If She Is Without Love, She Will Die!

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Seeing that Xue Sheng had returned to normal, Professor Thor was stunned. He looked at Xue Xi and, seeing that they had sat down again, continued the negotiation.

Thor spoke up. "Goddess, there are a lot of people who can't get into Scanford even if they wanted to. Are you sure you don't want to come and study there?"

Xue Xi paused and said, "No."

Thor: "…"

Xue Xi added, "Other than the formula for nerve acid, I can also provide you with a chemistry patent every year. How about I do that for five consecutive years?"

Thor: "??"

His eyes lit up!

Although he wanted to take Xue Xi in as his disciple and have her develop in Country M, and although he could not wait to give her a green card from Country M, if Xue Xi did not want to go over, her providing research for them at Scanford University would also work!

He was interested in the Goddess's wisdom, not the person herself!