668 Expectation

<Morning after the palace battle, Nan Shu Cheng's Residence>

"Miss, are you awake?" Xiao Yun asked in a low voice. She sensed some movements from inside and thus tried to ask.

"I'm awake."

Nan Hua didn't have any problem with sleeping while sitting. She could even sleep when she was standing, much less when she was sitting like this. It was indeed not the most comfortable position, though.

"Master Nan had ordered that Miss may return to your quarter for breakfast," Xiao Yun said in a low voice.


The door opened and Xiao Yun walked inside. She didn't know where Nan Hua went last night and had no intention of asking those questions. Helping Nan Hua to wash up, Xiao Yun proceeded to help Nan Hua stood up and led her outside. It was normal for maidservants to lead their miss or help them out. And since Nan Hua was supposed to be 'weak,' this should be a good show in front of others.


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