Florida Man's General Store in Cultivation World

In a world where martial artists reign supreme, strength is everything. Unfortunately, that logic doesn't apply to a certain Florida Man. Refined in the nuclear fallout wasteland, Leo was the strongest mutant alive. He carried an alien artifact, allowing him to exchange his lifespan for modern items. After 50,000 years of solitary life in a humanless world, he collected enough lifespan to transmigrate to another habitable world. Leo was later thrown into a mysterious planet. He soon discovered that his body produced radiation, and it mutated the surrounding plants and grasses. Worrying that he might ruin the beautiful planet, he chose to live in seclusion. Unfortunately, the local population soon discovered his existence, and a misunderstanding ensued.

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Local Martial Artists Mistake Florida Man as Alien Scientist

Chapter 27 – Local Martial Artists Mistake Florida Man as Alien Scientist

After declaring the item price, Leo activated the store system, allowing the people here to see their remaining lifespan. Wu Buyi also got to see his remaining time once again.

On the other hand, Han Hao was taken aback when he saw the timer.


Name: Han Hao

Age: 107

Remaining Lifespan: 873 Years, 6 Months, 5 Days, 12 Hours, and 14 Minutes


Although Han Hao had a long life, he seemed unsatisfied. His physical appearance aged along with him, which made him worry about the future.

Han Hao inwardly grumbled.

'When I'm 300, I might become a Jiangshi at this rate. I guess I need a lot of this tea. But man, they're expensive. 200 years per bottle? How far can it really rejuvenate me?'

Living for a long time made Han Hao pessimistic. He doubted it was worth the investment. Instead of spending his limited currency, he turned his attention to other objects in the store. Then, Han Hao found the grain pills that Leo had made.

Han Hao's expression turned dark. He wondered if Leo was ignorant or possessed abundant resources to the point that he could waste precious herbs for something insignificant. Still, they offered mild elemental Qi, which could be useful for beginners or muscle-tempering stage disciples. He believed that they might be popular among the outer disciples.

Curious about Leo's background and skills, Han Hao asked, "Senior, sir. I have something to ask. Are you well-versed in alchemy?"

Leo calmly stroked his beard, "I might not be an expert in the field, but you know, I'm somewhat of an alchemist myself."

Wu Buyi giggled as it was impossible for rookie alchemists to make elemental pills even if they were inferior in quality. After all, they required the elemental essence of a specific type to make them.

For example, a fire-element pill required fire essence and fire catalyst materials, which only alchemists with fire Qi could concoct. Meanwhile, the merchandise by the windows contained all five element pills, which showed how strong his foundation truly was.

'Only idiots will think that those inferior pills were made by rookies. If it were me, I would have only made fire and wood grain pills, but not all five elements. Those pills aren't just for sale, you fool. It's a warning message to you lots that you shouldn't try anything stupid here. He can use all five elements, so his combat prowess is naturally superior to you, who can only use one or two elements. Ha!'

While Wu Buyi inwardly laughed at Han Hao, the corner of his eyes noticed a white grain pill, which was behind the window curtains. He raised his eyebrows, surprised that he didn't notice it during the last visit.

'Hmm? Isn't that?!'

Upon realizing what they were, Wu Buyi widened his eyes. Rushing to the showcase table, he collected the two bottles with a dozen white pills. He put them on the counter next to the meat showcase fridge.

Seeing how flustered Wu Buyi was, Han Han, Leo, and the dozen deacons looked at the former. They were curious why the alchemist put the bottles of white grain pills over there.

Wu Buyi coughed. Then, he cupped his fist and bowed to Leo.

"Daoist Florida Man, please forgive me for being rude. Please do not sell these items here."

Leo and Han Hao were surprised once again. They wondered what this alchemist was scheming. As Wu Buyi seemed suspicious, Han Hao frowned at him.

"Why? Are you planning to hoard those pills to yourself?"

"NO! OF COURSE NOT! I-I just wish to ask Daoist Florida Man if I can study these treasures!"


Seeing how flustered Wu Buyi was, Han Hao's interest was piqued. He looked at the white grain pills for a moment and turned to Leo, who had been doing nothing but stroking his long white beard.

"Senior, sir. What are these?"

"Ah, that?" Leo remembered them as they always appeared together with poison grain pills. He deeply sighed, "Those are something I accidentally made. They're elixir grain pills that contain only 10 years' worth of five-element Qi. Well, since they're called elixir, they also increase the consumer's lifespan by 10 years. There's a side effect though. Since it was made when I was making grain pills, it will stuff you for 10 days."


Han Hao was shocked not because of its effects but the small detail.

Five Elements

Normally, cultivation pills only provided one type of element Qi to consumers. Even grand master alchemists from all alchemy-related sects couldn't add more than two or three types of element Qi into one pill. However, this one contained five elements, which defied all logic.

Wu Buyi wryly smiled. He slapped his forehead several times, regretting that he didn't notice these pills earlier. Now, everybody knew about them, and he couldn't monopolize the pills anymore.

The alchemist sighed, "This is why I call it TREASURE! You see, Han Hao, no one can make any five-elemental pill, even those thousand-year-old trios!"

"WHAT?!" Han Hao's jaw dropped. He turned to Leo, wondering if he was a master alchemist.

Leo coughed, "They're still inferior quality, though. I still have a lot to learn."

