Folklore of Fifteenth Book

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Folklore of Fifteenth


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"Hey? have you heard? has anyone ever told you of that urban legend? I heard that if you ever try to harm someone at the valley of Necrofalls. a teen-aged girl accompanied by a black giant and a ram will spirit you away, as your screams echo throughout the valley..." the ram read out from a news papers rumor/gossip section. "What the heck? I was just passing by that one time and now it's an urban legend? again? I mean, the hell am I supposed to do when that creep tried to assault that lady?!" came a teen-age girls outcry. "Ugguuhh..." a groan sounded, while a huge shadow was casted upon both the talking ram and teen-aged girl as the later looked up. "Yeah... they made you sound like some hulking brute when you're just an adorable little sister. don't be sad! for me Vallery will always be my cute little sister" she exclaimed. "Well, I guess that's enough for a short break. let's hit the road you two. Hell won't freeze over and miraculously solve our problems! so let's continue our travels, to get back into the world of the living..." This is a story about a girl, a giant poltergeist and a talking rams journey throughout the depts of hell to get back what was each taken from them. a normal life, retribution and a beloved daughter. . .


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