Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

“Live the life you want this time.” A peerless assassin, codename: Hua, has already started her career ever since she was a child. Her mission’s record was perfect and whoever deemed to be her enemies would end up dead without knowing why. When war ended, she was sent to an institution where she was watched heavily. The doctor in charge gave her an ordinary wuxia novel to read. An avalanche struck after she had finished reading. When she woke up, she had turned into Nan Hua, the young miss of a powerful military family in the novel she read. The girl was also the former main character’s fiancée, who would die because of obstructing the main character’s love. Now that she had taken over, who would dare to act so presumptuously around her? They would never know how they ended up so miserably! But… main character, what are you doing loitering around her? Shouldn’t you focus on the impeding war and saving your female lead? Why are you trying all ways to win her instead, ah? ... Story set in fictional world with similar culture to Ancient China. Join the discord to chat with the author and other readers: https://discord.gg/pBy2wGB ... P.S: This story is published in Amazon too, if you do read there, kindly leave a review please. Thank you ^^ ... Sequel: Astral Flower [on going] ... Other novels: -Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete] - Under the Veil of Night [complete] - 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus] - 1 Year of Beginning [complete] - Villain Lady [complete] - Science and Fantasy [complete] - 2 Years of Restarting [complete] - The Quiet Empress [on going] - The Villain's Little Cat [on going] ... Follow me on IG: @sora100518

Sorahana · History
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2028 Chs

Martial Arts Training

Train with Luo?

Both Old Master Nan and Nan Luo were stunned when they heard Nan Hua's request. Turning their head, they could see that she was staring at them eagerly as if there was nothing wrong with what she said.

"Hua'er, Luo is going to train martial arts." Old Master Nan furrowed his brows. "Do you want to train martial arts?"

"Yes, Grandfather. Can I?" Nan Hua tilted her head slightly.

Nan Luo didn't want his little sister to train because it would be very tiring. Not to mention, his grandfather was always so rigorous in training that he always felt like puking every time he finished training.

But seeing her gesture….

"Grandfather, maybe the training today can be a bit lighter for Hua'er?" Nan Luo asked while gulping down, trying to negotiate with his grandfather. He knew for sure that his grandfather would not accept his request, though.

Old Master Nan glared at his grandson. "You will train as usual. Hua'er will just follow you and I'll not reprimand her if she can't follow your pace."

Nan Luo: "…" what's with the bias, ah?

However, he also didn't want to see his little sister to be tired, so he agreed. Jumping down the chair, Nan Luo tugged Nan Hua's hand. "Come on, Hua'er, we're going to change first."

"Where are we going to train, Brother?" Nan Hua asked back.

"Here of course! Ning Shu Pavilion is huge and there's a field at the back. Oh yeah, you rarely come here. I'll show you later!" Nan Luo replied excitedly.


The two children changed clothes and then headed to the back. Just like what Nan Huo said, there was really a field over there. It was spacious with many bamboos planted over around it, giving it mysterious vibe and at the same time, preventing others from sneaking here easily.

Looking at the bamboo, Nan Hua thought some ideas for her own training.

"What makes you want to train suddenly, Hua'er?" Nan Luo asked. The two of them were currently stretching before beginning to train.

Nan Hua didn't answer right away. She only knew from the novel that it was currently in the middle of war and that the kingdoms were not really in peace. Rather than spending her time doing nothing, it would be better for her to be prepared.

If she was not wrong, Nan Family would be dragged to the battlefield and Nan Hua didn't want to stay behind.

"I want to follow you and Grandfather."

Nan Luo was stunned and nearly stopped his stretching. He looked at his little sister before jumping over and hugged Nan Hua tightly. "Hua'er is so kind, Luo is very happy to have such a caring little sister!"

"Brat! Get back to your stretching!"

"Ay ay ay ay!"

Old Master Nan shook his head when he saw the two of them fooling around. But hearing Nan Hua's answer, he just sighed. If only his daughter in law was still here, it would have been very great as Nan Hua would not feel lonely.

He would return back to the battlefield and Nan Luo would follow him. But how about Nan Hua? Could he bring a little girl to the battlefield?

"Done stretching?" Old Master Luo saw the two of them finished and pointed to the edge. "Run 20 laps, you can do half of it, Hua'er."


The two of them began to run. Nan Hua had long known that her current body was weak, so she chose a pace that was slower than her twin brother. She needed to grasp her body's strength fast or she would not be able to utilize her current ability to the best.

'It's not as weak as I thought.'

To her surprise, she still managed to do better than just half of what her twin brother did. It seemed that the original Nan Hua sometimes followed her own brother to have practice as she had some basic. Though, it was still very weak in Nan Hua's opinion.

"14 laps and 20 laps." Old Master Nan glared at Nan Luo. "Did you slow down on purpose?"

"I'm not!" Nan Luo was aggrieved. He had done his best, alright?! It was his sister who was better as she usually only managed to finish half of the lap during the time he finished the entire lap.

"Anyway, we'll start with basic sword motion training. Luo, swing it 1000 times. Hua… just do what you can."

The two children were handed wooden swords and they began to train. Nan Hua was following what Nan Luo did and continued to swing her hand. At the count of 100, her hand began to feel numb. It was no wonder that Old Master Nan told her to just do in her own pace.

In the end, Nan Hua took some breaks in between and by the time Nan Luo finished, she only managed to do 600 swings.

Her body was really weak…

Even in her original life, she had never been this weak at this age. After all, she had started her missions when she was 10 years old and for the next six to seven years, she roamed in the battlefield to kill everyone she was tasked to kill.