Wu Buyi repeatedly shook his head. He was convinced that Leo was a master alchemist. However, he was bad at pricing his products, "Don't be humble, sir! These things belong in auction houses! We can't sell them here for small profits! They're even more valuable than those prosthetic eyeballs, sir!"

'Oh, really?' Leo was internally amused.

"To you, it might be nothing. But to us, they're the proof of a breakthrough! We, alchemists of this lower world, can learn a lot from them!"

"Ah, breakthrough. Technological breakthrough. So, cultivators of this world never had this before. That's understandable," Leo muttered and nodded in agreement.

Noticing Leo's demeanor and words, the crowd murmured, convinced that he came from a higher dimension.

Wu Buyi sweated profusely as he started to get nervous. He bowed 90 degrees, "Also, you must have invested so much time and resources just to make these. We can't just dishonor you!"


Leo had the urge to tell Wu Buyi that he could make one of those pills every hour by using free iron pine nuts in the backyard. However, he couldn't reveal his little secret.

Still, learning that he could turn those nuts into money, Leo was elated. He also got inspired by the tips. Leo figured that he might need the local currency to trade in the future as he might need to purchase something in town. He couldn't afford to rely on Wu Buyi to bring in vegetables, fruits, and seeds all the time.

"Fine. You handle that. I also need some local pocket money. The commission fee is 10% as usual."

Hearing that Leo gave him permission, Wu Buyi was overjoyed. He laughed and deeply bowed twice, "I'll make sure that they will fetch the highest price, sir! Oh, please tell me if you are making more pills. I wish to observe and learn from you."

Leo clicked his tongue, "No. I don't like being observed."

"Ah, what a shame."

Wu Buyi was disappointed. Still, he was glad that he got another good deal.

Meanwhile, the deacons started choosing the items that wanted. 10 deacons took a blade of immortal grass. One of the swordsman elders was half-blind, so he decided on the expensive eyeball. As for another elder, he took two bananas.

After picking the items and informing Leo of what they had chosen to buy, Leo deduced their lifespan. He got 1,100 years of lifespan from this trade. However, Wu Buyi got a 10% cut, so Leo only received 990 years in total.

Meanwhile, Wu Buyi noticed that his lifespan increased by 110 years. He widely grinned, believing that this job was worth the effort. Han Hao also discovered that Wu Buyi got the boon of this trade as he could see his friend's status.

"You sly bastard," complained Han Hao.

Wu Buyi snickered, "This is how you use your brain, brother."

The elders and deacons looked at Wu Buyi in envy. They secretly glanced at Leo, hoping that they could get the same treatment too.

Han Hao also had a similar idea. As he was bolder and had a higher status than the people here, he daringly proposed, "Senior, sir. I heard that you've accepted Wu Buyi as your servant. I wonder if we can help you, too."

Leo widely grinned as he already had a plan in his mind. Since Wu Buyi showed them the example of a modern customer reference program scheme, Leo offered them the same deal.

"It's just a small agreement. How about this? If you introduce customers to me like how he did, I'll give you 10% of the sale as a commission. Of course, you'll receive the payment after the transaction in lifespan as currency."

The customer reference program was one of the tricks that modern companies loved as they seduced customers into becoming their temporary salesmen. Some of the customers then turned into part-timers, reeling in their relatives and friends to purchase the goods from the companies while many used them to get some discounts.

Leo had no intention of allowing one person to monopolize the market. He wanted them to compete so that he could get more customers.

When Wu Buyi heard that Leo would give them the same treatment, he panicked.

"S-Sir! I thought this deal is for me."

Leo snorted, "I'm not planning to let someone monopolize the market. Mister, if you wish to succeed, you must compete with others in the same field and become the best. Trickeries and dishonesty are bad for business."

Han Hao burst into laughter as he loved Leo's attitude. On the other hand, Wu Buyi was dejected that he could no longer monopolize the perk.

"There you have it, you sly fox! The senior sees through you!" Han Hao mocked his friend.

Wu Buyi snorted. He bickered, "I doubt you know more top cultivators than I do! I'm going to the Jianghu Alliance now! Oh, Daoist Florida Man Sir, please excuse me. I'll go bring you more customers, now!"

Without waiting for Leo's response, Wu Buyi rushed out of the store with the bottles of elixir pills in his arms. The crowd could only watch how the alchemist shamelessly brought the items out without paying.

Leo deeply sighed. For the first time in this world, he experienced a semi-robbery case. Although he trusted that Wu Buyi would keep the promise, Leo still needed insurance. He turned to Han Hao.

"You said you are his friend, right?"

Han Hao nodded, "Yes. We are like sworn brothers."

"Then, can you be the guarantor for that man? Just in case that idiot runs away with my elixirs."

Han Hao dryly laughed. He was embarrassed because of Wu Buyi's shamelessness. Still, as an upright grand elder, Han Hao vouched for the alchemist. He pulled out a token from his pocket and gave it to Leo.

"This is my personal token. If you show this to anybody in the Magpie City or the Life Sword Sect, they will do everything you tell them to, even if you ask them that you wish to participate in the mystic realm expedition."



Han Hao's expression changed. He never forgot his purpose here.

"Senior Sir, I wish to ask you honestly. I heard that you are planning to supply our sect with elemental pills so that we won't need to rely on the mystic realm expedition. Is that true?"