asked a final question before I began working.

'Host, depending on the rarity of the skill, the system will decide how much LP should be charged for that particular skill. However, for ranks here are the costs:

F – anywhere from 1 to 150 LP.

E – anywhere from 100 to 750 LP.

D – anywhere from 500 to 1500LP.

C – anywhere from 1500 to 3500 LP.

B – anywhere from 3500 to 6000 LP.

A – anywhere from 6000 to 9000 LP

S – 9000+ LP'

Okay, wow. These are not going to be cheap. I need to find a way to farm LP. And I need to find it fast. Sex and debauchery seem to be the most obvious one, but I am still a child. While devils matured early and indulged in lustful activities a lot sooner, I need to find a way to obtain LP till then.

But that is a thought for another time.

Right now, I need to create my first skill. So, here it goes. I have an idea.

I need one to sneak around so this should help.

'System, create a skill that will help me reduce my presence in front of others.'

'Affirmative,' the sweet, feminine, robot-like voice of my faithful system said.

'Skill creation… authorized.

Skill created – Diminished Presence (F - Level 1)(Passive)

Description – reduces the aura of the host, allowing them to remain unnoticed by beings close to their power level.

Cost – 75 LP. Confirm creation?'

'Confirm,' I commanded mentally. 75 points wasn't bad. After upgrading, this skill could be one of my most important ones in the long run.

'Affirmative. New Balance: 4925 LP.'

User Interface: Skill

Enhanced Potential(C)(Passive)

Enhanced Talent(C)(Passive)

Enhanced Magical Reserves(B)(Passive)

Enhanced Stamina(D)(Passive)

Enhanced Regeneration(C)(Passive)

Diminished Presence (F - Level 1)(Passive)

And just like that I had a new skill added to my repertoire. Now to put it to the test.

Nicholas had spent a lot of his childhood wandering about the Gremory premises. He knew the mansion like a farmer and his lands. So, locating the kitchen and the pantry wasn't that difficult. Especially since we shared the same memories now.

And holy shit!

The kitchen was bigger than most houses that normal humans lived in!

If someone in my previous life held a kitchen this big, they would be the talk of the town for years to come. It seemed like a vast expanse of refrigerators, freezers and cooking stations.

Right now, I don't have the time to cook, so I guess I will just borrow some from the pantry. Hey they have years of emotional abuse to makeup for. This is my payment on behalf of the previous Nicholas!

I was almost done steali… (borrowing!) from the land of the delicious food called the pantry of the Gremory House, when a maid came near me, causing me to stiffen up. Would she notice me? Would she take me to the other people? What would they say? What if they find out what Nicholas was up to?

But all my worries were unfounded.

The maid just walked up to me. Took a look at what I was doing. And sneered, which wasn't out of place here, especially for Nicholas. And then… turned back and left!

Success! Was this due to the skill which was at work?

Confirming my suspicions, I checked my skill page and voila, the level of my skill Diminished Presence had gone up from Level 1 to Level 2! Just from this encounter alone!

Sneaking around just became a lot more fun, muahahaha!

Okay, that was kinda lame. But good. At least I now have a way to get more food. No more hunting or sneaking in to cook like Nicholas did before. Well, I could hunt to train. That wasn't a bad idea.

I jetted off to my room and once again locked the door. It was past my dinner time.

As I sat on the bed, and began devouring the delicious goods that I had taken from the pantry, I didn't notice my interface changing. It wasn't until the system itself alerted me did I break out of my deliciousness induced stupor.

Calling it forth, I was a bit surprised by the changes.

User Interface

Host – Nicholas Gremory

Gender: Male

Age: 10

Level – 3

Race – Devil

Rank – Pseudo-Immortal

Alignment – Undecided








LCK – S+

MP – B

HP – High

Current Balance: 4960 LP

Oi, oi, oi. Did my LP go up just from eating good food? System, is it that easy?

'Host, the previous occupant of the body had hardly ever tasted good food. Even the one they cooked wasn't cooked to perfection. Due to the host's body reacting to good food for the first time, LP has been rewarded,' my lovely system answered.

So, this was a one-time thing? Okay, it was hard to not be disappointed. I thought I had my solution.

'If host manages to procure better quality food, LP will be rewarded accordingly.'

Yes! Well, at least I have an idea on what my next skill is going to be.

