384 [Bonus Chapter] The Bride And Groom Under The Maple Leaves

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"Did you see the bride and groom when they exchanged the sake cups?"

One middle-aged lady in a forest green kimono whispered to her acquaintances. They were conversing in the middle of the beautifully manicured garden.

Rock stone lanterns covered with green moss stood all around the garden. Stone pathways led in different directions. Bunches of fallen maple leaves ablaze all over the shrine yard.

"They are so well-matched! The groom looked at the bride as if he only saw her," replied one lady wearing a cream-colored two-piece dress. A flower hair stick kept her bun intact.

"Both families appear so happy with the union too," another lady chimed in. She was in a brown kimono, "The Hokama family is so good. They accept the groom as if he's blood-related. I hear the reception will be grand."


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