13 Chapter 13

~~~~~~~~~[Hours Earlier]~~~~~~~~~~

Walking through the corridors of one of the buildings, Soran held a slip of paper in his hand, using it to guide him to his destination.

He was supposed to be waiting for Soma to finish his Spanish cuisine class so that they could head out to find their but he had something that he wanted to do first.

Underneath three small map in his hand was another slip of paper that detailed the many research societies and seminars in Totsuki.

He was currently on his way to one of the less known research societies. He didn't have any intention of joining, rather, he wanted to take it over. There was no malicious intent behind what he wanted to do, it was simply so lay the ground work for what he had planned. For his plans to come to fruition, he needed gain ownership of a research society

Seminars were run by lecturers and he wasn't eager to get on the bad side of someone who could potentially be in charge of his grade. It was just too much of a hassle. Instead, he chose a rather minor group.

Standing in front of a building, he looked at the map before looking around in confirmation. 'This is the place.' He thought as he read the large sign above the building that read 'Vegetarian Research Society'.

He particularly chose this research societies when he realized that there was also another society called the Vegan Research Society. They would have the chance to at least continue their research in that club seeing as how it was similar to this one. He knew they weren't too many difference between vegetarian and vegan but they would manage.

'I have to get them to agree to a shokugeki with the club on the line. The problem is that I don't have anything of value that they want.' he thought, taking deep deliberate breaths. 'If I want this to work, I have to bait them into it. Where's Soma when you need him?' he lamented a bit at Soma's natural ability to piss people off.

'Let's do this.'

Composing himself, a serious look appeared in his eyes as he walked towards the entrance, pushing the door open without warning.

Upon entering, he saw multiple students staring at him, startled by his sudden forceful entrance.

"Yo, mongrels!" Soran greeted with a condescending look on his face and his tone arrogant.

"Isn't that the transfer student?"

"What the hell is he doing here?"

There were many murmurs from those who recognized him from the ceremony earlier. A voice came from behind the crowd of students, halting the murmurs momentarily.

"Who the hell are you?" An older teen who was taller than Soran walked out from behind the crowd. He had short brown hair and a muscles physique that was evidently the result of hard work.

"Me?" Soran asked in a mocking tone as he walked further into the room, leaning on one of the counters. "I'm your new chief. Who might you be, mongrel?"

The boy had a look of irritation on his face as he approached Soran, a menacing look on his face. "Who are you calling a mongrel? I am Kotetsu Shido, head of this research society! What makes you think you can just come in here and speak as you wish?" Shido demanded, his irritation growing as the smirk on Soran's face widened.

"Is the mongrel getting offended? There's no need for that, you can always clean up the kitchen when I'm done. Consider it an honor that you even got my attention." He said, his tone even more mocking than before as Shido looked like he was about to explode in anger.

"Let's not waste too much time. As of this moment, I am the new chief of this research group. Mongrels like you should-" he was interrupted as Shido burst in anger.

"Shut up! Who the hell do you think you are!? Waltzing in here like you own the place!? Are you delusional!?" Shido yelled as a dark look appeared on Soran's face.

"You dare interrupt me, mongrel? A third rate chef like you has no right to speak in front of me. Get out of my sight." Soran spoke coldly as a cold feeling slithered down the backs of the surrounding students.

"I've heard about you, the delusional transfer student who thinks he's better than everyone else." Shido spoke, his anger still evident as Soran cut him off.

"I don't think I'm better, I know I'm better. I've always been better." He said with an infuriating smirk.

"Let me be the one to show you your place. I challenge you to a shokugeki!" Shido announced, surprising the students behind him.

"If you believe such bothersome formalities to be necessary, so be it. What are your condition? Think carefully, you'll need any advantage you can get." He mocked as Shido was practically growling.

"The theme is vegetarian cuisine. The match will be in three days. If I win, you get expelled from Totsuki!" Shido proposed, causing Soran to chuckle darkly.

"And when I win, I'll be the head of this research group. Interesting…I don't need three days, let's have it tomorrow. I'm a bit eager to have you cleaning the windows." Soran announced as he stood to his full height, staring Shido straight in the eye before turning to the door with a mocking smirk.

"I assume that you'll handle the paperwork. Kiss your club house goodbye, mongrels." He mocked as he exited, smashing the door behind him.

As he left, he walked a decent distance away from the research society building, keeping the arrogant look on his face. When he was sure that he was alone, he let out a sad sigh.

'I truly apologize Shido but this is for the greater good.' He thought as he composed himself, returning to his usual self as he made his way to where he was supposed to meet Soma.

It took a while for Soma to finish his class so that they could head to the dorms. It was on their way to find it that he received a message that detailed the specifics of the shokugeki.

He must have really ticked them off because it didn't take them more than two hours to get it official. Like he requested, it would take place tomorrow, the theme being vegetarian cuisine.


"Would that thing happen to have anything to do with your Shokugeki tomorrow?" Isshiki asked in an innocent tone that screamed that he wasn't what he seemed.

"Yeah. It shouldn't take too long to put together a recipe. After that I'm going straight to bed." Soran answered as he got back to what he was doing.

"I must say, this is the first time I'm hearing of a student setting into a shokugeki on his first day." Isshiki said, as if trying to figure him out.

"Of course you'd know about that, Isshiki Satoshi." Soran retorted as the older boy smiled.

"You know of me?" He asked, eliciting a smirk from Soran.

"Naturally. I do my research before diving into anything, seventh seat." Soran said as Isshiki continued smiling.

"You're well informed. If you don't mind, I'd like to help you taste what you're testing." Isshiki offered. Soran considered it for a moment before shrugging, it's not like he was trying to alienate himself from anyone. He just had a list of priorities that needed to be taken care of.

"There's no problem. Get a seat, we'll be here for a while." Soran said as he began cooking.

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