18 Impulsive Lioness

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"repeat that please," Ben asked a little dumbfounded at my answers. He looked like he wasn't expecting my answer which to be fair was quite random. Looking at Lisa next to Ben she seemed taken aback by my answer too.

"I'm gonna play football for a living" I repeated myself with confidence I didn't know I had meeting their doubt-filled gazes. Hearing my words both of the adults shared a look with each other seemingly communicating something.

"Why do you want to be a footballer?" Lisa asked me in a slightly curious tone wanting to understand my reasoning behind it. Ben seemed to share her thoughts as he leaned forward to hear my answer.

"I was chosen to play the game, plus it looks like a lot of fun," I told them with pride expecting them to understand the great destiny that I was given by the system. However, that did not happen as Ben's mouth visibly twitched and Lisa facepalmed with a concerned smile on her face.

"Another one that's delusional" She muttered under her breath before she abruptly stood up from her chair and approached me. she crouched down till we were at eye level so that we could make eye contact.

"You are going to school and then maybe you can play football," She said after a moment of silence, surprising me a little. This whole conversation took a weird direction I was not sure I liked. Judging by the firm look she was giving me she wouldn't take no for an answer.

"No I'm playing Football" I shot back not wanting to back down so easily but her intense glare only intensified after my words. She placed her hands on my shoulder making me jump a little startled by her actions.

"Listen, every child living with me will get a full education," she said with an intense tone looking like a lioness educating her cub. She left no room for me to protest as if her words were the laws of nature. That's when it hit me, who said I'm gonna be living with you? Just as I was thinking of trying to protest again she shot me a warning glare that shut me up.


There was an awkward silence after our little interaction was over. No one said anything seemingly waiting for the lioness to say something first. Peaking at her I noticed that she was still looking at me as if daring me to say something to contradict her.

"Fine I'll go to a school with a football program," I told her in defeat trying to somewhat appease her anger. "But why do I have to live with you?" I carefully asked trying not to trigger her anger again.

"You have to live with me because you are my son from now on," she said in a matter-of-fact tone as if she was reading a quote from a book or something. This sentence left me speechless again not knowing how to answer her for a second. This woman might be crazy because she's not making any sense right now. Seems like I wasn't the only one dumbfounded by her as I noticed Ben's mouth visibly twitch. He gave me an apologetic look trying to convey his condolences which further confused me.

"Who decided that?" I asked again not wanting to give up on this argument at this point I just did not want to lose if I'm being honest. But her next action left me baffled and at a loss for words. She put her arms around me and just pulled me into her embrace hugging me as tightly as she could. Looking at Ben's wide eyes it seems he wasn't expecting her actions either.

"Every child should have a mother to raise them and I'll be yours from now on" She gently whispered into my ear as stroked my back. I didn't know what to say to her and I could feel tears threatening to burst out again. Holding back my tears I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed the warmth of the hug I was receiving.


[Bens Pov]

That conversation was an emotional rollercoaster. The kid has really been through a lot throughout his short life. He's seen and experienced the ugly side of human nature first-hand and managed to survive. It's quite commendable that he's still willing to chase a dream like becoming a footballer after having seen how harsh the world really is.

I sent Emma away to show Rakim around the ship so I could have a private talk with Lisa. However, judging from the anxiousness that's oozing off of her it's gonna be a weird chat. To be fair I did want to adopt before so it's not like I'm against the decision. From the way, both Lisa and Emma acted when they heard the boy's story it seems like they already want to protect him.

(sigh) I couldn't help sighing looking at Lisa who was sitting across from me nervously twiddling her thumbs. She must be worried about how I would react to her decision of wanting to raise him. She can be impulsive once she gets emotionally invested in something and makes rash decisions.

"I'm sorry, I know we should've talked about it first" She slowly said after the silence got too much for her to bear. She seemed worried about how I would react after all it's a big decision to adopt a kid, especially one that has been through so much. The past trauma will follow the child for the rest of his life and there may be some difficulties when building a relationship.

"Yes, you should've talked to me first before making such a big decision," I calmly told her as I massaged the bridge of my nose. It's not like I'm against the Idea it's just that huge decisions like these should be made together when you are married. Communication can o a long way in keeping a marriage going or so I've heard.

"I know wanted to give him a home, somewhere he can grow up happy," she told me with a serious look, conveying her determination to this decision. By the look, she was giving me some might think that I was taking something precious away from her.

(sigh) "Stop giving me that look, I agree that we should raise him," I told her making her serious expression morph into a bright smile. "Just in the future when we make decisions that affect our family we will do them together" I continued making her nod in affirmation before she embraced me in a hug.


[Mc Pov]

Walking around the ship with Emma was like discovering a new world. When I sneaked on board I didn't look around much as I was concerned with finding a hiding spot. The ship had a small jacuzzi on the top deck next to the sun longer. There was a proper lounge once you walked into the ship decked out with red and black leather couches. There was even a small fireplace be low the wall-mounted flatscreen Tv. I'm not sure whose bright idea it was to put a fireplace on a boat but I guess it must be safe if it is there.

Passing the lounge Emma took me along a corridor to a room that was decked out with LED lights and loads of arcade games. From Pacman to Donky Kong they even had a street fighters machine. What drew my attention however was a small black device that had PS3 written on it.

Making my way over to it I found a rack filled with all kinds of games that goes with the console. In my past life, I had bought myself one of these in my late twenties trying to recreate a semblance of the youth I never had.

"Do you want to play one of the games?" Emma asked from behind me after she noticed my fixation on the console.

"Yes most defiantly, do you have Fifa?" I answered her a little excited at the prospect of being able to play the Playstation again. She didn't answer and just started shuffling through the game cases till she pulled out a disc for FIFA 08.

{ I Hope you don't get addicted because that would be bad} Evas voice rang in my head making me remember her existence. I can't believe I totally forgot she was in my head, In my defence, I got caught up dealing with other things.

' I almost thought you dint exist and were just a hallucination I made up' I answered her after a moment of silence.





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