386 Remember That You'll Always Be My Husband

The bride and groom sat on the porch until the sun went down the horizon. Hand-in-hand, they returned to the inside of the living room before they parted.

Heisuke closed the sliding door while Hisaki began switching on the lights. The meal boxes that were prepared by the Hokama family were sitting on the coffee table.

"Darling, are you hungry?" Hisaki's eyes landed on the meal boxes, thinking to reheat the food, "We can have this for dinner."

Before she did anything, she better change out of her kimono. This fabric was meticulously crafted by a master. Hisaki was reluctant to smear it with even a little dirt. She planned to store it well and wear the kimono again sometime in the future.

Heisuke quietly approached Hisaki from behind. His gaze fell on the nape of her neck. Pulling his wife into an embrace, he pressed his lips on the exposed skin.



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