7 Blind date

The moment Yan Mei got home, she took a shower and tried to calm herself down. Just as she was sitting on her bed in a daze, her mobile phone sounded in the quiet room.

Looking at the phone, she realized she had several missed calls. She sighed as she picked up the call.

"Yan Mei! Are you okay?" the worried voice of Su Bei yelled on the other side of the phone.

"I'm fine. Don't worry," Yan Mei said faintly.

"What happened last night? Why did the Fang family declare bankruptcy suddenly this morning?"

Yan Mei frowned when she heard what Su Bei just said. She had forgotten entirely about Fang Yan. 'Who did he offend apart from her?'

"Well, maybe they got a powerful person angry. How does that concern me?" Yan Mei said indifferently.

Su Bei knew that Yan Mei was in a grim mood based on her tone, so she didn't bother her anymore.

"Okay. See you later. Bye," Su Bei said.

"Hmm, bye," Yan Mei said as she hung up the call. She groaned as she laid on the bed.

"Fang Yan, you fool. You dare to drug me." Yan Mei whispered as an evil glint passed through her eyes. She hated it when people plot against her.

Yan Mei picked up her phone and made a call. Her voice was icy, as if she was passing a death sentence.

"In five minutes, I want all the dirt on Fang Yan exposed to the media. Make sure there is no hole for a comeback."

Without waiting for the person's response, Yan Mei hung up the call. Within five minutes, the news outlets were filled with news about Fang Yan.

His gambling debts and sex videos with some top government officials' wives also hit the internet. His illegal trafficking of girls into prostitution also resurfaced, causing a wave of commotion in the country.

Because of public outrage, the police began investigating the Fang family and discovered weird secrets.

Because Grandpa Fang couldn't stand the blow, he collapsed. The patriarch of the Fang family collapsed. Causing an internal war to begin in the family, leading to the destruction of the Fang family in S city.

Many years from now, people could not find out who the Fang family had offended that led to their downfall.

Lei Zhao laughed when he heard Ye Xing report on what Yan Mei had done. 'This woman was really no damsel in distress, so ruthless to her enemies'.

He was more interested in her now. He knew that she would want to deal with this herself. That is why he only let the Fang Group's stock fall, making them declare bankruptcy.

Turning to Ye Xing, he muttered, "What do you think of Miss Yan as the hostess of our family?"

Ye Xing stiffened when he heard Lei Zhao.

"Young master-"

"Call Grandpa for me. Ask him if he wants a great-grandson soon. He will help me," Lei Zhao smirked as he interjected Ye Xing.

Just as Yan Mei was about to doze off, she heard her phone ring. Her hand groped for the phone on her bedside table. Finally, Yan Mei picked up the phone. Still keeping her eyes closed, she pressed the answer button.

When Yan Mei picked up the call, she heard the anxious voice of Uncle Wang, her grandpa's butler.

"Young Miss, please come to Paradise Hospital. The old man wants to see you."

'Paradise Hospital? Why does Grandpa want to see her?'

Yan Mei's first reaction was that her grandfather was sick. So she hurriedly hung up the phone, got dressed, then rushed to the hospital. Even though she had only known the old man for three years, she had grown up to love him.

Yan Mei prayed that nothing wrong would happen to her grandfather. She doesn't know what she would do if something happens to him.

When Yan Mei reached the hospital, she saw her grandfather and Uncle Wang waiting for her in front of the hospital. Yan Mei blinked her eyes slowly to make sure that the person standing there was her grandfather.

Yan Mei ran towards her grandfather and hugged him. After a while, she let go of him and looked at him from head to toe.

She asked with a puzzled face, "Grandpa, didn't Uncle Wang say that you're in the hospital? I was worried…"

Grandpa Yan patted her head gently. Unconsciously, his eyes filled with distress.

"Xiaomei, I'm fine. My body is adamant, don't worry. I intentionally asked Uncle Wang to say that, otherwise, you wouldn't come if I had told you the actual reason."

Yan Mei frowned when she heard him.

"Let us go. Grandpa will take you to meet someone."

Yan Mei didn't even get the chance to speak, and she was stuffed into the car. When the car started, Yan Mei finally talked.

"Grandpa, where are we going? Don't tell me you want to take me on a blind date again?" Yan Mei said as she stared at Grandpa Yan.

"Xiaomei, grandpa is old now. I want to have a grandson before I die. Also, you deserve to be happy. I don't know what you went through these years, but I don't like seeing that sad look in your eyes, and that cold and aloof face you wear every day.

Don't you get tired of that mask? If people can see your smile, I bet they will fall for you right away. My granddaughter is the most beautiful woman in City S. I will take you to meet the grandson of my old comrade-in-arms. If you don't like him, grandpa won't force you. But you have to believe in grandpa's vision."

Yan Mei knew that her grandfather only wanted the best for her. Holding Grandpa Yan's arm lightly, Yan Mei nodded and smiled.

"Grandpa, I believe in your vision, and I promise to go on this blind date."

Yan Mei reasoned to herself that she has been forced to go on countless blind dates set up by her grandfather, so going to this one won't make a difference. When Yan Mei said this, Grandpa Yan smiled comfortably.

After more than twenty minutes, the car stopped in front of the Roses Coffee Shop.

"Xiaomei. If you like him, you can get married. Don't worry, grandpa is not old-fashioned. I don't object to flash marriages. I believe love after marriage is more beautiful. As long as you can live happily, that is the most important thing."

Before Yan Mei could react, she saw that her grandfather was already in the coffee shop saying hello to an elderly man around his age.

"Oldman Yan! I haven't seen you for such a long time. Let me introduce you to my grandson, Lei Zhao. This must be your granddaughter."

"Yes. Xiaomei, come and greet Grandpa Lei."

Yan Mei smiled slightly as she greeted Oldman Lei. She turned to look at the man and froze for a minute. 'How can it be him!' Yan Mei thought bitterly.

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