Flash Marriage: Married To The Sour-faced General Book

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Flash Marriage: Married To The Sour-faced General


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Mei Deng has always tried to lead a model life as a doctor, all because he promised his childhood love he would take care of others, as she did him. Sadly, his life ended far too soon at an early age, leaving him unable to keep his promise. The heavens grant him another chance, as the unscrupulous son of a minister, known for inducing turmoil. Now living as Yu Xiaoguang, he wishes to use his modern medical skills to help save lives and keep his promise, all while rebuilding the reputation of the Yu family. *Excerpt* "Father has passed?. Did he leave me a huge inheritance by any chance?." "No. He left behind his debts." "Aish!. Who does he owe?." "Five other ministers in the capital and the great Wang general." "You sly dog!. How shall we pay the great general?." "Yu Daiyu is to be wedded to his son." "My sister is getting married?. At least that fixes that." "Brother Xiaoguang, lady Daiyu was sighted fleeing the capital with her lover!!!." "Whaaat!. Who shall marry the general's son?!." "......" "When is the wedding?." "Tomorrow, the cart shall come fetch her in the morning." It was, till the next morning, that Yu Xiaoguang found himself, wearing the wedding dress, a red veil over his head, in a wedding procession headed staright for the general's residence. "What is the general's son like?." "Unforgiving, intolerant rumours has it, he has a sour face!." Read through the complicated lives of a modern day physician and a sour-faced general. -Exhibition Arc: 46-155 *********** Author: Anyone interested in joining the novel's discord server? there's the link! https://discord.gg/VzbVtHdN For every fifty new members I'll release five new chapters the following day!


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