James who Awaken football manager system, and the system gave him task of buying Blackpool fc The first transfer, traveled to South America, looking for Messi who was not discovered by Barcelona at that time and was in trouble! From here, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Neymar, Modric, De Bruyne! A familiar name appeared in the lineup of blackpool team! A set of luxurious orange warships also rose strongly from the British league in an instant! !. It's not originally my story,but I picked it up because original one has dropped it.so I will create it till I can

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Chapter 81


After sending away the person in charge of Puma.

James continued to wait in the office.

Park just told me that the Nike crew appears to be visiting.

They arrived and greeted James, and they didn't waste time and started negotiating.

and they offered to pay 30% of shirt sales over five years for 145 million.

and he turned them down.

They did not anticipate a shareholder would do this whith they returned with this.

Naturally, he is the owner of Blackpool and not a shareholder during negotiations.

About three hours passed.

and park returned to James's office.

James immediately asked in anticipation.

"Rome clearly lists the price of Cafu, 15 million euros," Park stated, nodding.

"Eight million is Bayern's offer for Lahm."

"The other two, Alves only one million euros, Essien five million."

James could not help but smile after hearing what Park said.

Roma also appears to want to sell him quickly in order to relieve some financial pressure in his latter years of the game.

There was a mere 15 million euros listed.

"We all agreed that the players should be called to Blackpool as soon as possible."


In fact, this acquisition is less expensive than what the team signed in the last two transfer windows.

"and we have a deal"

"Puma just signed a five-year, 150 million euro contract with blackpool."

"Um" park nodded and said

"And we signed these young players: Casemiro, Kross, Griezmann, Van Dijk, Vardy, De Bruyne, and others; big clubs have contacted the others."

James was dissatisfied with other people, so he quickly picked up a pen and paper and wrote a list of names.

"I'll give you 10 million euros to bring them all tell the head of scout, if it's not enough say it to me, I will give more"

Park took a look at the list and noticed that there were more than a dozen names.

Modric, Kante, Neymar, James Rodriguez, etc...

Park's throat moved, then nodded and walked out.

He wondered why James knew so much?

The six days went by rather slowly.

Every youth's management was completed.

The day before the summer transfer window of 2002 opened.

Once more, James arrived at Blackpool's office and stood by.

Today is the day to schedule a meeting to engage in negotiations with players from multiple other teams.

It is noon at one o'clock.

James welcomes the first player.

That would be Alves, who remains at the Bahia club.

This is a Brazilian League team. It is permanently resident in the middle and lower reaches. It lacks both good players and money.

Alves had only recently joined the first squad and had participated in two games with them.

Even though Alves has some potential already, Bahia put a price on him as soon as he learned that a club was considering Alves.

A million Euros.

What worries me more is that Blackpool will not sell.


Alves arrived at the Blackpool boss's office door, knocked, and asked question in a low voice.

"Please enter."

Alves pushed open the door and entered as soon as James's voice could be heard inside.

"Take a seat."

The young player was motioned to sit down by James, who recognized him.


Alves nodded, sitting across from James, looking a little more reserved now.

"Would you like to join Blackpool"

James inquired as soon as Alves took a seat.


Without hesitation, Alves nodded.

Following Kaka and Ronaldinho's expensive move to Blackpool, many Brazilians have become interested in Blackpool Club.

Brazilians are now well aware of Blackpool's miracle this year.

as they qualify for the Europa League the following season and win the FA Cup!

How can a club like that resist the temptation given Alves's current mental state?

Prepare your belongings immediately.

The team also consists of its own fellows, who are all young individuals who share common interests.

Though he had a feeling, James grinned, he did not think Alves would accept so quickly.

In addition, he sensed that Blackpool's allure was growing stronger with each passing moment.

In the first transfer window, it involved stuffing money into agents; in the second, it involved switching tactics and baking cakes.

Players in the Brazilian League find it appealing now.

Blackpool is expanding quickly!

It is estimated that it will not be too long, even though those big players still find it unappealing!

Alves and James then talked about the contract for a while.

Ultimately, they agreed to a five-year deal that paid 10,000 euros a week.

The unified bonus contract for the Blackpool team is comparable to the majority of the other contracts.

Following the negotiations, Alves remained in Blackpool.

Though he had packed his bags, he was far from prepared to return.

waited for a bit longer.

James was confronted by a smaller player.


In his tiny frame, the future Jagged Captain of Bayern Munich possesses a tremendous amount of perseverance energy.

"For the time being, I do not want to leave Bayern."

Lahm said a real sentence as soon as he sat down.

"Part of it, I guessed."

"But they still let you come to negotiate; maybe in their hearts you are not as important as you think," James said, arching his eyebrows.

The voice grew weaker.

After giving it some thought, Lahm grew quiet and stopped speaking.

"You are in the first team in Bayern Munich, a team full of stars, and you can not play for a long time."

James went on, "And I have looked into you; you are not the kind of Bayern fan that has supported the team for generations."

"Maybe you support Bayern because you think this team can win trophies, rather than just because you like this club."

James is correct, a player in youth training, unless the family has been a longtime supporter of this team.

If not, there will not be a very strong sense of belonging.

Naturally, Lahm grew to love Bayern unconditionally and was willing to give Bayern his life.

However, that is because he leads Bayern in captaincy.

He is not now.

"That is true."

Lahm nodded slightly after giving it some thought, but James, the man of two lives, was still holding him back.

"In Blackpool, you can do the same thing."

"We have broken a lot of records in leagues and cups, and we have competitions in Europe to play in next season," James stated.

"Everyone in the club is young and has a lot of potential, including the players."

"Most importantly, you can play at least 20 games next season if you stay here."

James really can not promise too much with regard to the final sentence of the game.

He would not turn down invitations from Cafu and Lahm to come to Blackpool.

Ultimately, both players possess great potential to assist Blackpool.

However, the squad has four strong full-backs in this manner.

Sun-Jihai, Lahm, Cafu, and Alves.

One person cannot play the entire game in the new season, which will undoubtedly be rotated.

Lahm got entangled after hearing what James had to say.

He was pondering whether or not he would have a promising future in Blackpool.

Right now, the news about Blackpool's investigation kept flashing through his mind.

Winner of the FA Cup...

The average age is twenty-two.

James, the coach of Blackpool, says he hopes to win the Europa League.