Food Wars: Tavern

In the bustling city, there is a tavern that operates only between 7 PM and 12 AM. The food here is fancy and delicious, but surprisingly not expensive! Any ordinary ingredient, when in the hands of the owner Zane, shines brightly. Many people go crazy and become obsessed with his cooking! ----------- This novel is a chill, slice-of-life novel. 10 advance chapters: patreon.com/angelictranslating

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The Spirit-Calming Noodles That Shocked All Totsuki Graduates

First, use 65℃ warm water to start making the dough.

Knead the dough for 10 minutes, let it rest for 10 minutes, then knead for another 10 minutes, and let it rest for another 10 minutes. Repeat this process four times!

Then, start rolling the dough into noodles!

Yes, rolling, not cutting the noodles with a knife.

Zane continuously rolled the dough until it became as thick as a rope. He then coiled the dough onto a plate, brushed it with oil, and covered it with a damp cloth to let it rest for about half an hour.

Making these continuous noodles takes quite a long time.

So, to keep Gin Dojima and the others from getting bored, Zane brought out some chilled fruit wine for them to enjoy.


The wine had a light, refreshing taste with a sweet aftertaste.

For someone like Hinako Inui, who isn't great at drinking, it was perfect—just enough to feel pleasantly tipsy without getting drunk.

"Nice taste, a high-quality plum wine," commented Kojiro Shinomiya after taking a sip.

"Kojiro, are you planning to open a branch of SHINO'S in the city?" Gin asked, glancing at the always cold-looking Kojiro.

"Yes. During the training camp, I realized that it might be too early to venture into the international culinary scene."

"To rediscover my passion for running a restaurant, I need to return to my roots."

Kojiro stared at his half-empty wine glass, recalling Megumi's French vegetable terrine.

"You have your path to follow."

"As your senior, I shouldn't give you too much advice."

"Bringing you to this tavern isn't just about treating you to a meal."

"The owner's philosophy is that customers can order anything they want, which is fundamentally different from your idea of standardizing all dishes."

"I thought this tavern might inspire you to change."

"Even this plum wine is so elegantly crafted. If I were you, I'd be tempted too!"

Gin took another sip of plum wine, feeling a bit nostalgic.

"Senior, I admit he's very skilled."

With such noodle-making techniques, even Kojiro couldn't doubt Zane's abilities.

But being a stubborn "mule," Kojiro wouldn't easily change his mind just because of a bowl of noodles in a tavern.


The most important aspect of one noodle is the noodle-pulling and shaping skills, as well as the special seasonings and delicate flavors.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At this moment, Zane picked up the dough, now as thick as a rope.

With continuous arm movements, the dough flew in the air like a dancing white snake, gracefully showing off its length.

Gradually, the noodle became longer and thinner!

With a swift motion, the noodle landed in the boiling water.

This operation stunned all the customers, including Gin, Kojiro, Hinako, and the others.

At this moment, they realized:

The so-called Spirit-Calming Noodles were actually one long noodle.

"One noodle?"

"He... spent so much time making just one noodle?"

Hinako gasped, covering her mouth in disbelief.

"Oh? How interesting."

"How long was that noodle?"

Fuyumi Mizuhara blinked her bright eyes, curious.

"Not sure, it was too fast."

Satoshi Isshiki shook his head.

"I thought he was making knife-cut noodles or some hollow or hand-pulled noodles, but he chose the most difficult one."

Gin chuckled bitterly, slightly surprised.

Noodles, despite differences in ingredients, thickness, and taste, should have a chewy texture.

The quality of noodle dishes often depends on the broth, ingredients, and cooking techniques.

However, one noodle is an exception.

The quality of one noodle is crucial because a truly excellent bowl of one noodle is delicious even without toppings or sauces.


Zane lifted the noodle out of the pot and added a special lamb broth and a bit of sauce.

He then served six bowls of steaming hot Spirit-Calming Noodles.

Under the dim light, the large bowls of noodles shimmered with a golden glow. Knowing that each bowl contained just one long noodle, everyone couldn't help but marvel:

This noodle was both long and wide.

Just like this bowl, it was big and round!

Hinako held up the large ceramic bowl, marveling at the sight. The noodles looked slippery and chewy.


"It's rare to see such pure handmade noodles these days, even in China!"


"The noodle in the bowl, is it 2 meters long?"

Fuyumi, still curious, guessed the length of the noodle.

"It should be longer than 2 meters."

"He used a low-temperature resting method, which took longer."

"Although time-consuming, this method ensures the noodles have a smooth and chewy texture and are less likely to break."

