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For You


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Hana Yamazaki is known for being gentle and kind while Yuuki Kobayashi is the complete opposite: cold and a delinquent. Her classmates and teachers would often warn her about the renowned troublemaker but she keeps seeing sides of Yuuki that others seem to miss. As they got to know each other better, they find themselves drawn to each other but Yuuki suddenly dropped out and she had no way of knowing where he could have been. 5 years later, Hana has now become a licensed preschool teacher. She accepted the job that was a short distance from her home to be able to help her mom anytime she needs to. It was only a small preschool that was chosen out of convenience but as she was introduced on her first day, her breath hitched on her throat seeing the person she thought she'd never see again -- Yuuki Kobayashi. Fate may bring two destined people together over and over but it can also play the cruelest tricks to test their relationship.


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