213 Mandatory Quest

Under thousands of eyes, a majestic white and blue-themed convoy left Valenzia City.

Initially, upon their arrival, this very convoy was met with nothing but scorn and insults. 

However, this time, as they marched out of the city gates, people cheered for them—a stark contrast to their arrival.

Shye was naturally seated inside the front carriage, looking out the window and seemingly pondering about something important.

The mandatory quest truly shook his heart and he couldn't help but think that the old man's request wasn't as simple as it seemed.

However, it appeared he was already deeply involved in this situation. 

His options boiled down to either completing the quests and complying with the old man's demands or forfeiting the system's benefits.

Although Shye wasn't sure whether Sanada had good intentions or not, it was a fact that the old man helped him and his sister so his decision was leaning towards assisting the old man.


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