But first, I have a few pastries left. Which will not be here anymore.

I guess I could get used to this world, huh.

~ Flashback End ~

Since then, my ventures into the kitchen pretty much consisted of the same thing. Using my skill, I used to sneak around and 'borrow' food from the pantry, which helped me start farming LP at a good enough rate and since I had decided to not create skills for the moment, I was only profiting from this deal. It also helped push my Diminished Presence skill to Level 10 and the effects were pretty visible.

Then the system gave me another shock.

Apparently, I would have to use LP to help break through to another rank, for each skill I have in my collection! This upgrade would cost me the lowest possible LP required to create any skill of that rank. And that was a bummer.

Because this meant that I had to start farming more LP now.

And hence, my new skills had to be created.

Lo and behold, Expert Cook and Skilled Hunter.

The first one helped me become a better chef and with the ingredients in the Gremory kitchens being top notch, quality of food wasn't an issue. For 6 months, I worked on it and have managed to raise to a good enough rank where it gives me 50 LP per meal. It doesn't sound like a lot, but the skill still has room to grow and so do I. I will find more ways to gain LP.

The next one was Skilled Hunter. Now this one I had initially created as a way to procure more ingredients for my meals from the forests surrounding the Gremory Territory. Not only that, it allowed me to be a skilled navigator in the forest. And as the skill's rank progressed, I become more attuned to surviving in the forest. Kinda like Tarzan or Mowgli, just with more finesse.

But this skill's potential did not end here.

Before diving head first into magic, I had to do something about my physical strength. It was abysmal, there was no other way to put it. Initially, Nicholas Gremory did not have much demonic power and the most likely cause of it would have been damaged magic channels in his body that obstructed his body from being naturally nourished by mana from his parents and thus, his condition at birth.

The 'Blessing of Purgatory' ritual, had altered a lot of things for him. His magical reserves were through the roof, but he had never practiced magic so controlling it would be very difficult. I might have to cap it down to a lower rank for a while before I decide to train in magic. I wasn't keen on exploring it yet.

Thus, I had started training my body to withstand physical attacks. And for this reason, I had a few skills added to my library.

Photographic Memory, to help me memorise martial art moves and aid in my magic training. And this was massively helpful, especially after the hack I discovered.

Iron Will, to increase my grit and determination to train and not laze around. Maybe I had a sin of sloth. According to my system, when upgraded this could also help me make my physical body durable and weaponize it. How? I have no idea but in this lonely, detached world, the only one I trusted was my system.

And lastly, Martial Arts. From what I knew of this world, there had hardly been any beings who focused on training in hand-to-hand combat. Thus, when forced to defend themselves in a fistfight, they were at a disadvantage and more often than not, lost the battle unless they found a way to use magic again. Which is why I thought this would be massively helpful to me.

Also, combining all three of them, the rate of progress was insane.

With the few manuals I found laying around in the library on combat training, my physical training was already making headway. Quite frankly, just reading and then practicing would have been enough too (practice in the woods, probably would've been caught in the mansion).

But one day as I walked past the living room, I saw Rias babbling on and on about something called 'Drag-So Ball.' Having no idea what it is, I looked it up using the computer in my room and was surprised to find that it was an anime. While I wasn't an avid anime watcher in my life, I knew a few famous ones, like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. I had barely seen them, but I knew what they were about at least.

And then it clicked.

I could watch this 'Drag-So Ball' anime, since it seems to be about martial arts, and learn so much from it. And not just that, I mean there were so many anime available in this world that I could never run out of options on what skills I should create, be it magical or physical.

How the fuck had the devils never capitalised on this?!

For a race capable of creating magical attacks simply out of imagination, these guys were wasting so much of its potential that it was sickening. Not for me though, I was a businessman at heart. And we never waste resources.

The woods were my training ground for all things related to combat. And I also discovered that using my Skilled Hunter ability, I could locate monsters much easily. These monsters were weak when compared to the ones in the Pits, but they would make up for good training dummies. And they did.

The Pits were the literal breeding ground for monsters in the underworld. There were pits situated through the underworld and each family had to manage the pits assigned to them. The pits had been created to originally store the hatred and other negative emotions the humans felt, to separate them out of the faith they had in Him. But everyone in this world knows this, magic works in mysterious ways.

