251 [New Year Special 1] Their First New Year As Husband And Wife

[A/N: Happy New Year! These chapters are my gift to you ;) Please note that because these events were from the previous timeline, our leads were not the same goofy and confident couple we know. They were still flawed from their previous hardship before meeting each other. Nevertheless, enjoy!]


It was white. 

When Hisaki woke up in the morning, she found that the sky was already brightened under the sun. Just from one small slit between the curtains, the color white met her eyes.

It was another snowy day.

Hisaki forced herself to get up. Her eyes went to the small clock in the shape of a cat sitting on the bedside table. The time was already a quarter past ten.

No wonder... 

The other side of the bed was already empty. Without Hisaki patting on its surface, she already knew that the mattress had lost its warmth.

Her husband was someone that always got up early in the morning without fail.


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