Forbidden Love: The Princess And Her Cursed Beast Book

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Forbidden Love: The Princess And Her Cursed Beast


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A Crown Princess, soon-to-be Queen of the Empire of Urankia, was in the horns of a trilemma in choosing a suitor who would sit next to her in the Thorne. Spoilt to the core and had everything she wanted at her fingertips, she lived a life of luxury to the highest degree. Then on the night of her debutante, she meets a devil crafted in man skin, a beast to be more precise, but to her eyes, he was a God of Impeccable Beauty. He was a werewolf, the species her kind trampled on and saw them as nothing but dirt underneath their soles. Strong, wild, and dangerous, it was like she was staring at destruction itself. Yet she desired him, she craved for him badly. How? A werewolf, a mere slave, a cursed creature, and a rogue scavenger caught the eye of the Princess of Vampires amidst so many suitable males. She became aggressively attracted to him and all she wanted was to have him to herself. ~~~~~~~~~~ "Why do you keep on running away from me?!" the Princess finally spat out with frustration. The werewolf paid no attention to her and walked down the hall as though no one had spoken.  "Why do you keep on hiding your feelings for me?!" the Princess yelled and stomped her feet on the floor.  The werewolf stopped in his tracks but didn't make any move to turn back. The Princess rush down the hall to stand in front of him.  "I can see it in your eyes, I can feel it! I know you want me as much as I do, just admit it already!!" she said with conviction. The werewolf looked up with his nonchalant face giving not a single emotion away.  "You think?" the werewolf raised his eyebrows with a low scoff.  "I know" the Princess stepped forward and grabbed his shoulders as she rose to his height.  "And I'll prove it" she brought her dangerously close to his as she stared deeply into his honey-colored orbs.  ------------- And one more thing, Once she had him in her clutches, she wasn't planning on letting go anytime soon. She would have to work hard to earn the cold heart of the werewolf and nothing would stop her from doing so.  But just when she thought she had him within her palms, an event throws her off the core and she is left conflicted. Will she still be able to claim the cold heart of his? With their realms at each other's neck, will she be able to push through all the obstacles her way? And even if she did, would the werewolf ever reciprocate her undying feelings? Watch out this Princess is driven through hell back and forth all because of the burning love she possesses for the werewolf. A forbidden love tale with the potent power of an avalanche. Forbidden Love: The Princess and Her Cursed Beast.  MATURE/ HARSH CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. NO RAPE. ---------------- -Published on May 2021 -Participating in WSA2021 -Check out my other books as well =The Reason I Burn For You =Avenging Angels *Cover photo, not mine, if you want me to remove it, kindly message*


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