Floating through the multiverse

What do you love? Why makes you laugh? What makes you cry? What makes you...human? And...what would you sacrifice to achieve your goals? Embark on this journey alongside a fellow man , who might or might not become something else along the way towards greatness. And make no mistake , he will get there. Using whatever means necessary... . . First world - Game of thrones (current world) Second world - Avatar The Last Airbender Third world - Cyberpunk . . The power system will be a combination between Reverend insanity , Lord of the Mysteries and Soul of Negary. The first 12 chapters are spent in a hell similar to the hell from Custom Made Demon King , only more advanced as a society. “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Drugs, obviously

In this otherworldly plane of existence, the eerie emptiness stretches out as far as the eye can see, an expanse of featureless plains that defies the laws of logic.

The landscape is an unsettling canvas, devoid of any landmarks, flora, or fauna. It's a place where the rules of reality seem to falter, leaving behind a hollow void that chills the heart.

Above, the sky hangs like a blood-red canopy, casting an otherworldly glow over the desolation below.

The hue is not one found in the natural world — it's a color that evokes unease, a dissonant symphony of crimson that makes one question the very essence of existence. The horizon is a blurry line, a wavering division between the earth and the sky, as if boundaries hold no meaning here.

In the midst of this desolate expanse, scattered haphazardly like forgotten toys, lie the stones. Perfect cubes, each of uniform dimensions, they stand out like surreal chess pieces on a board devoid of purpose.

The cubes form an enigmatic pattern, a symmetrical dance that defies reason. Are they markers, remnants of some long-lost civilization, or merely echoes of an incomprehensible design?

But it's not just the peculiar arrangement that unnerves. It's the oppressive atmosphere that permeates every inch of this place.

The silence is thick and cloying, a weight that presses down on the soul. It's as if the air itself carries the weight of forgotten dreams and unanswered questions, suffocating all hope and vitality.

Moving through this void, one feels small and insignificant, a lone traveler adrift in a world that makes no sense.

The ground beneath one's feet feels insubstantial, as if it could crumble at any moment, plunging the traveler into an abyss of unknown depths.

The sense of isolation is profound, an isolation that echoes in the heart and resonates in the very bones.

In this place, time loses meaning, and purpose becomes a distant memory. The soul-crushing atmosphere hangs heavy, a shroud that wraps itself around the mind and spirit, whispering of forgotten histories and unattainable truths.

The nonsensical plains stand as a stark reminder of the mysteries that lie beyond understanding, a haunting testament to the vastness of existence and the insignificance of even the most resilient souls....


I don't do drugs. Never did and won't ever do.

Fuck easy dopamine. True happiness can only be achieved through chasing one's goals.

So why the fuck am I tripping so hard right now?

Why the fuck is the sky red?

Why is the ground scorching hot?

Don't even get me started on the HUGE FUCKING BUGS flying around. Those things had gone extinct for a reason .

Anyway , I will just...stay here I guess. I feel a bit lightheaded but besides the blistering heat burning my feet everything is fineee.

Does taking drugs hurt one's feet?

Why would anyone take those things if that's the case?

Masochists everywhere, I swear...

My perception of time should be a bit distorted but how long could it take till I wake up ? I'm not sure about how I got drugged in the first place but oh well.

I'm sure I will find out eventually.





Ok quick update - I'm in hell. Shocking I know , who would have thought , right? Right.

I still don't want to believe it but when you have a big ass demon whipping you , telling you to work , your wants become a wee bit irelevant.

So I'm moving rocks for some reason. Not very hellish sounding but if I stop for even a moment , well , demon , spiked whip , you get the ideea. Dude just spawned next to me while I was admiring the sky.

Like wtf , is this Minecraft? Demons , rocks , eh maybe if you squint a bit. I'm not the type to complain though and I started working immediately. I can't defeat the demon , he's like 3 meters tall and built like a tank . And even if I was some kind of xiaolin wannabe And defeated this guy , who's to say I won't find another demon spawned right next to me.

This is foreign territory so I need to be careful. I'm in hell so I guess I died somehow.

So much for being an atheist...Oh , that reminds me.

***,,O heavenly Father, you have filled the world with beauty: Open our eyes to behold your gracious hand in all your works; that, rejoicing in your whole creation, we may learn to serve you . "***





Good news time . It seems even though I am a sinner , I'm not really all that bad.

Why would I think that ? Well , after I finished my prayer , I heard a voice . Really cool voice , majestic and shit .

Made me bleed from my eyes from how cool it was , like how it sounds when you scratch a blackboard with chalk , only this time the blackboard was my brain.

And oh , my demon pal saw me reeling in pain and decided to help me by whipping me even harder, What a bro. Anyway the voice told me some shtuff.

1- For the sin of NOT BELIEVING , I am to be punished in the first level of hell for ten years . (Sad atheist noises)

2- After 10 years , after my soul has been ,, cleaned " I will be able to enter the ,,Holy land"

3- PRAISE THE LORD aaand that's when I stopped listening.

Of course, I tried bargaining (using thoughts , I don't wanna be whipped again. I don't even know how I'm still standing ) but it seems to be a recorded message . Why would angels waste time with heathens, am I right?

Soo , I guess I'm gonna move these rocks for a while . There are some things I don't understand, like how HELL IS FUCKING REAL and 1000 other nonsensical things but I'm just gonna call it a simulation and that shall be the end of that particular train of thought.

Let me do a quick overview, so here it goes:

-Curent objective : survive

Can I even die in this place ? I think I lost more than a few liters of blood from the very very big wounds on my back but my mind is still sharp and I can move just fiiiiine , horific pain aside .

Why do I have so much pain resistance all of a sudden? Don't know don't care. There is a possibility that I am just a soul ( wtf is even a soul anyway) in a blender in god's basement and all this is just glitter in my eyes .

Senses could be deceived quite easily even without supranatural elements added to the mix .

One thing is clear. I need Information .

And I have an english speaking demon right next to me.