1 Nova

Hi, I am Nova. This is my story.

I had a kind mother,


I didn't know who my father was...


"Wake up, Nova. It's time for school!"

I heard a voice call out to me, waking me up. The warm rays of the sun heated my cheeks and I peeked through my blanket to see the slightest glimpse of sunshine. The sun? It's morning? ALREADY?!?

"WAKE UP!!!"

Ouch! That startled me! I fell off my bed! What a great way to start my morning…


"Well, it's your first day of school today. You better hurry, or your cookies will be mine~"


Wow, my mom sure knows what can get me out of bed! I quickly ran to my closet and picked out my uniform. I put on my tie and neatly tucked it into my beige blazer. As I was brushing my hair, my mom called me from the kitchen.

"Are you done yet?"


"Quickly, now! You don't want me to eat your cookie, do you?"


I grabbed my favorite white headphones and rushed out my bedroom door to the kitchen.

"Ah, Nova! Just in time! I was just about to eat cookies when you came!"

"Oh, come on! Give me my cookie now!!!"

"Alright, alright, calm down…"

My mom giggled and gave me my VERY deserved cookie, for actually waking up in the morning, of course.

I gobbled down the cookie in less than a minute then proceeded to brush off the crumbs on my uniform.

I grabbed my backpack then placed my hand on the shiny, golden doorknob.

"Bye mom!"

I waved at my mother as I ran out the front door, my sky blue-lavender locks flying out behind me and my six tails whoosing in the wind, as if waving goodbye. Yes, six tails. I'm peculiar, I know.

My mother just smiled at me.

"Good luck on your first day, Nova."