211 Closing Ceremony

The guild masters of various prominent guilds in Valenzia already considered the Colzen representatives to have won upon taking the lead 2-1.

They would never believe that a prestigious academy like Aslan would permit their students to genuinely lose to underdogs.

Considering that Colzen Academy's budget is not even close to half of Aslan's, it would be unrealistic to expect their representatives to match up to Aslan's representatives on the matter of trump cards.

Although Colzen took the lead, the guild masters didn't believe that they would win– and that it would be Aslan who would grab the championship in the end.

Hence, upon seeing Shye pull out trump card after trump card—even showing everyone that he already had subclasses at such a young age, they were all stupefied.

Perhaps in other regions, this was the standard of a talented youngster.

They had lots of various resources to support their younger generation after all.


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