He Was Angry

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In the basement of the Capital Tower.

Xiang Huai and Jing Fei were eavesdropping on Nicholas and Thor's calls.

Recently, in addition to Professor Derry, Country M had also sent Professor Thor to China. Although they would not do anything sinister to the two professors, they would still supervise them.

This was because Xiang Huai was very certain that Nicholas's motive for having them come was not simple.

Indeed, they were discussing how to abduct Xue Xi the entire time.

Professor Derry obviously failed.

He was an old-fashioned mathematician who didn't know anything about schemes and plots. He was straightforward, and when he failed, Nicholas sent Professor Thor next.

When Licheng Pharmaceutical Company's TikTok video was released, it was not very popular. Nicholas was behind it.

He was also the one who'd bought the Weibo trending searches.

It was to force Xue Sheng to talk to them about the raw materials.