The pits somehow transformed that hatred into living entities that become the monsters that inhabit them today. The more negative emotions that were utilised to create these beings, the stronger they were.

Every family was responsible to manage them and prevent massive outbreaks of monsters. However, once in a while there would be an incident where one of the stronger and more dangerous beasts would break free from the pits and then the Satans had to personally deal with it. These cases were rare though, as Lucifer himself had put measures in place to prevent stronger beasts from leaving said Pits.

Anyway, this is how my first 6 months in this world went. And after 6 months of continuous grinding, here is where my skills stood.

User Interface: Skill

Enhanced Potential(C)(Passive)

Enhanced Talent(C)(Passive)

Enhanced Magical Reserves(B)(Passive)

Enhanced Stamina(D)(Passive)

Enhanced Regeneration(C)(Passive)

Diminished Presence (E - Level 4)(Passive)

Photographic Memory (E)(Passive)

Iron Will (D)(Passive)

Martial Arts (D)(Active)

Good enough for now, I suppose. I had to begin my magical training soon anyway. My body had stabilized after the ritual and my stats had changed as well. It wasn't much of a difference but it was good enough for now.

User Interface

Host – Nicholas Gremory

Gender: Male

Age: 10

Level – 10

Race – Devil

Rank – Pseudo-Immortal

Alignment – Undecided








LCK – S+

MP – B

HP – High

Current Balance: 4850 LP

I had some doubts regarding the stat sheet but the system made it very clear for. Basically, INT signified the levels my magical reserves were at, so right now I was matching an Ultimate Class in the level of reserves, due to the effects of the ritual. However, my control was something I needed to work on. It was frankly, abysmal, even with the Gremory's control over magic. Hence, I couldn't harness a lot of it. Isn't much of an advantage if you look at it like that.

My MP on the other hand, signalled the rate at which I could regenerate Mana. Mana was the currency used to perform magic. It was at the level of Satan Class for me! I was honestly very surprised when I saw this, but once, the cheat known as the 'Blessing of Purgatory' was the only answer to this. Is this what happens when you have S+ luck?

Right now, I was taking a bath in the very spacious bathroom in the Gremory Mansion. With the advancement of the Diminished Presence skill, it was as if I was invisible. And it helped me a long way. The only ones who could possibly sense me now were Sirzechs and his peerage members, including Grayfia.

Relaxing in the warm water I kept thinking about which route of magic I should go down. Should I become a jack of all trades? Master of Elemental Magic? Or should I focus on more obscure arts like Warding and Dimensional Magic? With the Get Creative skill, the possibilities were endless…

Endless, huh?

Could it be?

Wait a second.

'Hey system, is it possible for me to create a skill to… awaken bloodlines?' I questioned, desperately wanting to know the answer. I was a child of two beings that had multiple bloodlines within their genetic code. If I could somehow even awaken one of them, while not absolutely necessary, it could be a massive boon for me.


Loop hole identified. Operations underway to fix it.

Indeed host, it is possible for you to create such a skill. However, this will only be possible twice. Once now, and once when the host turns 18. After which the host would not be able to create a skill similar to this again. It is to prevent host from becoming too strong, too quickly and ruining the entertainment for the gods,' my lovely lady answered.

I winced a bit at the last part, but two chances were all I needed.

'Do it,' I commanded.


Skill creation… authorized.

Skill created – Awaken Bloodline (B)

Description – searches the genetic code of the user and allows them to awaken a single bloodline.

Cost – 4200 LP. Confirm creation?'



After squirming and agonising over it, I just said fuck it. If this leads me to become stronger than I currently am, then I guess there is no point crying like a bitch over it. It still hurts though! I need to farm LP even harder now and get it to a respectable level before creating anymore skills.

'Confirm,' I commanded weakly, my soul barely staying still in my body.

'Affirmative. New Balance: 650 LP

Host, please select one bloodline from the following:

Power of Destruction (B) – Bael Bloodline

Ritual Master (B) – Gremory Bloodline

Elemental Mastery (B) – Lucifuge Bloodline

Sea Serpent of the End (A) – Leviathan Bloodline

Flames of Passion (A) – Asmodeus Bloodline

Lord of the Flies (A) – Beelzebub Bloodline

Purified Unclassifiable Lucifer Bloodline (A) – Lucifer Bloodline

Oh, fuck me sideways. Not this again.

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