For Our Happier Path

[COMPLETED + Side Stories] "I don't just want a happy ending. Instead of having one after suffering so much, why couldn't we have a happy, happier path that leads to a happy ending for us?" ----------------------------------------------------------- Chisaka Hisaki and Saeki Heisuke only met each other in the latter half of their lives. Deep scars wounded their hearts yet, they found comfort and healing in each other. After her husband's death, despite feeling grateful for the years they had spent together, regret still pulled at Hisaki's heart. She hoped for them to meet earlier. She hoped for them to have a happier path, from the beginning to the end. After another night of missing her husband's presence, Hisaki found that she wasn't in their tiny little home! She was back to the decades in the past! Her youth returned to her in a mysterious yet magical way. Alright! Since it had come to this, she could realize her unrealistic thoughts! First, she had to run away from the abusive man her grandfather forced her to marry for money. Second, she had to search for her old man. And the most important thing! She had to prevent her old man from being imprisoned! The younger Heisuke almost accidentally killed someone due to his thirst for revenge. Despite escaping death row, he still suffered a decade in prison. After her initial plan succeeded, she finally met him! The quiet young man was really him. Even though he didn't show it to anyone, she knew how soft and colorful his heart was; as soft as cotton candy, as colorful as the balls of yarns. Heisuke eyed the new girl in town with suspicions but, his heart felt strange. It went doki-doki. Could anyone tell him, why this girl's eyes twinkled like the stars whenever they saw each other? ------------------ Commissioned cover by yuuri_e (Instagram). Exclusively for this book. Discord: hansora#1507 Instagram: hansora_author

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What Was The Turning Point That Changed The Original Trajectory?

Hisaki waited for Mrs. Saeki and Heisuke to return anxiously. She believed that both of them already had a heart-to-heart talk with each other.

"They still won't come back?"

Hisaki kept looking at the wall clock while sitting in the living room.

It was already close to an hour from the first moment Heisuke and Mrs. Saeki walked out of the apartment.

Hisaki couldn't see them at the river from this distance. They might be further down the riverside.

From the moment she washed the dishes until now, Hisaki's train of thoughts kept on going in her mind.

Truthfully, this matter caught her off guard. Never did such a thing happen in her previous life, not that she was aware of.

Mrs. Saeki remained a single lady until her death. She never remarried any man. Her life was solely focused on herself and her only son.