367 Can I Claim My Welcome Home Gift?

MV Recommendation: Only by Lee Hi. This becomes a favorite of mine, so soothing and heartwarming. The couple (young and old versions of them) reminds me of Hisaki and Heisuke. The MV showed them in the late 1990s and in the present time :)


The lovebirds eagerly waited for Saturday to arrive. As promised by Heisuke, he handled everything needed for their weekend getaway.

Instead of the previous inn where they stayed last year with their colleagues, Heisuke chose a different one.

The hot springs hotel offered a private chalet on the hills with a personal hot tub. He didn't mind splurging more just to make up for his lady who had been taking care of him without any complaints.

On Saturday morning, Hisaki and Heisuke were both ready for the trip. They would take the train at eight o'clock, less than thirty minutes from now.


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