251 Cafe love

Leng Shao waited for Su Bei as she said that she would change into her clothes. He patiently waited as he sat on the couch, his foot tapping as he felt nervous with each passing second. 

With Su Bei's surprise of seeing Leng Shao at their house, she did her best to rush as she rummaged her closet, thinking of the clothes to wear. 

She got some dresses as she put them on the bed, contemplating about which dress suits her better. 

As seconds passed by, Su Bei's body froze as she groaned, rolling her eyes at the same time. 

"Why am I worrying about what to dress?" she mumbled to herself, already getting a simple day dress from her bed. "It's not like we're going on a date or something."

She then remembered what had happened between her and Leng Shao back at the launch. With the video still bothering her, Su Bei could not help but feel uneasy. 

However, seeing Leng Shao now made her realize that he is somehow determined to come clean to her. 


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