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For Our Happier Path


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Wow what a string start. I love time travel stories but it's seldom to find a good time travelling story. This starts off with such an emotional punch. The longing and the love of the couple is strong and it really hits you right in the feels. Being able to travel back in time and being able to right all the wrong of your regret is what many people often think about- the fact that MC has a chance I'm excited to see the drama and the reunion of her main love in this story!

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This is Author's Hansora 4th book and I can say this again, that you can read her books without any hesitation or without even knowing synopsis!! Her writing and stories gives you the breath of fresh air!! Her previous books have let us meet with True Fluff, Lovely Romance, strong relationship among couples, Bond between the families and much more. I'vd felt the happiness in the simple things (which we all are searching for in today's time) while reading her stories. I always felt my heart and face smiling reading amazing chapters of her books ! For her new book, her new story, I'm feeling so excited to read ! As her books are the dose of stress relief for me and for the endless readers of Webnovel !! Congratulations Author Hansora on your 4th book ❤❤ Sending Postive and Love vibes in your way !! All the best ❤❤


Another great book from the author. It's the fourth book from the author .....the setting of the story is definitely different from your past ones. I hope we can have another cute and fluffy story from the author-nim. Just from the starting chapters .....it has already hooked my interest. Looking forward to journey of Hisaki and Heisuke. All the best with this book author


I don’t think this story is suitable for webnovel. It need to be printed out as a paperback book! The story is refreshing and heartwarming. I love how it’s relatable with our real life. The ML wasn’t a successful CEO, or a over the top Male lead, but just a normal working class people. The way the FL went back in time was unique and not the usual, wake up from sleep after death like the usual trope. Definitely love this story!


I'm sorry Hansora I can't read anymore to much fluf my cold heart can't accept it I'm sorry my back tingling when i read first 5 paragraph to soft to fluf to sweet to much I'm sorry i need insulin right now for i got diabetes just from first paragraph


Such a interesting story. Intrigued by the plot. Cannot wait to read more. 👍👍👍


yayyyyyy..... Hansora is back. I have absolutely loved all the books so far and can't wait for the story to progress for this. and back to past is my fav genre.


Hello, author. That was a perfect novel. I love this so much.🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 And I want a review of my work from you. Please if you are willing to check out my work" waiting for the light " leave me a review there. Thank you very much. And always love your works. 🥰🥰🥰🥰


I really like novels with the time travel troupe. I have read many novels related to it. But this surely has the best story among them all. The feeling of comfort and healing between the two main characters, makes the story unique. If you are a fan of a romantic journey, after returning to the past, leading to "Happy Ever After", I will surely recommend this book to you. Author, I can see, you have really worked on bringing out the true emotions of the characters and can already feel those vibes, while reading. I am definitely going to read it. Kudos to you!!👍👍


Great plot! Amazing character, nice Title and hooking cover. The story got me, addicted, this is the most-read work! Not to miss by any. You're a talented author. I enjoy your work. recommended:),


The starting was very emotional I'll say. The way hisaki called hiesuke "old man" is very funny to me. Overall, i love the book. Your writing is also easy to read so i really liked it. You did a great job author. If any new readers are reading it. Then give it a try. It's a good book.


I was so darn moved by the couple ,w, I don't need much more to shed a tear, frankly. I hope I'll be able too see how it develops soon, this story is nicely paced, I can't say much more than the fact I like the way it's been written/the background and characters are being created. Enjoy your reading~


Well-written and definitely heartwarming. Even when the initial chapters are more on the sad side, I know it's bound to be happier as the title suggested. Love to read further about how she would escape her abusive marriage and meet her better half.


Nice story l must say...... Just an unique and interesting one..... The story line is great..... l've never seen these kind of story where there is not any cheating or stepsister but one kind of reincarnated for the good way... Nice authore and l will surely support u in the future..... All the very best...u have a great future a head... But l hope u can upload quickly so that l can read fast because l can't wait to see what will happened next....


hi author, only after reading the synopsis I can say it's going to be a promising read. you make me curious about your other books as well. kiddo dear....plz update


i kinda like reading this nivel , the mc is cool and the fl is sweet


I love romance stories, this one is very good and enjoyable. Keep up the great work and always do your best!


I have been taking my time reading this and I have decided to give my review first of all everything about this story is amazing ten over ten, And I love the character's names, If I say I highly recommend it would be an understatement I HIIIIIIIIIIIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Reveal spoiler


The plot is really interesting. I really liked your writing style. I read the whole thing in one sitting. Looking forward for the coming chapters.😊