Food Wars: Tavern

In the bustling city, there is a tavern that operates only between 7 PM and 12 AM. The food here is fancy and delicious, but surprisingly not expensive! Any ordinary ingredient, when in the hands of the owner Zane, shines brightly. Many people go crazy and become obsessed with his cooking! ----------- This novel is a chill, slice-of-life novel. 10 advance chapters: patreon.com/angelictranslating

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The Appearance of the Heavenly North Star Wolf Blade

At Restaurant Yukihira.

There's a philosophy that Soma might never fully grasp in his lifetime.

Although the appearance of Zane has caused a "butterfly effect" in the original story, like the typical example:

Erina, who was supposed to be the examiner for the transfer student's assessment, could have clashed in culinary philosophy with Soma.

But instead, thanks to Rindo stepping in as the examiner, that confrontation was avoided.

But even if the two had no contact.

From Erina's perspective, she might still disapprove of Soma's cooking, and likely still despise it.

The reason for the disdain, the commoner's cuisine, could be one cause.

But more importantly, it is because their culinary philosophies are fundamentally different, even diametrically opposed!

Perhaps, for Erina.

A "plain" dish like Mapo Tofu is worthless.

Over the years, the cuisine served at Restaurant Yukihira, managed by Joichiro and Soma, often lacked the impact to impress patrons.

That it still hasn't made a name in the culinary world shows that Joichiro, as the head chef of Restaurant Yukihira, no longer focuses on astonishing techniques!


Honestly speaking.

Joichiro was a genius chef even more incredible than Gin Dojima in his prime.

Now, ten Erina's wouldn't equal one of him.

But why?

In these years of running Restaurant Yukihira, his dishes have gradually become "mediocre," seeming only to make commoner's food.

The reason isn't that he intentionally kept a low profile or became foolish.

But he understood that truly excellent cuisine isn't about shocking impact but should be accessible to all patrons!

In Erina's eyes, cooking just needs to be done her way.

With her divine tongue, she is confident in her ability to conquer patrons with her dishes, to "capture" them.

This pursuit of self-expression in cooking is precisely what she wants to achieve in life.

But for the father and son, Joichiro and Soma, a dish needs not only to be made well but also to be accepted "to the greatest extent" by the patrons.

All in all.

The core plot of "Food Wars!" is really about the clash of two different philosophies.

One is entirely based on self, while the other, although based on self, must also accept others and change for them...

This explains why Soma, after tasting Zane's dishes, saw his father's shadow in him and also felt that intense pressure.

Because the culinary philosophy he adheres to is exactly the same as his father's!



"Human perspective is always narrow."

"I don't know who your father is, nor am I interested in why he sent you to Totsuki."

"But what I want to tell you is, when you look up to your father, don't forget those chefs who stand at the pinnacle, overlooking the masses in this bustling world!"

"Maybe as you said, Totsuki isn't anything special, not like Restaurant Yukihira!"

"However, one day, you will find that some things and some people are more interesting to engage with once you have reached a certain level of maturity!"

Satoshi's words left Soma stunned for a long time.

Honestly, he didn't have grand aspirations; he just wanted to hone his culinary skills alongside his father and eventually take over the small Restaurant Yukihira and then marry and have kids.

This simple and unremarkable life is what happiness means to him.

So at this moment, he completely couldn't understand, much less agree with, Satoshi's sermon.

"I've spiked the dish!"

This is a trick Soma is particularly good at using.

But frankly, his perseverance to continue competing against Joichiro after losing 498 times already shows his resilience!

In a way, he is similar to Alice.

Both are determined to challenge someone, some goal, and won't give up until they achieve it.


"Senpai, at what level are you now?"

Soma, coming to his senses, asked Satoshi with an expressionless face.


"Currently the seventh seat of the Elite Ten, as I've told you before."

"Soma, I'm not joking with you."

"With your current strength, it's absolutely impossible to shake the position of the Elite Ten, so I advise you to put that idea to rest for now!"

Satoshi, mistaking Soma's intent as another challenge, frowned and quickly took up a cup of tea liquor, sipping it gently.

"No no no, Senpai, what I meant was, what level are you at in the whole of Japan?"


This statement.

Made Satoshi spit

 out the tea liquor in his mouth.

Then, he looked at Soma in disbelief and responded, "You're serious?"

"I can't even secure my footing in Totsuki, and you're asking me about my level in Japan?"

"Let me put it this way, I'm definitely top-tier among my peers across Japan. But all things considered, I'm at most third-tier right now, no, maybe not even third-tier..."

"What? Only third-tier?"

Hearing this, Soma was indeed surprised and continued, "Then, what about the owner of this tavern?"

"I don't know; we haven't fully figured out his capabilities yet."

"The only certainty is that the dishes he makes are the most delicious and convincing we've ever tasted in our lives!"

Satoshi didn't outright categorize Zane's level but described his prowess with two modifiers, "most."

"Is that so?"

Soma paused, murmuring after a moment, "I really want to know who would come out on top between him and my dad."


Understanding a concept without breadth can easily lead to shallow conclusions due to personal limitations.

Although Soma grew up under Joichiro's influence and far surpasses his peers in culinary skills, his narrow perspective due to long periods hidden away in Restaurant Yukihira is evident from the original storyline, where he often crashes and burns at the start.

