Flash Marriage: I Accidentally Married A Mafia Princess

What would you do if your ex, who left you five years ago without bothering to say a goodbye, is now standing in front of you at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau? Surely, you wouldn't marry her. But did I mention I'm in dire need of a wife? ___ Song Jingren, self-made Billionaire has one rule– Pity any Tom, Dick or Harry but never offer it to his one and only materialistic and vain ex! Long Reine aka Zuni, proud Mafia princess, has two problems– Uncontrollable Nasty Temper and her Un-seducable Ice block hubby! ___ Excerpt:  "Get out!" Song Jingren told his flash married wife.  "Hubby, you are kicking out your one and only beautiful wife?" Zuni gaped at him. "Mom was right, I shouldn't fall at male beauty but at their intelligence. What can I say I'm a sucker for beauty!" As she realised that she spoke too much nonsense, she put hands on her mouth and shook her head as if she didn't mean it . "Hubby, I was wrong. Forgive, wifey.  I am not a sucker for male beauty but for you. Your chiselled face is still on the top of the list. Add your bank balance, you are unbeatable."  "Didn't I tell you to stop calling me by that disgusting nickname that makes my skin crawl?" Song Jingren coldly said. He hated her for making his resolve of throwing his ex out of his life weaker with each passing moment.  Zuni pouted adorably.   "I'm not calling you Baobei. Our status has been upgraded," Zuni shot back. She then flashed him a blinding smile as she hugged his arm. "Baobei, you are now upgraded to hubby." "Scram, "Song Jingren coldly said.  Hubby: 1, Wifey: 0 ___ Excerpt Two:  "Happy Birthday, Hubby, " Zuni smiled brightly at her husband as the clock struck twelve. "Now quickly open your birthday gift!" Song Jingren looked all around the room but didn't find any supposedly birthday gift. "Where is my birthday gift?" "I'm your birthday gift, dummy, "His wife replied as a matter of fact.  Wifey: 1, Hubby: 0 ___  

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Tell the truth

When Zhenyi turned her head to meet her husband's source of gaze, she felt as if someone knocked the life out of her body. She blinked her mismatched eyes and whispered, "Zoe?"

Then she rubbed her forehead and said with a sad smile, "How could it be Zoe?" She looked at her husband who was still staring at the girl without blinking. "But you can't be Zuni either. I just talked to you a while ago. Jie, am I really getting old? I'm seeing things now." 

Zoe stared at her mother, holding back her tears. She wanted to tell her mom that it was her. Zoe. But she was so emotionally overwhelmed that she couldn't form the right words to say. 

Zian didn't say anything more. He knew that it was his sister's battle to fight. He walked from there and patted his father's back. 

"Zoe, "Long Jie whispered and hugged the girl. "If it's a dream, I don't wanna wake up. I'm seeing my baby girl after so long."