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[Emma Pov]

my name is Emma Rex and you could say I'm lucky growing up in a loving family that provides me with anything a little girl could ever wish for. I guess you could say that I'm rich well my parents are if we are being exact but that comes with its bonuses for me being their child and all.

My mom is my entire world as she showers me with her love whenever she can, her dream was always to have a big family but after she had me she found out she was unable to have children again. The doctors said that my birth was a miracle in itself but if you were to ask me mum surviving labour was the real miracle.

She tells me that the idea of getting to hold and watch me grow up is what gave her the strength to fight for her life that day. I got lucky that my Lisa didn't die that day, that's my mum's name by the way and she is as beautiful if not more than Monalisa in my eyes.

I know she loves me with all her heart but her heart broke a little when she found out she couldn't have any more kids. I think that's why she works so hard trying to succeed in her career as a personal trainer. she's studied sports science, sports nutrition, and even sports psychology just so she could stand on the same starting line as her other male competitors in the same industry. I guess she is what you would call a struggling talent as she is way overqualified to be struggling in the industry.

She says that she loves her job as she gets to help people reach their full potential when they themselves don't believe in themselves. She works so hard to help athletes reach their potential only to be thrown to the side when they reach a little success for the simple reason of being a woman. She doesn't say it but I know she is hurt by it because in her mind it's as if her child was rejecting her efforts, which is why I think she hasn't given up yet as it's like helping set her son she never had up for success.

My dad on the other hand is a superhero in my eyes. He gave up his family's inheritance when they tried to threaten him with that, all in order to make us a whole family when I was born. He struggled to open a sports equipment company in the states with the last of the trust fund that was left to him. He worked hard to grow the company over the years and slowly but surely he has built a small business empire.

My dad's name is Ben Rex, he took my mum's family name when they got married. He said since he has to change his name anyways he might as well take hers. He's handsome too with his short black mop of hair and his tall build he reminds me of batman without the secret identity.

In a way he had a second child, he could care for when he opened the business, I guess the news that I'm gonna be his only child hit him hard too. However, he has never made me feel bad for being his only child on the contrary he's almost drowning me with love whenever he gets the chance.

One example is this holiday we are on for my birthday because I wanted to go to a beach and swim he took us to Cuba where it's still warm in October. He took me and mom on our family yacht he bought some time ago all the way to Cuba just so we could spend some quality family time.


We have been in Havana for the past three days and today will finally be going back to the states. Although I've enjoyed my time with my family I'm not a big fan of Cuba if I'm being honest it seems like the whole country has a layer of tension and money is the only thing that seems to have a voice here.

We set sail at 12 sharp my dad is a stickler for punctuality so around 11 am I had my bags parked and ready to go. We planned to have lunch on the ship so I made my way there with our captain Joe. He's not like a ship's captain more like the army kind, he is my dad's bodyguard even tho I don't really think he needs one it's not like he's the president. Even though he was not in the navy he learned to drive a boat in the marines so I started calling him captain Joe.

Anyways captain Joe is like my dad's best friend they grew up together before he left to join the Marines. He retired three years ago and started doing security for my dad but if you ask me he's just trying to stay busy after being on active duty for a decade.

Anyways we quickly made our way to the going merry which is our boat well more like a yacht. Dad was obsessed with this pirate manga when growing up so he named the boat after it, he even had the ship customised to look more like its mang counterpart. Joe loaded my things onto the boat before I took them to my room so I could get ready for our lunch later.


After setting my thing aside in my walk-in closet I got changed into a yellow sundress before making my back out onto the deck. When I got out onto the deck I noticed that we had already set sail for quite a while.

On one of the sun lounges on the deck of the boat, the sun shined to reveal a woman with light blonde hair to her shoulders, and really bright eyes. She had a huge sun hat with sunglasses and was relaxing in the sun. She looked to be in her early-twenties but in reality, she is twenty-six this year but age didn't seem to want to blemish her looks.

"Hello, Em's," She said to me smiling as she waved me over to the sun chair next to her as she put the book in her hands down. The next thing I knew was that she took out a tube of sun lotion with factor thirty printed on it as she gave me an expectant look.

"Hello mom" I smiled at her while I took the seat next to her. She wasted no time applying the lotion on my arms smearing it all over me making sure there is no chance of me suffering a sunburn.

"All done sweetie," she said as she finally finished applying the lotion to my body making sure to get every inch of my exposed skin. Sometimes I think that in her eyes I'll always be that little baby she held in her arms all those years ago.

"Mom you always overdo it" I pouted at her but she just started laughing at me before getting up to enjoy the sea breeze as the wind played with her locks.


I was sitting at the table that was decked out with all types of light and healthy delicacies that mom prepared. she was sitting to my left still reading the book she had started earlier.

"How is my little princess doing?" A masculine voice came from behind me as his hand ruffled through my blond locks.

I quickly turned around from the chair I was sitting on to face him. This man was the definition of huge. He was easily 6'5 and was buff like he hits the gym every day. Yet, his face had some wrinkles from smiling and laughing too much. His light eyes were a dark grey and matched the silver suit he was wearing.

"Oh and what about me?" mom asked him as she pouted a little to get his attention, she can be a little petty when it comes to my dad. She likes a little bunny that wants his attention when she's bored.

"haha I miss u too my dear wife," he said as he pressed a light kiss on the head before taking the seat across from her. Shortly after captain joe came to the table and joined us for lunch.

There was a lot going on, with dad having a conversation with joe and mom but I felt at peace. This is way better than when it is dead silent. There was constant laughing even when they were supposedly fighting about a particular topic.

"Listen up! Dinner is on the table so start simmering so we can start digging in." Mom said as she started filling the plates with a bit of everything.

With that said we promptly started devouring the meal as the atmosphere remained calm and serene. After lunch, came dessert. vanilla. I saw ice cream. Mom frowned seeing dad serve it to me, yet she didn't say anything.

After lunch was done I excused myself from the table to go and take a nap. I wasted no time making my way to my room and into my closet to change into more comfortable clothes.

That's when I noticed a weird stench that was coming from my closet.





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