Of course, as the "protagonist," he has his own halo!

Joichiro once commented that Soma's talent was mediocre; indeed, he doesn't have Erina's divine tongue or Ryo Kurokiba's divine sense of smell.

But lacking these superpowers doesn't mean he has no other talents. For instance:

He possesses a strong ability to adapt.

This ability also ensures that whenever he's in a crisis, he can always turn the situation around!


Simply put.

If he focuses less on theoretical knowledge and more on practice, Soma might just become a "scholar god," surpassing mere academic geniuses.


The night air is fresh and slightly moist.

Breathing deeply, one can still sense the tranquility and peace unique to the night.

While the residents of Polar Star Dormitory, along with Rindo and other patrons, were enjoying their meal and drinks at the tavern, at the location of the WGO food organization's Japan branch,

In a clean and tidy bedroom.

On a fragrant bed lay a stunningly beautiful mature woman.

Whether it's the thin silk nightgown she's wearing or her dignified demeanor, her noble status is apparent.

However, her beautiful face is flushed almost to the point of dripping blood.


"Um... um... ah..."

Upon closer inspection, the woman lying on the bed is breathing more rapidly, feeling increasingly hotter.

Feeling extremely uncomfortable, she quickly unbuttons one or two buttons on her nightgown, revealing her snow-white skin underneath.

Then, her dazed eyes sparkle intoxicatingly, and she bites her lower lip hard, enduring the inexplicable sensation.


"Is it... not ready yet?"

"Hurry... hurry up... I... I really can't take it anymore!"

Her voice is weak, likely due to several days without food, causing malnutrition.

"Here it comes."

"Lady Mana, I'll give you the injection now."

As Mana gradually loses consciousness, hurried footsteps grow closer.

Finally, secretary Anne arrives with a medical kit.

Then, she takes an imported nutrient solution from it and expertly injects it into her body.

As each drop of the nutrient solution circulates through her body, the originally frail Mana seems to regain life, suddenly filled with "energy" and rising from the bed.

"It feels so good!"

"Indeed, it's only when I'm at my weakest that some imported nutrient solution feels the most exhilarating."

Mana closes her eyes deeply, feeling her physical strength rapidly returning and her body filling with power, then speaks contentedly.

After the effects of the nutrient solution wear off,

She slowly opens her eyes and sighs, "Ah! I thought I could last longer, but just a few days without visiting the tavern, and my body's failing again."

"Even the divine tongue becomes restless, constantly craving... craving to taste Zane's Comet Fried Rice and Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg!"

At this moment, it's clear that Mana is once again yearning for Zane and his cooking.

Especially recalling the last time at the tavern when she devoured three whole plates of Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg, filling her stomach to the brim.

And that unprecedented sense of fullness, even now, nearly drives her mad!

"Lady Mana."

"Since that's the case, shall we go to the tavern tonight?"

Probably sensing Mana's thoughts, Anne can't help but tactfully ask.

"Let's go!"

"Right now!"

"Very well, Lady Mana, I'll

 make the arrangements."

After saying that, Anne leaves to prepare.


"Steep the tea leaves in hot water, then filter to obtain a strong tea extract."

"Then mix the strong tea extract with solid-state liquor, along with white sugar, citric acid, honey, etc., to create tea liquor!"

At the tavern, Zane shares another method of making tea liquor with Rindo.

"Owner, how does this infusion method compare to the traditional fermentation method?"

Rindo, pondering for a moment, looks at Zane with some expectation.

"Using infusion to make this tea liquor often results in a tea body that's not clear, turbid, lacking in shine, and deficient in tea fragrance and color."

"Also, the duration of infusion and the temperature of the tea water are important considerations."

"Too long or too high a temperature can make the tea liquor even more turbid and possibly sour, while too short a time won't sufficiently extract the fragrance and color of the tea."

Zane explains.

Meanwhile, Rindo, listening intently, suddenly looks up and inadvertently meets his gaze.

Startled, she quickly lowers her head.


The atmosphere unavoidably becomes awkward.

But just then, two familiar patrons arrive at the tavern; under Anne's support, Mana arrives.

With exquisite beauty and mature charm, although her features may not be as delicate as her daughter Erina's, her mature allure is extremely potent.


A sudden gust of cold air.

Startles everyone inside the tavern.

This sudden anomaly makes everyone present, including Satoshi, Soma, and other residents of the Polar Star Dormitory, as well as Rindo, sense danger.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant instantly becomes icy.

And all the patrons, even the timid Megumi, feel increasingly oppressed, with her complexion turning pale.

"Who is this person..."

A bead of sweat trickles down Satoshi's cheek as nervous, fearful, and uneasy emotions arise within him, forcing him to murmur softly.

"Rare guests, aren't they Mana and Anne?"

Seeing them, Zane promptly greets them with a gentle smile.

"Zane, quick, quick... I want to eat the Frozen Sea Bream Iceberg!"

Upon seeing Zane, Mana immediately suppresses her daunting aura and, grabbing his hand, pleads with blinking eyes.

"Alright, I was just about to test the power of that kitchen knife, so as you wish."

Zane pauses, then releases her hand and returns to the cooking station.

After preparing the snapper, he takes out the Heavenly North Star Wolf Blade. However, the moment he draws the knife, Mana's gaze flickers as if sensing something.


"This knife..."