Forbidden Mates Book

novel - Fantasy

Forbidden Mates

Anna Baibe

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  • 50 Chs

  • 4.9

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In the realm of Eshe, Shifters and Vampires do not mix and are governed by the Sila Treaty that maintains peace between the two breeds. But why is the blood of the new Shifter Alpha Lycus calling to Vampire King Salvatore Ryss? And what does this mean for the two of them and their world? *** “What the...!” My hand silenced his mouth. He tried to fight, but I exerted so much strength that he gasped. “Stop struggling, it's useless," I whispered in his ear. Our bodies pressed together had the same effect as the first time we met. He froze when I rubbed myself against him. I affected him as much as he affected me. This was good news for me. I was not in this predicament alone. I convinced myself. “What brings the Alpha King Lycus to my territory?” I asked. “I think it's very bold of you to enter the coven like that.” Fate has other plans for the two immortal leaders. Forbidden Mates is created by Anna Baibe, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.