James who Awaken football manager system, and the system gave him task of buying Blackpool fc The first transfer, traveled to South America, looking for Messi who was not discovered by Barcelona at that time and was in trouble! From here, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Neymar, Modric, De Bruyne! A familiar name appeared in the lineup of blackpool team! A set of luxurious orange warships also rose strongly from the British league in an instant! !. It's not originally my story,but I picked it up because original one has dropped it.so I will create it till I can

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chapter 82


Lahm gave it some thought and then nodded, saying, "Yes."

I would like to discuss the contract.

James chuckled before discussing the contract with Lahm.

For this type of young player, the contract is very affordable—that is, if he is willing to come!

Ultimately, James and Lahm agreed to a deal that mirrored Alves'.

A weekly salary of fifteen thousand euros!

James's Blackpool had won! He was the future iron-blooded captain of Bayern!


James started to wait for two more players once these two signings were complete.

Today is the appointment time; it should not take too long.

An additional hour or so went by.

There was a sound of footsteps outside James's door again, but they sounded like they were coming from two different places.

Before the office door in a moment were two figures.

James has a lot of familiarity with Cafu, the starting fullback for the Brazilian national team.

The other, who ought to be Cafu's manager, is an odd middle-aged man.

It is in fact impossible for a player to be as good as Cafu without an agent.


James also grinned right away and said, "Please sit down," gesturing to the two stools in front of him.

Cafu nodded to his manager as well and took a seat in the chair across from Blackpool.

They recognized the two of them at a glance as the kind of elderly football fritters because they appeared calm and unimpulsive, unlike young people.

They waited for Boss Blackpool to speak so they could hear what he had to say.

This is a somewhat miraculous team that can compete in the Europa League the following season; after all, it is not a weak team.

and is able to cover a 15 million euro transfer fee.

It is not impossible to think about it if you can afford a higher salary...

This was noted by James, who grinned and remarked, "I know Cafu is an honorary European full-back."

"But we can assure you that there will be enough chips to draw players as long as we have the guts to make an offer."

After exchanging glances, Cafu and the agent turned to face James, waiting for him to say something more.

"30 games a season, 50,000 euros a week, and 7

million euros bonus."

James also declared right away that he had to make sure he was paid first, being such an old player.

"200,000 for the Championship game, 300,000 for the FA Cup and League Cup, 500,000 for the Europa League, 30,000 for goals, and 30,000 for assists."

"Five years."

James ultimately signed the document at the agreed-upon time.

Contracts that are too long may be unstable for young players.

Should he become well-known in the future, this contract might imprison him and hinder his growth.

Thus, when they sign, young players attempt to bargain for a shorter contract.

However, for a seasoned 30-year-old like Cafu.

The longer the contract, the better, surely!

When he is uncertain about his ability to sustain the state for a few years, he usually selects a retirement location deep down.

You have to sign a long-term contract with yourself even though this ancient location may not have much power.

Make sure you have at least a salary to get after your competitive state drops in the future!

This is also the reason that many elite players spend a few years nearing retirement in the American League, Chinese Super League, or Japanese League.

Do you love football so much that you can not live without it?

"Not bad, this contract."


Instead of speaking, the middle-aged man standing next to Cafu nodded.

Agents are unquestionably more adept at negotiating than players.

"Other places are good too."

"The pay is a little bit low, that is all."

"Mr. James, Cafu was paid fifty thousand euros a week in Rome."

The manager of Cafu said somberly, glancing into James's eyes.

His meaning is clear: Cafu can earn 50,000 euros at a top-tier club like Rome, which participates in the Champions League each year.

Arriving at a club like Blackpool and unable to afford a minor adjustment?

"I understand, but we will be managing the players for the next five years as part of a long-term contract."

"For a player like Cafu's age, this kind of contract is much more stable than Rome's," James remarked with a smile.

"As far as I know, the contract between Roma and Cafu only has two years left, and it is unclear if it will be renewed at this point."

Additionally, Blackpool is no longer a minor league team, at least not in terms of power.

"We want to compete for the trophy in European competitions the following season."

Cafu's agent raised his eyebrows after hearing what James had to say. He smiled and had some doubts on his face.

It is also clear what the meaning is.

Are you saying you can win the Europa League?

"This season, we have defeated City, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester United."

James spread his hands and glanced at Cafu's agent.

He is pushing for this contract because he wants to keep the team's salary cap stable.

Other players will undoubtedly raise their pay if the asking price is too high.

"Sixty thousand."

After giving it some thought, Cafu's agent said, "It is not too high.

"Let us reach a compromise; it is not like this."

"Fifty-five," declared James.

The manager of Cafu paused for a moment before turning to face Cafu, who gave a small nod.


Cafu's agent got up right away and extended a hand.

"A pleasure to deal with."

After a protracted conversation, James finally finished the contract, and he could not help but exhale in relief.

The three full-backs I want to acquire this season have already done so in this manner!

Not only is strength sufficient for the full back position on the team, but bench thickness is as well!

After that, there is just one more person to sign.

Essien, the midfielder!

Not too long after.

"."I would like to come to Blackpool."

Essien, seated across from James, said to the boss, "Boss, I even plan to live directly in Blackpool," with a simple smile.


"We had two players before you as well," James grinned.

"Alves in Brazilian league Cafu Serie A."

"I think we all bought into it."Essien said with a kind and sincere smile, "Blackpool has a bright future."

"Yes, I swear,"

"Let us negotiate the contract, what was your previous salary?" James asked, grinning and nodding.

"5,000 euros every week."

Essien, who continued to stay in the intimate club, made an awkward comment.

"I'll give you fifteen thousand, a five-year contract."

James directly tripled his salary, but 15,000 is almost the minimum salary in Blackpool's current team.

"Are you serious?"

"Then let us sign it," said Essien, whose eyes were bright and slightly surprised.

"Delay until the window for transfers opens."

James could not help but smile once more at Essien's appearance.

Is it accurate to say that lower back players are more sincere and content?

For example, Kante of Chelsea.

"Oh, that is alright."

"In a few days, I will stay in the hotel and wait for," Essien grinned.

"All right, here's a portion of the bonus-earning money from the contract; look this over."

With a smile, James gave Essien a piece of paper that had been ready for him earlier.

"I am content without the bonus, do not look at it!"

Essien directly gave a nod of respect with his hand.

Had it been reasonable, he could have made a statement.

Being a member of the Blackpool Club was my boyhood ambition.