"Oil is applied frequently to prevent the noodles from sticking together, which is a true test of a chef's skill."


"Considering all the preparation."

"If the noodle is only 2 meters long, it wouldn't make sense!"

Gin nodded thoughtfully, trying to estimate the length of the noodle.

"Stop guessing, I'll tell you directly."

"The noodle in each of your bowls is 3.8 meters long!"

Zane announced.


In the culinary world, no one specifies the required length of a noodle in a bowl.

If the flour's gluten is not strong enough or the dough-making method differs, making a long noodle is challenging.

Moreover, a noodle that's too long might affect the diner's experience.

Thus, most noodle dishes have noodles less than a meter long due to various practical constraints.

"No way?"

"A 3.8-meter-long noodle?"

Fuyumi was shocked upon hearing the exact length.

"It could be longer, but considering your appetite, other ingredients, and the largest bowl in my tavern, 3.8 meters is just right."

Seeing Fuyumi's surprise, Zane smiled.

"Impressive. I've studied pasta, oh no, noodles for years and never encountered such a long noodle."

Fuyumi was still in shock.

"Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

"In China, a man named Su Lao San from Weishan made a noodle that reached 1,704 meters, setting the world record for the longest noodle!"

Zane explained.

"A 1,704-meter noodle? That's insane!"

Hinako muttered while lifting the noodle with chopsticks.

The light broth dripped back into the bowl as the long noodle hung like a white curtain, emitting a warm glow.



Then, with anticipation, and partly driven by hunger, Hinako began eating.

At first, it was hot, making her suck in cool air.

But soon, she felt the smooth and chewy texture of the noodle.

With every bite, she tasted the rich wheat flavor, with the aroma of scallion oil lingering, making her feel satisfied.

Meanwhile, Gin and the others were also eagerly eating.

With such a long noodle, it was impossible to eat it all in one go.

Thus, they had to bite and chew the noodle as they ate.

Initially, they didn't take it seriously, but the rich flavors soon shattered their preconceived notions about the Spirit-Calming Noodles.

All the customers watched as Gin and his group enjoyed the long noodle, swallowing hungrily.

As they slurped the chewy noodle, each bite brought a burst of rich flavor, filling their senses with a unique taste.


"Now I see."

"The key to this Spirit-Calming Noodle isn't just the single noodle."

"It's the blend of various ingredients in the clear broth, creating waves of different flavors!"

"With each bite, you can feel the tiny flavor molecules dancing on your tongue, a whirlwind of taste."

"Amazing! Truly amazing!"

"The seemingly ordinary broth is the soul of this dish…"

Gin exclaimed after tasting the noodles.

The Spirit-Calming Noodles far exceeded his expectations, erasing any doubts about the single noodle.

The blend of grains and meat, the main ingredient and the subtle flavors, all harmonized in the clear broth, releasing an irresistible aroma.


Experienced Gin understood that authentic one noodle should be like Zane's, focusing on quality and context.

Using just flour and water can be boring, but adding salt, alkali, and eggs can significantly enhance the noodle's texture.

He knew Zane secretly added some salt during the process. The sodium and chloride ions prevented the gluten from repelling each other, creating a strong and elastic network in the dough.

In short, the noodle's 3.8-meter length wasn't a coincidence but a result of scientific principles.

Satisfied, Gin couldn't resist gulping the broth.

Though the broth looked light, the Spirit-Calming Noodles embodied the principle of "simplicity through complexity."

Gin knew that behind this "simplicity" lay years of experience.

Without tasting it himself, he wouldn't have known the intricate layers in Zane's Spirit-Calming Noodles.


Slurping sounds filled the tavern as everyone enjoyed the noodles and broth.

The balance between the noodle and broth was perfect, making Gin and the others lose themselves in the taste.

Words couldn't describe the unique flavor.

Simply put.

The noodle was incredibly chewy.

Not like rice noodles, but smooth and refreshing.

Many noodles can't withstand long cooking or soaking, but Zane's Spirit-Calming Noodles remained clear and flavorful.

As they drank the broth, the aroma filled their senses, creating a harmonious experience from head to toe.

The Spirit-Calming Noodles made Gin, Kojiro, Hinako, Fuyumi, Satoshi, and Donato close their eyes, savoring the flavor!

They finally understood why the noodle was called Spirit-Calming Noodles.

It felt like they

 had a long dream, traveling far and seeing many things.

Yet, when they awoke, they realized they hadn't gone anywhere but were still in the tavern.

Only an empty, large ceramic bowl, and the smiling owner, Zane, and the silent customers remained in front of them.


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