1 Story 1: The Hanged Tree

One Upon A Time, there was a young boy. This boy was just like any other, playful, adventurous, and in search of fun. One day, he came across a tree that grew rope-like vines from its branches.

At the end of each vine is a large stick which swings and sways in the wind. The boy became infatuated with the tree, visiting every night.

One day, he brought with him a girl. Upon the sight of the tree, the girl felt a sense of uneasiness wash over her as her stomach churned.

Upon seeing the girl in pain, the boy asked, "What's wrong? Don't you like it?" He did not realize that most could never like it.

"You're sick!" The girl yelled as she fell to her knees, the odor of rotten flesh filling her nose. This angered the boy.

"What do you mean sick!? Don't you see the beauty of this tree!?" He asked with the wail of a banshee. The girl glanced back at the tree once more, only to feel a nauseating wave of dismay wash over her. She threw up, returning her vision to the ground.

The next night the boy brought the girl's sister to visit. Upon the sight of the tree, the girl began screaming and crying. "Kayla!? Kayla, is that you?" She asked between her cries of sadness.

"Kayla is no longer here." The boy said with a warm smile. "Kayla became beautiful, don't you think?" He asked. The girl continued to cry as, just for the previous, the smell of rotten flesh filled her nostrils.

The boy frowned. "You're like her, aren't you?" He asked. The next night, he brought his brother, hoping he would understand. After all, the tree's beauty was astounding.

"Martin?" His brother asked.

"It's beautiful, right?" Martin asked.

"Martin, have you done this?" His brother asked, shrugging the question that Martin asked.

"I haven't done anything bad, just made it more beautiful!" Martin assured his brother.

"I must call father." His brother said as he left. Disappointed, Martin walked to the tree and sat next to the trunk.

"Nobody understands your beauty." Martin said.

"There is no need to worry Martin. Soon, everyone will see it." The tree responded. The next morning, Martin's brother, father, and various other individuals went to the tree and saw many people hanging from the tree.

Some are skeletons while others are flesh. One thing is obvious, the girls who went missing are were among them. At the base of the tree is Martin, sitting there limp and devoid of moisture.

As the group came closer and observed Martin, they found that he no longer has eyes. The sockets dark and overtaken by small, thin vines. Suddenly his body began convulsing.

"Don't you see its beauty?" He said with a strained voice. "Don't you...?" He said as a tear of blood came out of his eye socket and went down his cheek.

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