Forbidden Love: When Two Worlds Collide Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Forbidden Love: When Two Worlds Collide


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Take a seat for this roller coaster ride is about to start. Carson Antoni, the heir to the Antoni Crime Family, has been designed to break any woman’s heart. His body is carved to perfection. His biceps clench and flex, and his abs tighten with his every movement. He is powerful and elegant. Drawn to danger and a determination to conquer. Tasnim Devereaux is strong and wilful. She is mysterious but the girl that every man desires. She presents all the things that Carson cannot have, and this is the very thing that draws him to her. Their love is forbidden from the start, but neither is willing to let go of the other. Secrets and lies threaten to tear them apart Carson goes against what seems to be right and goes up again his father and the Mafia world. He will seek revenge against the very person who has wrong him and will start a Mafia War. Will Tasnim and Carson survive?

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