642 Old Madam Long’s Letter (1)

On the side, Feng Ao Si chose to stay utterly silent as if he had turned into a mute.

He knew very well that no matter how outrageous their discussion ended up, he couldn't interfere in the slightest bit. All he could do was silently lamenting that he wouldn't be able to watch the show.

It was not like he didn't want to.

But they had other things to do.

The three of them stayed for another day in the Capital City and left the next day. They still had to return to the battlefield as they wanted to chase and realize their dreams.

<Long Family Residence>

"Long Ao Ming plan to return right away?" Old Madam Long was annoyed when she heard the words from her servants.

Long Ao Ming is the real name of General Long. However, there were very few people who would dare to call him with his real name. After all, they didn't want to be killed by this ruthless general yet.


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